Sunday, August 14, 2016

The people of Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit Michigan

Going up my Grandfather always said that there were two kinds of people.

He said that there are folks who are the doers, and that there are folks who are the non-doers.

I guess he was one hundred percent correct on all accounts.

Look at the people of Ferguson Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Detroit Michigan and others.

They get increasingly upset with the local Police officers, for killing thugs… OMG!!!   These people go out and burn down their cities, one yells burn this bitch down, and our Black President says nothing.  Truly shameful indeed.   They destroy their cities and burn down local stores, so the older ill folks cannot get bread, or prescriptions filled, they burn police vehicles, and businesses, what happens?  The peoples taxes go up to pay for the damage, their home insurance goes up to pay for the damage, if they are renting, their rent is increased to pay for the damage, These folks are so ignorant, that they haven’t a clue how things work, They hurt themselves when they do this, and they do not get it. Why don’t the African American communities have school choice after all these years?  I mean these communities have been voting for democrats for years, why still then don’t they have it? Answer… They must be kept ignorant, If they were to get educated, Then they wouldn’t continually vote against themselves in elections, the democrats cannot afford to allow people of color an education for the masses. To Risky!

I mean people of color do not know it’s against the law to reach for a police officer’s weapon?  Sad isn’t it. LB Johnson said his policy’s would have “Ni**ers voting democrat for the next two hundred years” Seems it worked right. People of color have been fooled; the so called wool pulled over their eyes…However, Not pulled Yanked over.  They hear democrats speaking of so called “Jim Crow Laws” all the while, People of color, not realizing the man Jim Crow, was a long serving democrat…and the democrat house and senate went along.  Richard Byrd KKK grand wizard… Longest serving man in the democrat party, David Duke new KKK Grand wizard…Endorsed Hillary Clinton, The leftist media will try and tell you that he endorsed Donald Trump… However that is truly misleading, the media has lied to you for an agenda, and some folks actually recognize this.  Others just live in true denial, and do not care to know, they believe if they ignore it long enough, it will just go away.

The difference is this.   People on the right support the 1st and 2nd Amendments of our US Constitution.

People on the right feel they have a right of free speech and the ability of self-protection.

People on the left however, Intend to take these rights away, Hillary intends to do away with these Constitutional rights, ALL the while being protected by armed security officers, Can you say HYPOCRITE!!!!  Hillary intends to say whatever she wants, all the while intending to silence folks who disagree with her. Can you say HYPOCRITE!!!

I hope that 2016 is the year of a true awakening, where the people rise up and say NO MORE!! To the Government establishment.  This country is nearly $20 TRILLION   in debt because of those folks.

This country is failing because of those folks. 90 million people out of the labor force, Jobs being sent to Mexico and over sea’s because of high taxation and over burdensome regulation.  Our country folks you must realize id a failed nation, NO Future for your children or grandchildren.  I hope that you all wake up.




 Sincerely Yours     Vance Keaton
Phoenix Arizona

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pondering The Meaning of Life

Pondering The Meaning of Life

I while growing up as a young man, Never believed I would see my great country transform into what it is today.

Now I see a great state caving in to the liberal socialist agenda press/media. Nikki Haley’s Confederate flag speech….South Carolina just tossed in the towel…What a shame!!!

Folks in power are terrified of what the media can do to them if they do not agree.  What happened to our country? Are we already a Red Scare country.

I was in the US Military, and we were tough and strong…Now I see we have U.N. “United Nations” vehicles and members in our country.

The USA military hauling rolls and rolls of barbed wire, The US Military practicing “Jade Helm”  Jade means Asia and Helm means at the wheel.

What does this all mean? Are we giving our country to China for payment of the trillions of borrowed Dollars? I never thought as an American vet that I would be talking about and questioning these sort of things.

I was always into Cars and Motorcycles and trucks, Now my mind wonders to other things, Like trying to keep my family safe. I didn’t ever think in my country that it would come to this, But after seeing how our country abused a simple cattle rancher in Nevada, who was just trying to raise his cattle. My thoughts about this country and this Government has all changed.

I believe our country is preparing for something, Possibly a huge financial collapse, Or something else, Our Government is hiding allot from us.

Scientists tell us that Planet X will be visible in the night sky in mid 2016, Is it possible that it will hit our planet as recalled in biblical times? Or even if it doesn’t is it going to interfere with our Magnetic field and make our planet loose our electrical grid, and our cable and internet, Water pumps wont run, air conditioners wont cool, Our cars wont run, Our stores will be empty?

Something is happening out their folks, You can live in denial if you so choose.

Why did the Vatican put the most powerful telescope atop Mount Graham in Arizona? They named it Lucifer, Why that name from the Vatican? What is it that they are looking for.  If you are a person who reads ancient texts you will find many numerous things, That speak of folks coming here…Is that time now upon us? If so then what is the Military's agenda to deal with it?

I personally believe there is so much in the Black Ops Government in our country, That we all have no clue about what is truly happening in the book of Government Secrets.

I ask you all, What have we as a country became?

Your tax dollars are being used in ways that you never expected. And if you knew you would stop now. If you haven't heard of it before..Google the Cern Collider, Science is sending atoms thousands of miles an hours to smash into other atoms around a seven mile circle, There are trying to open a “Star-gate”.

What is going to happen to this earth as we know it?

What might they have already allowed in from the outside?

I want to warn all of you, Be aware..Please open your eyes, and ears and mind, Pay attention to global events.

Our own Government will use scare tactic’s about ISIS coming here, and they will use ISIS as propaganda to scare you into what ever they want you to do. My theory is they will use it to threaten Marital Law in your communities all ac crossed this country. Prepare yourselves for this Government propaganda.

I suggest that you have food and water storage and ways to protect and defend yourself. Many of you know nothing of this, I suggest you read survival documents, and do a bunch of internet searching. Educate yourselves…wake up don’t dismiss things that indeed sound crazy. Because allot of things are going to yes sound crazy. You will be required to think on your own two feet, Do not make yourself, to be at the Mercy of others. Prepare yourselves.

Growing up as a young man, I never believed that I would ever have to write such and article, I never believed that our Government would work against we the people, Now I truly think so differently. Do your research folks. Remember some cities in our country are running out of water, There will be a huge exidous of folks from different parts of the country in the next two to five years. This is going to effect our economy drastically.

I have a family, Grand children, I fear for all of them.  I hope you will make today the day , That some of you choose to awaken.

God Bless you all.


Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Return of the CB Radio

                                              The Return of the CB Radio
These were indeed popular in the 1970's, Almost everyone had one back then.
I remember as a young man riding in my Uncle's 1971 Ford LTD, He has his Fallon 23 channel cb radio.
He was known as "Big T" over the air waves. He added a Turner Power Microphone, and he was loud over the air waves.
I see these radio's for sale on eBay all of the time, I have purchased a couple to mess around with.
I bought an old Pace 8010 40 channel radio and wired a Astatic Power Mic for it.
At my home I put up an Antron "99" Base Station antenna, and I speak with people here in Phoenix, Arizona. It's great I get enjoyment from it. And you can get acquainted with some new folks out there.
Many folks are going back to the old school things, Simply because these new day Cell Phones aren't all they are cracked up to be.
Many folks believe if we take an EMP strike someday, That an old CB radio will be the only way to communicate with others. You will need a 12 volt battery and a decent antenna if your going to be ready.
Base Model CB antenna's aren't large and awful looking anymore, My base antenna blends in with the house and many do not even see it.
We have Cb's in our vehicles and my wife and I talk back and fourth locally.
It's sort of fun, Then we speak to other folks with radio's also. While we are out and about.
If your interested in getting a Cb Radio, or already have one...Let me know.
You are welcome to post a comment here and discuss Your CB radio experience's.

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix, AZ.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Leftism has ruined our America

Leftism has ruined our America
In the day's of me growing up, The 1970's You had pretty tough times.
The gas crisis, The Vietnam war, Union strikes, and much more.
But all in all life was fairly good for most. This started the way for the Hippie Type's ..Pot smoking, stinking dirty, left wing war protesters.
This has lead to our country becoming weak and lazy..Its truly a shame.
These Vietnam protesting radicals now teach our student's the way to Socialist Radicalism.
Leftism had worked it's insane radical views into all aspects of our country now.
When I think back a few years, I know that Spam used to be the absolute cheapest meat that any American family could buy. Today its one of the most expensive.
I stopped at the store the other night to pick up four pounds of ground beef  aka Hamburger.
It to used to be truly a cheap meat for your family.
Well now, Not the same, It cost me over fourteen dollars for four pounds of Hamburger.
This is a shame, Under Left Wing Messiah Obama food costs in this country have skyrocketed, Taxes, Regulations, Tree Hugging rule have destroyed our true American families. The only people living the good life anymore are those on food stamps who do not give two shit's about the price of a pound of ground beef.
Today when going to a shop to purchase a new shirt for work.
You can not find anything that is made in America, Everything is made over sea's and shipped here, That is because of Liberal rules , Taxes, and Regulations.
Making labor cost too expensive to be made here.
An American made shirt would cost you $150.00.
Lefty lib's push for a better minimum wage, These policy's have driven costs up for absolutely everyone in America, Liberals truly do not understand that a minimum wage job is supposed to be a "Starter Job" not a lifetime career. American business can not pay an un skilled employee $15.00 dollars an hour Period.
Liberals have taken away hard work and self reliance, They and they alone have created "The Handout Society"
Our country is under attack by the left, Young folks today truly do not stand much of a chance of successfulness.
They have unfortunately been sold a bill of goods by their leftist union school teachers, and college professors.
America is no longer that shiny city on a hill.
Leftist radicals have turned our once great country into a weak and lazy, Moral less, God Less, Victim society.
America has the highest Corporate tax structure of any Industrialized nation.
Now wonder Companies left this country.
They couldn't afford to stay in Business here.
Until We the people wake up to these well known facts, Our once great country is doomed.
This radical leftist "Obama admin" have ruled and regulated our America to death.
The folks that think like Obama have destroyed our American families.
I hope people will read this and think of how these leftist democrats are thrashing our countries families.
And wake up to the fact, That this can not continue to happen.
Our children and our grand children will have nothing.
American's must get a grip on our countries leaders and say enough is enough.
Vance Keaton
Phoenix, AZ

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Time for the Enlightenment

Well folks as I sit here and write this today, I can surely now see "The Great Deception" coming.
What do I mean by that?, Well I will tell you.
I like many Christians can see our world in demise, can't you I ask?
Russia is trying to take their country back to what it was before the cold war.
China is wanting to attack Japan and steal islands from them by force.
Israel is constantly threatened by Radical Muslims and nuclear weapons.
Our President , Barack Obama doesn't do much of anything, He sits upon his hands.   
Our Secretary of State John Kerry wants to give Jewish property to the Muslims.
Our Government is afraid of these Muslims and they cower to these Muslims.
In this country millions of folks intend for the United States to have Gay Marriage legalized and give Foreign invaders to our country amnesty. The left is intending to make this Corrupted Government larger, and also intends to give them Complete and Utter control over the people.
Just look at this Obama Government in action, Cliven Bundy's Ranch in Nevada, This Leftist almost Communistic BLM  Took over this mans ranch, Killed his cattle, kept them hostage.
Threatened the live's of Real and True American citizens.
Is this truly your Government?  I say it certainly isnt mine.
Lets face it folks this surely isnt the world that we grew up in or ever expected is it.
So now, "The Great Deception" coming.
YES!   However its up to you to heed the warning, and gather your own evidence.
 They corrupted the flesh, the tree's and the animals. God tried to wipe them all out with the great flood. However it didnt destroy all of them, So they continued. God told the people of Israel, "To wipe them all out" and they to failed to do this. So they continued.
Folks this may sound weird for you, However its my goal to awaken you, So it must be said.
The fallen angles, The Nephilim , They corrupted earth,  ARE STILL HERE!!!!
They have changed their appearances, They have changed their tactic's, They have changed their language, However they still exist.They are indeed the great deceivers.
They will always push for an agenda against the people.
They are the radical Atheists, who seek to remove GOD from your lives.
Most are liberal democrats, who will do what ever it takes to deceive you. 
I ask that you go to God and ask God for forgiveness, I ask that you pray to Jesus Christ and thank him for relieving you of your sins. I suggest you talk to GOD and thank him for your blessings.
Folks we are living in the End Times, You must awaken to see the reality.
Now I could go on about Ancient Egypt and all of the Technology that These   fallen angles, and The Nephilim shared with man, But you must see it for yourselves.
Folks the Pyramids certainly were not Tombs. They did something, They had a function.
The fallen angels are real, They corrupted man kind.
They are continuing to do it, Folks UFO's are truly real, Our Own Government has been researching this activity for years and years.
These aliens are truly the fallen angels who GOD kicked out of Heaven for their awful behavior of their corruption of Earths flesh.
They will pretend to be your savior, That is the Great Deception!
They have corrupted the flesh of man, They will try to corrupt your belief in The True God.
Do not follow them, If you take the True God and Jesus Christ into your heart, You will be protected from the Great Deception. You must do it now, Please do not wait.
Folks you will see this in your time.
We are in the times of the Last Pope.
We are in the times of the Great Deception.
Folks you do not need to go to church to repent, Go outside, and speak with GOD.
Folks yes the grace of GOD is actually that easy.
I ask that you pray this prayer.
Dear God, I ask for your forgiveness,  I ask that you replenish my soul, I ask that you make me worthy of your presences, I ask that you Bless this Earth, Your creation.
I give thanks to you for your blessings.
I ask that your kindness will forgive me for the sins that I have committed.
In Jesus name Amen.

If you prayed that prayer...Good for you, You are now saved.

Sincerely Yours
God Bless You all.

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Friday, April 25, 2014

GOD or Government, You choose

There will soon come a day in all of our lives, Where we are going to have to choose between "God" and "Government"
We will I believe see this in our days. God spoke of the "Mark of the Beast" that is a Mark from the Government. They will mark you in some way , and if you aren't "Marked". Then you will not be allowed to purchase goods or food or even water. We must reject this mark to be saved.
We must put our faith in our living GOD once again.
We have to believe that our Lord "God" will save us and provide for us.
We must know that "Government" can not take place of "GOD"
We must keep our focus upon the talk and the deeds happening for a new "One World Order"
People this is taking place in the back rooms of Governments ac crossed the Globe.
Please for your sake make yourself aware.
God has told you about this coming into a reality.
God told Moses's the secrets and our future, God told all of you in the Holy Bible.
God has said give your heart to him, Not the Government.
This isn't a fairy tale folks, This is truly a reality.
GOD is real and true to all humans.
I hope many of you will read this and trust in GOD, and take Jesus Christ, The son of God into your hearts and pray with him and for him and yourselves.
We all must trust in the lord.
Government will never be able to save you.
Our living God can and will.
Government always turn evil sooner or later, God never does.
God is the light and the darkness.
Please take time out of your day and pray, Thank our Lord for the blessings in your lives.
Praise God for his Greatness and Power.
Thank God for giving us his only Son, and Then Thank Jesus Christ for excepting our sins.
God gave his Son for our sins, Because God loves us so much.
God is a blessing to this Earth, God wants us to be successful and brilliant, and God wants us to respect him and bless him for his almighty greatness.
People you must choose what side you are on, The side of God, or the side of Government and the Mark of the Beast.
You must reject the thought you may have that the Government gives you things and therefore the Government can replace GOD.
NO Nothing can or will ever Replace God.
Please folks, I hope and also pray that you will indeed , Wake up before its too late for you.
God is watching, God is waiting, God is anticipating.
Folks today is the day of decisions.
Will you choose the right path, The path of ever lasting love or the path of evil?
I say this because I care, and if I can help someone onto the right path...well then that is good.
I stand with God and his Son Jesus Christ and the path of ever lasting love.
I hope and pray that you also do.
God can not help you unless you are on the correct path.

May God bless all of you.
Please pray and ask God to be fore given. ask that you be made well, and repent for your past sins.
God will look upon you and see your kindness and your love.


Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liberals have let people of color down

People of color are no better off, Than they were even twenty years ago.
Folks like Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Radicals in the Leftist Movement like Van Jones.
Have allowed people of color to be used as puppets on a ship of fools.
Democrats haven't done anything to move people of color forward in America.
Until people of color, Realize that they are being kept down to be useful idiots for the party of liberal socialists.
These Democrats must keep people of color poor and in miserable communities.
Simply because they the Democrats require their vote.
Look these leftist Democrats do not ever want , People of color to have School Vouchers.
Democrats can not afford people of color to have an educational choice.
They have spent many years in their indoctrination process, So they simply cant take a chance of people of color knowing the real story of this country.
Can you only imagine if people of color knew it was the Republicans that freed them, and that it was the Democrats that voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 
Al Gore's own Democrat Father voted against people of color.
Jim Crow was a Democrat that made aggressive laws against people of color.
It was the Republicans that worked hard to abolish those crude laws.
If only People of Color had the right to get educated.
I find it to be a shame that people of color do not stand a chance in the modern world because these Democrats hold them back. Democrats refuse to explain to people of color that education is fundamental in personal achievement. Democrats do not speak of self reliance and personal responsibility.
If only they did. If only they told people of color the truth.
You would see many many new people of color become successful people.
Everyone should be asking these Democrats , Why can't folks of color have school vouchers.
This is an issue that should be pushed by people who are considered about the life of their country.
You should also ask these people, Why its the Democrats that intend to keep Firearms out of the hands of law abiding people of color.
People of Detroit and Chicago need firearms to be able to protect themselves from thugs.
However, Its the Democrats that continually forbid these folks from having their right of self protection.
I hope that some time in my life time, These respected people of color wake up and smell the coffee.
I hope its not too late.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ