Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Difference between Obama and Romney

Obama is a socialist

Romney is a Capitalist

Obama isn’t a Christian

Romney is

Obama lies about being for gay marriage

Romney doesn’t

Obama doesn’t know how to create a job

Romney does

Obama is a leftist radical

Romney is not

Obama hasn’t worked a day in his life

Romney has

Obama is a drug user

Romney isn’t

Obama is un American

Romney is an American

Obama's wife is an un happy angry Blk woman

Romney's wife is a happy and beautiful Wht Lady

Obama is a Chicago social justice welfare state guy

Romney is not

Obama doesn’t like this country or our Military

Romney does

Obama is a radical taker type

Romney is an America works hard type

Obama eats dog

Romney doesn’t

Obama hides his real self from we the people

Romney doesn’t

Obama runs with Chicago radicals

Romney doesn’t

Obama intends to crash and bankrupt our country

Romney will bring it back from the brink of the Obama