Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gun Culture?

The Gun Culture?

I don’t know about all of you folks but I had never heard of "The Gun Culture" until just the other day.

Some radical leftist idiot said it on Fox news.

He was a Black man sports writer from Kansas city Missouri I guess.

However, I have heard of the anti gun culture, that one is most obvious amongst liberal leftists.

You want the media go crazy over this random Connecticut school shooting today.

They will blame the weapon instead of the guy who did it.

Liberal leftists always blame the weapon and not the shooter.

Liberal leftists will do almost anything to remove guns from the hands of good law abiding American citizens.

Hitler did it and they have always wanted to do it.

No difference between the two what so ever. Liberal leftist intend to do everything by using force.

If they could they would force everyone to drive a Prius and drink bottled water.

They call an AR-15 an "Assault rifle" why?

Its just a small caliber semi auto Varmint rifle, .223 caliber , Not much larger then an old fashioned .22 cal kids rifle.

My father gave me a BB gun at 9 years old, and a .22 Rifle at age 15, and I have never committed a crime.

But look folks, the past five or six shootings here in America, have been done by 20's something year old males.

Ask your self why that is.

I can name many things. Schools indoctrinate them into a God Less, Moral Less, Self Pity, welfare state insistence.

They no longer say the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the United States of America, because that was offensive to Illegal Mexicans

And Muslims , so we got rid of that.

They No Longer learn of religion or that of the "Ten Commandments" Thou shall not kill being one of them.

Because liberal leftists were offended by religion in schools.

Then these children are shunned at home by their parents that just simply do not have time for them.

These parents don’t check and see what their children are learning in school, They would rather use the school, operated by other liberal leftists

To Babysit their children on the Tax payer dime.

Parents no longer punish their children, They just send them to their room with their I phone, Internet, and TV, as punishment enough.

These children no longer have any fear of repercussions of the family, They do what ever they want anymore.

Now days Parents are afraid of their children, and yet choose to do nothing about it.

I see parents being dis respected every day in shopping centers and restaurants around this country, What a shame.

Liberals have accomplished this through Union Teachers, Socialistic Senators, and the stupidity of everyday people.

Children are being taught by liberal leftists that Socialism/Communism is better than Capitalism, They are being taught that living from

The hand of Government is a great thing. They are being taught that Government is like your big brother, that it is there to help you.

Parents now have NO IDEA what their own children are being taught.

They are being indoctrinated to the theory that is "Gay is Ok" and any one against it is a bigot and or a racist.

And any one who dis agrees with that thinking is a terrible person and they should be killed.

They are being indoctrinated by Union Teachers that our America is a terrible country, Because we have been involved in wars.

Of course they never explain the truth about anything, It’s the liberal leftists way of teaching.

Our own American children know nothing of our founding fathers or what ideals they believed in for our country.

They teach that the Boston Tea Party was the first act of Terrorism in our country. Rather than the truth that our founders sought freedom and liberty from Britain.

I say listen parents "TIME TO WAKE UP HERE"

Time to snap your children out of Obama Zombie land now.

I ask these liberal idiots, if they think an AR-15 semi auto rifle is a so called assault rifle.

What is the Government going to use against you? A BB gun

This goes for all people, as said by Thomas Jefferson.

When the Government fears the people that is called liberty, when people fear Government that is Tyranny.

Same goes for parents, Its not bad if your children have some fear of you parents.

You Parents had better get a grip, When will you wake up? And stop funding these radical leftist school teachers and idiot socialist college professors.

Don’t you give a shit about your children? Have you ever heard the story of the Hitler Youth? Maybe you should now.

Children came home from youth camps and beat up and or killed their parents for the betterment of Germany.

Liberals are doing the same to your children now on a daily, yearly basis in our own country, They have been doing it for years, right under your care nothing noses.

You Obama voters that trust in the 1st and 2nd Amendments had better open your eyes and ears now. No more kool aid.

These children killed today, will be in our hearts and minds for a very long time, There simply wasn’t any reason for these killings.

Find out why this young man did it, Plain and simple, do not blame the gun.

See what led up to this shooting, Do not blame the weapon used.

If guns where gone, people will use hammers, when hammers are gone people will use rocks, There is no end to violent humans period.

You cant take all the rocks or hammers away, so why would you try and take guns.

These states where these killings happen all have gun laws, and gun laws didn’t stop a thing now did they.

Bring back moral values and take away radical video games, Bring back the Ten Commandments, and take away Face Book.

This is just my opinion.

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Change of a Nation

The Change of a Nation

Well all Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians would and scratch our heads with this Obama reelection, We wonder what happened to our Center Right country.

Well its fairly easy to answer, There are many answers but no one is absolutely correct.

We now have had at least One Complete Generation of Liberal Indoctrination by Union teachers in our education system. Our children have been brainwashed into how well Socialism works in European Countries. Then you have the African-American communities ac crossed this country.

They haven’t been educated with American History, They haven’t a clue about their own history, of how the Union couldn’t have won the Civil War without them, The know nothing of the great Hero's of WWII and the Tuskegee Air Men, Because liberal democrats have held this history from them, They know absolutely nothing of our Black founding fathers. These things are a shame to our country.

What will it take to teach people the truth instead of the liberal lies that union teachers use to indoctrinate our own children with. Latino's voted for Mr. Obama for one reason and one reason only and its called “Amnesty” They seek into our country to get freedom from theirs. Once here they intend to make a difference in our politics’s, and that truly showed in November of 2012.

Mr. Obama on top of all those things has been the great divider instead of the great uniter that everyone had expected. Hardly anyone is now in the Center, They are either far right or indeed far left.

Its now going to be very hard to unite people, Because of this Major Liberal Obama the country is divided to the breaking point. We all pull together during a major disaster as Americans always do without asking what party you belong to. But now our entire country, Well its different now and we can all see it. You could see people pulling apart during this last campaign, With all the negative ads and the complete rudeness of the democrats. It went so far as to the democrats removing “GOD” from their own platform. What a shame to their own party and their country.

I myself couldn’t believe this when I watched it with my own eyes, Un Believable I said.

I reach out to Blacks and Latino's as much as possible to take them in and make them a friend, We have to try to help these people respect the country that they live in, They have been brainwashed and must be assisted to remember their heritage and to remember why they are here, “The American Dream”

The American Dream is all things to all people, Mostly. Except for those that will always take the easy road, and will push for a complete hand out society. But every since the Pilgrims arrived on our shores there has been folks like that. That side of people will never change, So just aren’t born with a strong will to succeed and or a firm backbone. Others thrive to be great and to help others.

This is what built America, But we need to stress the fact that if you intend to succeed America is the best place to do so.

Thanks for Reading

Vance Keaton

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lies from the Obama White House

 We lost four wonderful Americans that were killed in Libya they include, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone S. Woods,  a former Navy SEAL,Glen Doherty a former Navy SEAL ,and State Department information management officer Sean Smith were killed in the first wave of attacks in Benghazi. No matter what happens on Election Day, the questions remain -- what did the president know and when did he know it? "The last two casualties occurred well over six hours after the initial attack,"Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham noted. “It is disappointing to hear that our national command authorities failed to try to reinforce the consulate with timely air assets, and that a consulate located in one of the most dangerous regions in the world was so unsecured.” New details about the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya are still coming out daily. Just the other day we learned about e-mails from the Embassy in Tripoli sent to the State Department and the White House situation room detailing the attack in progress and that terrorists claimed responsibility. Now we are finding out that the attack lasted for seven hours and that our government was watching a live feed of the attack in progress. That begs the question, “why didn’t we respond with military force?” 'Now there's some tough trade-offs, I mean there are times when there are bad folks somewhere on the other side of the world and you've got to make a call and it's not optimal" Barack Obama
I watched the Obama Rose Garden speech and I didn't hear him initially characterised the Benghazi attack as terrorism. But he insisted to Candidate Romney that he did, this is disgraceful to say the least.
Former Navy SEALs died after coming to the aid of others and our President goes out to fund raisers and entertainment shows good grief!!! "Four Americans, four patriots, they loved their country and chose to serve it and serve it well," Obama said. "They had a mission and they believed in it, and they knew the danger and they accepted it. They didn't simply embrace the American ideal, they lived it, they embodied it: the courage, the hope and, yes, the idealism." However when the attack was happening He and his administration, decided not to call in air support, This truly doesn't sound very American to me.
It actually seems to me that  Obama Lied, And The Liberal Press Complied , Republicans have been trying to highlight the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy for weeks, but recognizing how damaging this episode was to Obama’s credibility, media coverage has been subdued. Who requested what security and when is important, but these things always appear obvious in hindsight. However , Our UN ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly attributed the attack to a spontaneous protest erupting in response to the “heinous” film. Obama mentioned the movie six times in his own speech to the UN. He did this despite credible proof there had not been any protest. Libyan officials had already confirmed it as terrorism. Our enemies conducted a coordinated assault against a lightly guarded consulate on September 11th. You wonder why this Admin had to lie, Obama was wanting to "Fake us out" That Terrorism was being put to sleep under his watch. Fortunately for Obama, liberals control the dissemination of thought. The media, entertainment industries, educational system and much of government skew very far left of Middle America. If the press were honest, or at least kept Democrats honest, Obama would probably still carry Washington D.C., but few if any states. But even this decided home field advantage won’t save Obama’s presidency.
You simply must remember this November, President Obama: “Here's what I'll say. If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal" White House Watched Benghazi Attacked And Didn't Respond ..ask yourself why? That Benghazi happened at all is a disgrace -- but to discover that a deliberate attempt was made to conceal the circumstances of the attack adds an insult to the injury suffered by our nation.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for paying attention, and watching out for your country.

Please feel free to follow this blog

Sincerely Vance Keaton
Phoenix , AZ

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Difference between Obama and Romney

Obama is a socialist

Romney is a Capitalist

Obama isn’t a Christian

Romney is

Obama lies about being for gay marriage

Romney doesn’t

Obama doesn’t know how to create a job

Romney does

Obama is a leftist radical

Romney is not

Obama hasn’t worked a day in his life

Romney has

Obama is a drug user

Romney isn’t

Obama is un American

Romney is an American

Obama's wife is an un happy angry Blk woman

Romney's wife is a happy and beautiful Wht Lady

Obama is a Chicago social justice welfare state guy

Romney is not

Obama doesn’t like this country or our Military

Romney does

Obama is a radical taker type

Romney is an America works hard type

Obama eats dog

Romney doesn’t

Obama hides his real self from we the people

Romney doesn’t

Obama runs with Chicago radicals

Romney doesn’t

Obama intends to crash and bankrupt our country

Romney will bring it back from the brink of the Obama

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Government has been taken over by radical progressives

Well folks in November you have a choice to make, If you actually adore HUGE Government you have already made up your mind to vote for the Obama, But if you question the agenda of Big Government , Then you have a discussion to make now. If you believe that our public schools have been taken over by radical union members, if you believe our Government has been taken over by radical progressives, Then you have already decided to vote for Romney.

People have all over this country added solar panels and grid tie inverters to their homes to save money on their power bills, They have invested literally thousands of dollars into their homes in order to live up to Obama's green economy, Now our Government has authorized Power Companies to raise peoples rates, So by people saving energy , they are now being charged more for it. We in this country have Black children that know nothing of Frederick Douglas, what a crying shame. Our Government has authorized the use of Drones now to spy on you as a citizen of the United States, Obama signed the National Defense Act, and excellerated the Patriot Act. The Government can now secretly watch you without a warrant and if they so choose, They can cofinscate your cell phone and wallet and label you an enemy combatant and You have no right to anything from then on. Still voting for Obama?

On the 27th of this month , The Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign an United Nations Arms treaty, This is going to remove more of your rights as an American citizen. Still voting for Obama? We as US Citizens have been voting for these big Government people for years, People we think will stand up for us, But most have turned out to steal our freedom and liberty.

I made a discussion in the 1980's to never vote for someone you believed in Socialistsic ideals. I wouldnt vote for anyone who wanted the USA to be involved in the United Nations.

Mc Carthy was right in the 1950's and 1960's to search for Communists in our American Government. Because they are their and that is a fact! Allen West said it best a few weeks ago. Progressive's the likes of Hillary Clinton have the exact same beliefs as a Communist.

No denying this is any form, Progressive's seek a class less God less society. Hillary spured on the Middle Easter Spring, and acted like a coach for Muslims, But in reality what happened there. Now the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over and the bash Hillary Clinton and chant “Monica Monica” reminding everyone that he Husband got a BJ in Office.

You still voting for Obama?

NOTE* What ever Government touches they destroy, that is a fact.

The Post Office, Amtrack, Solar Companies, Public Schools, and much much more.

How many US home owners have actually kept their homes because of Too Big Government intervention. The big ten thousand dollar question here is this, Are you better off then you were before this Obama character?

I can tell you I am not, my 401k has been tanking for the last three years. My community has closed business's and has lost jobs. Gas is expensive and food is outragous. ObamaCare drove up the price of my healthcare premiums, Everything I purchase for my home cost more than it used to, No I am not better off under this Obama.

I believe that Joe Wilson was right when he called Mr. Obama a “LIAR”

If you havent guessed I will be voting for Mitt Romney, The main reason is this, I want my children and their children to have a better life then what I have had. I do not see this happening under the Obama. What I see under Obama is my children and their children being imprisoned by the Government. I see this Obama government stealling away their rights. Their rights to freedom of speech, their rights to their freedom, and their rights to religious freedom. Removing their 2nd Ammendment rights, and much much more.

They will not have the same expected right to privacy that we all had, They will live a life of a Big Brother take over. This will be like living in Russia. I cant stand to even think about my children and grand children being inprisoned by our over reaching Government.

We have lost all the efforts of our founding fathers.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Thursday, June 28, 2012

America in Destrution Mode

America in Destruction Mode

Well King Obama has done it, Our path to destruction has begun, The King has met the liberal agenda of Socialism.

Obama Care will now do its part to close American business's, Then when they fail the Government will take them over, its called complete and utter Socialism.

Today Eric Holder was held in contempt of congress, But nothing will happen. Radical leftists in our government will stop any punishment.

It is the same thing that never happened to the radical Black Panthers. Eric Holder refused to punish these black panthers for voter intimidation, and our liberals in congress will refuse to punish Holder simply because he is a radical black leftist.

Our Government killed innocent native Americans at Wounded Knee just as our Supreme Court and Mr. Obama is now killing our middle class and our American small business owners today, I see no difference between the two. Our American freedom and liberty is the “Ghost Dance” and now our own liberal piece of shit government is forcing us to give up or die. Obama and his radical leftist administration can now force us to purchase anything that it seeks. Liberalism has destroyed the American dream of freedom and liberty.

The American dream is the “Ghost Dance” and now this corrupted liberal Obama has made it die, We are now all prisoners of the King.

I feel indeed very sad for our children and grand children, they just had the American dream ripped from them,They are buried in National debt and paying for the laziness of other Americans and illegals. Sadly for them they have been highly indoctrinated to just except it. Like good willing sheep they will. They haven’t been taught to have the will to fight. They will gladly march right over that Obama cliff and get aboard that Obama train. Yes America is now just a weak,bankrupt,socialist country. What a crying shame!

Our lives and lively hood has been sold down the socialism creek.

Obama will now tax our lives, and tax our lively hood, soon Food Lines in the streets, Redistribution of wealth has began. The fundamental change has taken place, The collapse of America is here.

Our government has just imposed their radical rules upon you, your freedom and liberty has just been taken from you. The next thing to go is your 2nd Amendment right, then your 1st Amendment right will be gone, Then we will have succeed the liberal goal, a Communistic Utopia, We as American citizens will have created our own demise, Our children will be the worst damaged by all of this. They wont wake up for years to come, Its too late now for our country to turn back onto the right track, we are finished. No matter what the election results are this November our nation is screwed.

Our own US Supreme Court sold out the people this week, and they will just continue to do the same for the remainder of their terms.

All of our lives are controlled and imposed on everyday by the too over reaching government. Unless massive numbers of citizens fight back against this Communistic Government.

They are now illegally flying drones over our private homes and back yards, They are illegally monitoring our internet use, They are illegally searching our medical records, Our liberal government is very intrusive to our private lives. Many will just sit and do nothing, I refuse to allow my Country to go to hell, I will continue to fight for what I believe is right. Our Founding Fathers had no intentions of having our Nation under control of a King, They ran from such intrusive government and started a New Country, and new country that believed in empowering the people to make discussions one their own, Not the people being mandated and controlled by a King. Our founding fathers would toss in their graves if the could witness the massive government intrusion into our lives today.

I am ashamed of what the United States of America has turned into today. Our great nation is now lost and will never be able to make a comeback from the failure of this President.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

Well folks tomorrow is the day that we find out what our country is, A leftist welfare country or A Capitalist freedom and liberty standing country.

California has been bankrupted by radical leftists and every city within that blue socialist state is going to have to file for Bankruptcy. Radical people who can retire at fifty years of age at $160 grand a yr. And still get social security and medicare and medicare. The leftist population have destroyed economy’s and schools, and now the tax payers are in a battle for their lives and liberty.

Tomorrow we find out if our radical leftist US Attorney General will be held in contempt of congress, Republicans and Democrats have to reach deep down inside themselves and do whats right for our country. Eric Holder is a criminal, He stood up for the Black Panthers and stood down for we the people. I certainly hope that Justice is done, Holder needs to serve some “Jail Time”

Colorado and other southwest states are burning to the ground as Mr. Obama sits in his air conditioned office, People are out risking their lives to fight these fires and the Obama is only worried about his next election. This is what liberals do, Talk is cheap, and this Obama seems weak, and it shows.

Well Tomorrow we find out if The Unaffordable Care act the only thing Obama got accomplished in 3 ½ yrs will be forced upon us all, Raising our taxes and raising the cost of healthcare for all, will be found unconstitutional as it should be. If it is allowed to stay you will be able to watch small business's shut down all over this country, You think our economy is bad now “JUST WAIT” you haven’t seen anything yet. This over reach by the Obama federal government must be dumped. Obama isn’t allowed a King, He can not force you to purchase anything. I certainly hope that our SCOTUS will completely strike down this leftist law. This Obama was a huge mistake in our history, I believe most reasonable voters have figured this out. This Obama admin has been the most corrupted admin in the history of US Presidents. This Obama is pleased that the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, why would that be? Since he and his wife do not wear jewelry during Ramadan I believe most Americans are smart enough to figure it out. Yes this Obama is a failure for our country.

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

This Obama and his leftist radical atheist socialistic staff still has 8.2% un employment. This Obama has wasted $887 Billion dollars of taxpayer dollars.

He has transformed our country into a socially divided and broke nation.

His sort of transformation wasn’t the one that most US citizens were seeking.

Now he try's to cater to Latino people, I guess he simply doesn’t realize that legal Latino’s are mostly Catholic and Conservatives, They vote when they vote for republicans. They certainly will not come out to vote for a radical liberal.

They do not intend to vote for a man who will mandate their children s lives.

They run from Kings instead of running to a King, Independents are also pulling away from King Obama, The Obama intrusion into their lives and their economy isn’t what they voted for in 2008. Well folks hold on for the ride.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Let me explain to you why this happened.

When people go to the store they see prices of absolutely everything going sky high.

They know they pay their taxes, and not making it very well. They work hard but cant afford much.

Then the see the union people a crossed the street, Building an addition onto their home, They bought a new expensive vehicle.

They see these union people making $37.00 an hour because of collective bargaining, And them making 1/2 that all the while paying for those same union people.

They see their family paying into a 401 K , as the Union people get a free taxpayer paid pension.

They see the corruption of these union people, and their radical leaders living high on the hog as they themselves suffer.

They watch their children get not an education, but rather an indoctrination. No History class and no social studies. No drivers training, and no gym class.

All the while wondering what their tax payer $$ is actually doing for society.

They wonder what Harry Reid and Barney Frank do with all of that union given monies of theirs.

Why do these Unions only give $$$$ to the democrat/ socialist party?

What makes an aspirin at a Hospital cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of gas cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of milk cost $3.00 , what makes a box of cereal cost $5.00 a box, Unions!!!!!!! Unions drive the prices up on virtually everything, and Union people laugh and think its great They can afford anything they want But yet you cant.

A 2x4 at Home Depot is $4.00 why? Ask a union.

Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg, People in this country are super angry now, Unions and this Marxist Obama have eaten the once flourishing middle class in our country for lunch, They meaning the democrats are spying on you with Obama furnished "Drones" They seek to take from you and give to someone else, Obama term "Redistribution of wealth" aka Marxism, Better known as Obama's way of telling you he is a KING.

I will not vote for a King ever in my RED WHITE AND BLUE AMERICA!!!!!
Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama’s Green and Lacking Economy

Three years after Obama launched a push to build a job-creating "green" economy, the White House can say that more than 1 million drafty homes have been retrofitted to lower heating and cooling costs, while energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar has nearly doubled since 2008. “Quote from the American Thinker”

Many hard working Americans spent thousands of dollars of their hard earned working for something dollars, On green energy items, as per the Obama save the planet theme in 2008. Lord knows I have, and I have lowered my own electric bill by $44.00 a month.

We thought that we were all doing the right thing to help save the planet, Now this Obama admin has put a 250% Tariff on Chinese made solar panels, So now our American Solar Panel distributors can not afford to pick up their shipments at the docks, and we are all out our solar panels that we ordered, This will now put Companies and Business’s in America, Out of Business. We hire American businesses to install our solar arrays, and install our grid tie invertors. This Obama administration has put forth a war on small Business owners in our country. This is going to account for more lost American jobs. Green jobs ruined Spain and now the Progressives are going to make them ruin this country.

So here is another thing, Now that many Hard Working Americans have installed their “GREEN ENERGY SYSTEMS” and they are indeed working, American Energy companies, such as APS in the state of Arizona, Now have permission from Big Government to raise our rates, Because of lost PROFITS, can you believe this? We as good citizens try to go and do the right thing and what happens? The Obama admin screws us, I saved power through out the year, so now I must be punished for doing so right! Energy Independence? Are you kidding me! Arizona Public Service tells us that they will only raise our rates 1% the first year, what does this actually mean? That the second and third years they will raise our rates a lot higher than just 1 % in the future.

Why is it alright to punish people who just tried to do the right thing, in the first place?

It seems to me that everything our Government does is always turning around to bite the hand that feeds them. Why our Government is so very corrupted?

I suggest to all American citizens that you reach out to Big Government and explain to them exactly how you feel about what is taking place here, we save our countries energy and we get charged more? I have one hell of an investment in Green Energy items at my home, to help save the planet, and save my house hold some money, and now I get punished by this progressive Obama administration?

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix. Arizona

Monday, May 14, 2012

America has entered into the hell hole

When I was a boy America was a great country, People worked hard for what they had, They grew their own food and they canned their own food, they had family dinners together, They watched 3-4 hours of television and went to bed, Got up early and went to work once again, There wasn’t any class envy, or liberals indoctrinating our children, If you went to a college you received the education that you paid for, Instead of receiving an indoctrination. The leftist have infiltrated our schools and our government.

They teach class warfare and liberal coward policy.

Children are now taught that there is no need to work hard, They are indoctrinated into believing liberal government policy is the fix to all problems, They are told that they cant think for themselves, it reminds me of the Hitler youth program. Union radicals have now made our children American terrorists. Little Bill Ayres programmed to be OWS protestors. They are indoctrinated by radical union school teachers and professors that Business is bad in our country. They are radically taught that Rich people are bad people, and that they can never be rich. They are taught that socialism is good, and capitalism is bad.

Its time that every parent in this country reaches down and pulls themselves up by their , Bootstraps and Go down to the local schools and personally speak with these radical liberal union democrat teachers.

We must as a people “Wake Up” to the leftist agenda in this country!

The left is pushing for a “GOD LESS” “Moral less” Country.

If this isn’t what you stand for , You must speak out. If you still have Christian values in your household, its now time you have an awakening in your family. Our country is still Center right, Marriage is still just between one man and one woman. We are still a Capitalist country.

Its time that the Silent majority register to vote and get ready to speak loudly. Our country is in trouble and its time for a major awakening, Liberals intend to take your weapons, take your religious freedoms, and slowly remove your Constitutional rights one by one. Remember Hitler took everyone's weapons and gave them all free radios and then took over the radio stations. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. I suggest all American citizens read books and study history. I suggest you all make it your job to wake up your neighbors. I suggest you take Obama at his own words. I suggest you listen and watch what is going on in your country and your local community.

Leftists are trying to get you to remove your flag poles and your crosses. Liberals will kill the unborn and not think twice about doing so. But do not ever water board a terrorist. These modern day American terrorists will steal your children and kill your family, They are already flying drones over your home, your private property. They have no respect for your right to privacy. They tell you that you can note smoke, and they want to tell you what kind of vehicle that you can own. They strive for $8.00 a gallon gasoline, They have drove up the price of food, and the cost of your utilities, This Obama and his indoctrinated followers will destroy your life and destroy our country, and now they seek absolutely more intervention.

And the liberal media still wont report on the young Obama's drug use history.

His father was a Marxist and a woman abuser, But the liberal press covers it up. The German press also suppressed Adolf Hitlers back ground.

Sound familiar? Now the Obama admin is coming up with a strategy to be able to use the race card and the gay card and induce more voter fraud in order to wax over the people. You had better all wake up soon, Before this country is completely lost.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Newt the Best Man for the job?

Newt Gingrich: The Smartest Republican

Newt has what it takes to be the POTUS that is absolutely certain.

Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich is an American politician, author, political consultant, and history teacher who served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House , an great man of American idea's.
 the 'Contract with America' made him king of Capitol Hill

Newt Gingrich on all the issues

Newt Gingrich has the answers