Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Time for the Enlightenment

Well folks as I sit here and write this today, I can surely now see "The Great Deception" coming.
What do I mean by that?, Well I will tell you.
I like many Christians can see our world in demise, can't you I ask?
Russia is trying to take their country back to what it was before the cold war.
China is wanting to attack Japan and steal islands from them by force.
Israel is constantly threatened by Radical Muslims and nuclear weapons.
Our President , Barack Obama doesn't do much of anything, He sits upon his hands.   
Our Secretary of State John Kerry wants to give Jewish property to the Muslims.
Our Government is afraid of these Muslims and they cower to these Muslims.
In this country millions of folks intend for the United States to have Gay Marriage legalized and give Foreign invaders to our country amnesty. The left is intending to make this Corrupted Government larger, and also intends to give them Complete and Utter control over the people.
Just look at this Obama Government in action, Cliven Bundy's Ranch in Nevada, This Leftist almost Communistic BLM  Took over this mans ranch, Killed his cattle, kept them hostage.
Threatened the live's of Real and True American citizens.
Is this truly your Government?  I say it certainly isnt mine.
Lets face it folks this surely isnt the world that we grew up in or ever expected is it.
So now, "The Great Deception" coming.
YES!   However its up to you to heed the warning, and gather your own evidence.
 They corrupted the flesh, the tree's and the animals. God tried to wipe them all out with the great flood. However it didnt destroy all of them, So they continued. God told the people of Israel, "To wipe them all out" and they to failed to do this. So they continued.
Folks this may sound weird for you, However its my goal to awaken you, So it must be said.
The fallen angles, The Nephilim , They corrupted earth,  ARE STILL HERE!!!!
They have changed their appearances, They have changed their tactic's, They have changed their language, However they still exist.They are indeed the great deceivers.
They will always push for an agenda against the people.
They are the radical Atheists, who seek to remove GOD from your lives.
Most are liberal democrats, who will do what ever it takes to deceive you. 
I ask that you go to God and ask God for forgiveness, I ask that you pray to Jesus Christ and thank him for relieving you of your sins. I suggest you talk to GOD and thank him for your blessings.
Folks we are living in the End Times, You must awaken to see the reality.
Now I could go on about Ancient Egypt and all of the Technology that These   fallen angles, and The Nephilim shared with man, But you must see it for yourselves.
Folks the Pyramids certainly were not Tombs. They did something, They had a function.
The fallen angels are real, They corrupted man kind.
They are continuing to do it, Folks UFO's are truly real, Our Own Government has been researching this activity for years and years.
These aliens are truly the fallen angels who GOD kicked out of Heaven for their awful behavior of their corruption of Earths flesh.
They will pretend to be your savior, That is the Great Deception!
They have corrupted the flesh of man, They will try to corrupt your belief in The True God.
Do not follow them, If you take the True God and Jesus Christ into your heart, You will be protected from the Great Deception. You must do it now, Please do not wait.
Folks you will see this in your time.
We are in the times of the Last Pope.
We are in the times of the Great Deception.
Folks you do not need to go to church to repent, Go outside, and speak with GOD.
Folks yes the grace of GOD is actually that easy.
I ask that you pray this prayer.
Dear God, I ask for your forgiveness,  I ask that you replenish my soul, I ask that you make me worthy of your presences, I ask that you Bless this Earth, Your creation.
I give thanks to you for your blessings.
I ask that your kindness will forgive me for the sins that I have committed.
In Jesus name Amen.

If you prayed that prayer...Good for you, You are now saved.

Sincerely Yours
God Bless You all.

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Friday, April 25, 2014

GOD or Government, You choose

There will soon come a day in all of our lives, Where we are going to have to choose between "God" and "Government"
We will I believe see this in our days. God spoke of the "Mark of the Beast" that is a Mark from the Government. They will mark you in some way , and if you aren't "Marked". Then you will not be allowed to purchase goods or food or even water. We must reject this mark to be saved.
We must put our faith in our living GOD once again.
We have to believe that our Lord "God" will save us and provide for us.
We must know that "Government" can not take place of "GOD"
We must keep our focus upon the talk and the deeds happening for a new "One World Order"
People this is taking place in the back rooms of Governments ac crossed the Globe.
Please for your sake make yourself aware.
God has told you about this coming into a reality.
God told Moses's the secrets and our future, God told all of you in the Holy Bible.
God has said give your heart to him, Not the Government.
This isn't a fairy tale folks, This is truly a reality.
GOD is real and true to all humans.
I hope many of you will read this and trust in GOD, and take Jesus Christ, The son of God into your hearts and pray with him and for him and yourselves.
We all must trust in the lord.
Government will never be able to save you.
Our living God can and will.
Government always turn evil sooner or later, God never does.
God is the light and the darkness.
Please take time out of your day and pray, Thank our Lord for the blessings in your lives.
Praise God for his Greatness and Power.
Thank God for giving us his only Son, and Then Thank Jesus Christ for excepting our sins.
God gave his Son for our sins, Because God loves us so much.
God is a blessing to this Earth, God wants us to be successful and brilliant, and God wants us to respect him and bless him for his almighty greatness.
People you must choose what side you are on, The side of God, or the side of Government and the Mark of the Beast.
You must reject the thought you may have that the Government gives you things and therefore the Government can replace GOD.
NO Nothing can or will ever Replace God.
Please folks, I hope and also pray that you will indeed , Wake up before its too late for you.
God is watching, God is waiting, God is anticipating.
Folks today is the day of decisions.
Will you choose the right path, The path of ever lasting love or the path of evil?
I say this because I care, and if I can help someone onto the right path...well then that is good.
I stand with God and his Son Jesus Christ and the path of ever lasting love.
I hope and pray that you also do.
God can not help you unless you are on the correct path.

May God bless all of you.
Please pray and ask God to be fore given. ask that you be made well, and repent for your past sins.
God will look upon you and see your kindness and your love.


Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liberals have let people of color down

People of color are no better off, Than they were even twenty years ago.
Folks like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Radicals in the Leftist Movement like Van Jones.
Have allowed people of color to be used as puppets on a ship of fools.
Democrats haven't done anything to move people of color forward in America.
Until people of color, Realize that they are being kept down to be useful idiots for the party of liberal socialists.
These Democrats must keep people of color poor and in miserable communities.
Simply because they the Democrats require their vote.
Look these leftist Democrats do not ever want , People of color to have School Vouchers.
Democrats can not afford people of color to have an educational choice.
They have spent many years in their indoctrination process, So they simply cant take a chance of people of color knowing the real story of this country.
Can you only imagine if people of color knew it was the Republicans that freed them, and that it was the Democrats that voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 
Al Gore's own Democrat Father voted against people of color.
Jim Crow was a Democrat that made aggressive laws against people of color.
It was the Republicans that worked hard to abolish those crude laws.
If only People of Color had the right to get educated.
I find it to be a shame that people of color do not stand a chance in the modern world because these Democrats hold them back. Democrats refuse to explain to people of color that education is fundamental in personal achievement. Democrats do not speak of self reliance and personal responsibility.
If only they did. If only they told people of color the truth.
You would see many many new people of color become successful people.
Everyone should be asking these Democrats , Why can't folks of color have school vouchers.
This is an issue that should be pushed by people who are considered about the life of their country.
You should also ask these people, Why its the Democrats that intend to keep Firearms out of the hands of law abiding people of color.
People of Detroit and Chicago need firearms to be able to protect themselves from thugs.
However, Its the Democrats that continually forbid these folks from having their right of self protection.
I hope that some time in my life time, These respected people of color wake up and smell the coffee.
I hope its not too late.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Its 1984 Folks , Wake up please

How many of you have watched the George Orwell film 1984?  "Big Brother" is always watching you.
Back when this movie was in production it was a Sy Fi film...Now its reality.
Barack Hussein Obama and his radical admin and the NSA is Big Brother, and you all are nothing more than slaves to his large over bearing government.
This kind of a total police state in what the vote was about back in 2008, The liberal Toyota drivers and the welfare brats all voted in 2008 for an Obama police state.
Obama Care takes over our economy just like a soviet take over of a country. We are now all imprisoned by "Big Bother" Mr. Obama seeks to dis mantel the NRA and simply dis arm we the people.
The liberals continually support the complete and utter destruction of our Founding Documents.
You all know how well the North American Free Trade Agreement worked under Bill Clinton right.
This Obama care is absolutely more destructive than that, it completely alienates the economy away from the people.
How in the world do you insure 20 million folks and not have prices virtually skyrocket elsewhere.
Mr. Obama stated this "If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" People you do now realize that this was all a bunch of Lie's right?
Its called Smoke and Mirrors from "Big Brother"
Do you believe allowing Toyota and Nissan to sell vehicles in America without a tariff was a good idea? Isn't that what actually caused the crash of the American Auto Industry? Didn't that destroy Detroit?
So you people who voted for Obama want more of the same? Because that is whats coming with Obama Care.
"Bankrupt America" ?   Yes we can!!!   is what the should have shouted in 2008.
What is an Obama economy?  50 million folks on Food Stamps , still rising unemployment, Jobs shipped over sea's, Because citizens cant afford to purchase USA made good because of labor unions driving prices up.
This Obama fellow and his socialist minion followers seek to destroy the United States of America this is now so obvious to most folks, "Fundamental Change" it was called. Well folks what it is actually is "Big Brother" from the Movie 1984, always watching you. The NSA monitoring your private phone calls, watching you online, Monitoring your activities where ever you are.
I ask did all of this liberal intrusion help in figuring out the Boston bombers? Hell no!  They couldn't even find a teenage boy hiding in a boat could they?
BUT!   They are building a GIANT date gathering industrial complex in UTAH with the blessing of the Socialist Messiah "Barack H. Obama" He was against it before he was for it.
I ask people everyday when are they going to wake up and demand that "BIG BROTHER" steps out of your lives. Today 1 in 5 people are dependant on the Liberal Government.
Can you believe those stats?
People today make me sad, They are seeking something for nothing, Their American pride back bone is diminished into a flimsy mess. Where did the American can do spirit go , out the back window of their Honda pass port? How damn sad is this country today.
I am so glad I grew up in a better time, Kids haven't any future today, They all will be completely dependant upon "Big Brother" , They will not know freedom and Liberty as I knew it.
Please folks.... read and study your American history.

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Americans under attack

Americans under attack

I warned you all about Barack Hussein Obama back in 2007, He was the unknown man.
He had Bill Ayres as a neighborhood friend, He sat in Rev Wrights church for 20 years and never heard, Wights un Godly comments. His best friend was his mentor, His mentor was a certified Marxist. Mr. Obama was out to fundamentally transform The United States of America into a third world country. His followers weren’t smart enough to see what a future with Barack Hussein Obama would be like.
See now we have what actually Big Government is, Its called Tyranny! And attack on the citizens of this United States of America.
It's a full fledged attack from Government on the citizens of this country.
Its an attack on the US Constitution, Its an attack on free speech, Its an attack on Lawful Gun Owners, Its an attack on the hard working tax payers, Its an attack on religious freedom, Its an attack on our personal freedom and liberty and privacy.
This is big Government control, This is the world of life Under Mr. Obama and the liberal democrats. They have now made American's even more fearful of the Government.
Mr. Obama has stated that the war on Terror with Muslims is over, Well now there is still a war , However now it is a war on the citizens of America.
He doesn’t enforce laws that would have illegal criminals arrested and deported. But now the US Obama Government will go against its own citizens.
Yes folks it called Tyranny!!
We the people can not by any means Trust the Government...That is plain to see now.
It appears that the Obama Government is corrupted thru out all agency's.
This is how Marxism starts , They infiltrate and take over from the inside, Folks its here and it has happened. How can this Un Known Obama fellow Govern? He cant nor did he ever want to. This is what life looks like under a Far Leftist dictator.
He is going to now tell you “TOO BAD” live with it. He already told you that a long time ago. He said “Elections have consequences” That’s what he meant...”He King Obama will now control you”
This Government fly's helicopters over your homes and thru flur vision they photograph your home, They monitor your private phone calls, You spy on our internet surfing, You send your goons to harass political groups for which you do not agree with.
People this is Marxism, its all done from the inside, and the people who follow directions, Because they know whats best for you!
I personally find this shameful. Our Founding Fathers would hate this Tyranny.
The Government has secret courts? Whats the need! Whats wrong with a regular court?
Why is the Government of the people for the people by the people, Need to have a secret court? This is indeed very suspicious of it self. This doesn’t sound like its not for the people that is for certain.
Trust Mr. Obama? Trust Hillary Clinton? Trust Susan Rice? Trust Eric Holder? Oh hell no!! You couldn’t pay me to trust this Government!!
With the election of Obama, we have self inflicted tyranny. I like many say this coming with the election of far left radical democrats.
I hope all these scandals with the corrupted Obama administration has been an eye opener for some.
The Folks need to take a good deep breath and start investigating their Government.

Thanks for reading and paying attention
God Bless you in your endeavors.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Monday, April 22, 2013

A show of force in Boston

Listen Folks, over four hundred police from different law enforcement agency's and back grounds, Place a raid on poor little "Water Town Mass"   and the reason was?
The ordinary people would just think "Oh they are after an armed terrorist"
However, Since when has it taken 400 to go after one 19 yr old kid?
What the evidence here shows is that this event was just a trail run for Government initiated Martial Law.
This was to evaluate how the average citizen would act under Martial Law.
Obama and the Democrats are truly testing the waters here, They got to test the accuracy of their new F L U R ,  vision, Inferred Camera systems, Their new Homeland security vehicles, New weapon systems. and new communication devices, Yes they did get the guy, However this jack booted thug approach to taking over a neighborhood, well it was more like a drill than anything else.
The subject was in the man boat in the back yard, He was already wounded and bleeding out.
He certainly at this point wasn't much of a so called threat to anyone.
However, They "Big Daddy Government" flew a chopper over the scene and looked at their FLUR, sighted the man up, and shot him while he was inside the mans boat.
Why?  The subject was already weak from blood loss, and most likely already near death.
One officer could have climbed onto the boat and subdued this subject in question.
Why this huge show of force?
Are these public union workers so scared that we need this kind of over kill? why aren't more people asking these questions about our public tax payer police jack boot thug mentality?
In Boston Mass, of all Places, The place where the coming together by our founding fathers, the beginning of our nation began, These SHEEP sat in their homes and did as The Police told them to do.
Oh my gosh, I cant believe it, What a disgrace to our country and our self reliant founders.
And how many of these people actually allowed these union thugs into their homes, because of the forced door to door searches?
Did they administer Martial Law or Not?
I would be dammed if I would cow war in place in my home!
Just because the Police advised me to do so, If I wanted to be out in my yard or I wanted to walk to the store, I would have done so. They work for us, We work to pay taxes and taxes pay their salary's.
Why do people not understand this? So now they always know whats best for us?
I say I shall never become a Sheep, I see what happened in Water Town Mass, and I saw an abuse of Government Force, Remember the Branch Dividians in Waco Texas? Use that as your example of a show of aggressive force to a neighborhood by the Government. The Over reaching, Over bearing Government burnt that place to the ground and killed those innocent tax payers, who payed their wages all the while attacking them. This Boston episode was No Different, This was a GIANT show of Force by the Government "Telling" we the people, "You try and mess with us" and we will with out remorse kill you all.
"You the sheep have given us special vehicles, weapons, and communications" and Now we own you!!!
You will do as we say or else!!
This is why our government has built many many many new FEMA camps all around this country.
This is also why Progressive's like Obama and John McCain and Diane Feinstein push for the dis arming of American citizens. They intend for only the Government to have weapons, so the people have to surrender and have No choice of any kind of armed resistance.
They can now peer inside your home with a helicopter or drone, and take you out in a second.
I hope the people now realize what kind of a Government we actually have now.

Wake Up Sheep wake up!!!

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saving a once Great Country

Our founding fathers couldn't believe the complete and utter ignorance of our Today's Government.
Eric Holder , Obama's attorney general cant rule out US Military drone attacks inside the USA
Why couldn't he have just said "NO"?
What is our over reaching Tyrannical Government up to today?
They have purchased Billions of rounds of ammunition, They have purchased special OFF Road Capable Home Land Security Vehicles, They have spent billions of our American tax dollars on literally building hundreds of "FEMA" Camps, They are planning something, But what is it?
They have purchased hundred of thousands of Plastic Coffins, What are these for?
Is the Obama Government planning on attacks against We the People?
No one is answering anything, What is our governments future agenda?
Is Obama capable of becoming a total dictator?
Our Over bearing Over reaching Government is gearing up for something, Its in the wind and almost every citizen of our country fears it. However you still have some that will not pay attention to anything.
The Democrats are again trying to take down Our 2nd Amendment once again, Why do the democrats want to dis arm we the people? Why do these democrats fear we the people?
Look at the radicals that Obama has placed on his staff and in his cabinet, These people are mostly Chicago radicals, Whats their agenda for we the people?
Think about why would they even try to dis arm the citizens of America?
They have a plan for everyone, and I surely do not trust Obama or his people.
They have in the last four years completely turned the Government into a Tyrannical group against the people of our country.
Our Founders would have been taking up arms months and months ago, Our country is in destruction mode right now. The American people have the capacity to do something, We must take a good hard look at all involved now, We must watch and listen more so then we ever have. Our Government is up to something.
I have heard all kinds of scenario's, But who is right?
Do the democrats intend to give our country away to the Chinese? They wont except until we the American people have been dis armed?
This one makes sense to me, as bad and as crazy as it sounds, But I tend to meld some truth into this.
However, Thank God for Rand Paul of Kentucky, Who is standing up for our founding beliefs today, By Filibustering one of the Radical Obama appointments. The people that this man Obama selected to service in Top area's of Government is completely appalling. They are indeed shameful to our great country.
What was Obama thinking and why appoint complete failures to his elitist cabinet? There must be a reason , But what is it?
Does he intend for our National Security "TO FAIL"? It absolutely seams like it to me.
Where are the actual Patriots who adore and love this country? What happened to our people? have they given up to the leftist ideals?
Where is the Obama admin taking us? Where are those people that will stop him?
I beg we the people to take a good hard look at whats taking place in our country, and ask them to wake up now.
Ask yourself where are the real and true Statesmen? Who loves this country enough to stand up?
We cant as American citizens just stand by and allow these radical socialist/communists to steal our country away from us, We can not allow our freedoms and liberty to be squelched!
Who is out there to Stand up for our Freedom?
Who will stand with Senator Rand Paul and myself?
I am asking every American citizen to speak up, contact your representatives, Its time to speak up and speak with passion about our wonderful country, The United States of America.
If you chose to ignore these issues, We all lose!

Thanks for reading my Blog

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ