Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Over Reaching Liberal Government

Our Over Reaching Liberal Government

What did John F Kennedy say? "Ask what you can do for your Country, Not what you're country can do for you"

We have turned into a country of lazy leftists that beg for Socialism.

Our American School Teachers have indoctrinated our children into the ways of Socialism.

Teachers are controlled by radical union leaders and the radical means justifies the radical ends.

Self reliance and the importance of self reliance isn't being taught in our schools today, here in lies our countries problems.

Liberal school teachers have taught our children to be lazy and suck a living from the government.

This is why today's children wear baggy clothing , get all tattooed up and look and act like thugs.

They learn this behavior from their teachers, and their Obama voting parents don’t care about what their children learn in school, because they are too busy trying to pay for their granite counter tops and their made in China designer clothing.

Parents today are literal pieces of shit, they're children are lazy and weak gang bangers that drop out of school, get involved with drugs and hang out at the local trailer park, They refuse to punish their children, Because it isn't right to discipline your children, So now we have almost 1/2 of the people in this country that are nothing more than welfare abusers and entitlement suckers or entitlement seekers.

The ones that do work a 7-3 JOB are UNION people, clinging to Government , needing Barrack Obama to wipe their liberal asses for them. You know the type, New Cadillac Escalade in the driveway, two jetskie's on a trailer, unmowed grass in the yard. Two children who appear to be in a gang. They do not talk to the other neighbors, because they think that they are too good for that..

These liberals are the same people who do not believe in God, and Want peoples gun rights to be taken away.

They Hate Israel and want all Jew's wiped off the planet, They hate the fact that there isn't a "Communist" Fairness Doctrine, Because they actually want Nationalized MSNBC Communist News.

They will tell you that FOX NEWS LIES and that Conservative people are Racists and much much more.

These types of people are what Stalin called "Use Full Idiots"
Liberals have been the utmost ruination of America, Why aren't we drilling for oil in Anwar?

Liberals are against drilling that’s why, They want to save the planet by importing more Muslim oil. Look at Obama he isn't allowing Americans to drill for oil, But is giving drilling contracts to a Brazilian interest, Who by the way has Communist "George Soros" at the forefront., Liberals adore George Soros, why do you think that is?

I indeed hope that Donald Trump runs for President in 2012, We need some real hope and some real change in this corrupted government we have now under Indonesian raised Obama.

Have you ever heard of Evergreen Solar? They are a Company that Obama praised during his campaign, They received millions in taxpayer produced Obama money, aka Stimulus. Then they packed up and took their business to china along with our American taxpayer dollars. "Praise Obama"

Liberals hate American companies, THE RICH PEOPLE!! They hate them, Why you ask? Because they don’t pay enough taxes, However, USA Corporate Taxes are 35% this isn't enough for the liberals. Paul Ryan stated that if we lowered this corporate tax rate more companies would stay in America and more Companies would come to America and he is right in saying that.. However Liberals push back on it why? Because they want Government Growth not Economic Growth.

Liberals adore George Soros, remember why? Because he is a Communist and what do the Communists want? A Collapsed American economy …. Period.

You see Socialism and Communism takes away the means of Private Production and places it under Government control.

One wage for all, It takes away Entrepreneurship and the Promotion of entrepreneurship wish created wealth and new business in our country. These liberal intend to have complete Government Control. They push for high speed rail because you see those Communist Countries have high speed rail, They do not want it for the convenience of the people But the have it to better control the people, You see if you control the people travel You control the people.

Everything Liberals do is all about Control, Its surely isn't for the betterment of the country. It surely isn't about freedom and liberty, It is merely about control of the people, Research White House Administration people such as Cass Sunstien, His words will make your head hurt.. He wants direct control of the people nothing more. He wants to tell you where you will work, where you will eat, what you will eat, what you will wear, what color it will be, what sort of a pet you can have, what kind of things you are allowed to own, and on and on and on. This is you're Communist/Socialist Democrat Administration. Our American Founders would role over in their graves if they could now see how these liberal administrations have stepped upon their USA Constitution. It is absolutely heart breaking for Americans to watch as their country has been taken over by the 1940's Nazi's and the 1960's hippies.

We as a Country need to wake up and get these liberal pukes out of any office be it state or local or federal. It surely doesn’t mention anything about Communism in our bill of right , or the federalist papers or the Constitution.

We have to rid this country of corrupted unions, corrupted politicians, and corrupted elections. We must before our great demise get back to our founders intentions for America.

Thanks Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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