Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They want to see our country bankrupted

I watched MSNBC last night, Oh my God!

Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow all they do for their entire show is bash republicans and still even after three years Blame George W Bush.

My God they are so far up the Barrack Hussein Obama's Arse that a tow truck couldn't pull them away.

They are indeed Nazi's, They wish to imprison a majority of Americans.

They intend to abolish the job creators, They want to see our country bankrupted. All they did last night is put down Newt , because he suggested that young people should have an opportunity to work and learn some work ethic, So they could possibly be successful when they get out of school.

But the left is against any child growing up and becoming successful. This is why they do not teach students about our founding fathers in public schools , Rather they indoctrinate them into gay is ok and socialism works. Scumbags like these MSNBC commentators are Progressives, Progressives seek to destroy our Capitalistic system, and install a Communistic system. And By not truly educating children they think that they can Fundamentally change the country, You heard this from the Obama.

Fundamental Change means Progressiveness, Progressiveness means “Communism”

They seek to have America's children growing up to seek a Welfare Society, plane and simple.

We as good American Citizens must stop electing radical progressive candidates. They are the ruination of this country. We can not destroy our great country with Progressivism/Socialism/Communism. This means that unions must be busted up, Because they are working with radical people including Muslims to tear down our country.

We as American have got to wake up and smell the Progressive Movement and see where this country is heading before it is just too late.

This Obama fellow has eroded our once wonderful country, He has been the great divider.

These left wing communist progressives like Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow are the kind of people that believe in a handout welfare state society.
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Happened to our once Great Country

When I was a small boy, we would get up early in the morning and have breakfast and do chores, Then it was off to school.

On Sundays it was get up a little earlier and the same , But then it was off to Church.

My parents were loving towards one another and both parents remained faithful for absolute years of their lives.

America had values then, Good American values, Moral values, Hard work values, Religious values, School teachers weren't union driven socialists.

As a child I would see my School Teachers at Church on Sunday and in the class room on Monday.

My parents owned American vehicles and we raised most of our own food, My school teachers weren't indoctrinated me with a bunch of left wing union driven socialistic idea's, Back then teachers were paid to teach period. Our public schools are in ruin these days , our children aren't getting a education from their parents tax dollars any longer. School teachers today only preach an agenda , an agenda forced upon them by a Radical George Soros backed Tides Foundation, Children are being indoctrinated into the agenda of "making gay Ok" and anti Capitalism is better.

No More Ten Commandments, No More Pledge of Allegiance, Our true American value system is out the door, and Socialism is in.

Students who's parents pay taxes , which pay the teachers and pay those schools, Can't wear Red , White, and Blue clothing to school.

Because now a days it may offend someone. What are you kidding me? When I was a boy I wore USA Flag shirts and no one was offended, So why now?

How can this offend anyone? Anyone who is a real and true citizen of this country!

I am indeed very attached to this USA Flag and what it represents, I am proud of what this has accomplished, and what the Red , White, and Blue stands for.

If you are a real and true citizen of this our USA , and you are not Proud of this, Then you really should be living here …PERIOD!

It truly makes my American blood boil when I hear these leftist idiots talking badly about my country.

There simply isn't anything that my country can not accomplish, there isn't an obstacle that my country can not overcome.

So why have we lost our Moral Compass? Where did it go? Who made us lose it?

Well friends it all started with the Vietnam War, and the first Liberals in Media, the "Woodstock" Draft Dodging , Dope smoking do nothing Hippies.

Hell you people elected BILL CLINTON for Christ's sake.

Then along Came CPS, "Child Protective Services" and what a bunch of liberal incompetent people this organization is!

Made it so We the American People were afraid to punish our own children. This is were our country began to break down.

Then Union Socialists began to infiltrate the National School teachers unions, and take over School Boards.

It is after all called Progressive thinking!

If you can indoctrinated at least two generations of children you can change the country, and guess what it has already happened.

Look at your neighbors and see how many Toyota's or Honda's are in their driveways, Remember your parents or grand parents?

I do, and my Family was American "ONLY" They supported their country. As all of my family still does today.

But how many liberals today will not look back on WWII? They will explain to you that , The War is Over, Just like it never even happened.

These same people have forgotten about 911, and they will say to you that it was an inside job.

OMG People!!! "When is it that you are going to wake the hell up"

I am sick and tired of Liberals, and Liberal thinking.

I have watched this country go from a country of Pride to a Country of, "Oh Who cares anymore"

I have watched this country go from teaching about Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket, To teaching gay history.

I have watched this country go from the first Lunar Landing, to the First Apologist President.

Well American People, its up to you. What are you going to do to once again make our country what it should be "Proud and Profitable"

Thanks , Sincerely Vance Keaton , Phoenix AZ

God Bless you, and have a Safe Christmas season

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Letter to Mr. Herman Cain

Dear Mr. Herman Cain

What ever you do, Never give up! This liberal "Socialistic" Media hopes to make you fail.

I am a Native American military vet, engineer, family man, I overcame many obstacles' in my life, coming from a poor American family.

You have what it takes to be a great leader if you simply do not give up.

This George Soros ran media hopes to take out any conservative, religious, self reliant, Man of color.

Even your fellow republicans can make it indeed dangerous for you, Be careful.

I have great respect for you, We need a leader that will not cave in... Period

These socialists in the media push for gay is ok Liberal indoctrination of we the people.

We need a leader that will push back and bring some morality back to we the people.

Yes I am a Christian and Yes I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior.

I hope you do also, When you say something to the media, Please mean it and never back away.

The media hopes to make you quit and give up, Stick to your principles.

Secure the border, Cut taxes and get rid of the over reaching IRS.

Secure this country and its borders, Stop aid to Muslim or radical countries.

NO Bailouts, Let free markets be free and work.

get Made in America a brand back in this country, Place in God we Trust back in this country.

Tell gays to go back into the closet, and mind their own business and get them out of our schools.

We the people are seeking a strong leader, Obama is a Marxist and we want you to beat him in 2012.

Dear Mr. Cain "never give up"

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

God Bless you Mr. Cain

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well this is America, Its not even on the Map anymore.

Occupy Wall Street protests, all I can say is wow! I havent ever saw so many stupid mindless people together in my entire life.

These indoctrinated liberal socialists are just wasting peoples time, They arent even smart enough to get a job.

They are backed by George Soros, The Socialists Party, The Communist Party, any Democrat that backs these progressive morons is just shooting themselves in the foot. Ed Shultz now is trying to pass his MB SL 500 off as a smart car.

Ed Shultz plays Mitt Rommney off as being rich, Wow! incredible, He works and make multiple millions working at MSNBC and then calls someone else as rich, and he backs these wall street protesters? Can you say amazing!!!

Lawerence Odonnell calls for open borders as illegals flood into our country and rob society of American tax dollars, Rachel Maddow call the Immigration law in Alabama wrong, Herman Cain wants to build a wall on our southern border and these progressive morons make fun of him, Again simply Amazing!

They say that Cains 999 plan will increase taxes, Man they are so stupid, They do not tell what the plan really is.

We would abolish the current tax system and then introduce the "999" plan.

These socialists in the media just bash republicans, Herman Cain is absolutely correct when he states that liberals have a goal to distroy our country, Its very true its their agenda, Look at all the Gay is Ok Socialist Communist school teachers in our public schools that are teaching America's children that Gay is Ok and Socialism is great. Most parents have no idea what goes on in their local school districts. They are too busy texting on their new I phone to actually care what their children are learning.

This country is in the litteral crapper, We have Muslim terrorist groups right here in our country living under the protection of liberals , who will say they have the right to do it. It seems that Gay is Ok and socialism is good ideals have ruined about 1/2 of this country. These socialists teach our children, get elected to public office, drive their Honda's and drink their Starbucks and right under our noises work to undermine our country, and We the People are just too lazy to get involved in stopping them.

These wall street protesters are so stupid that they do not understand that Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd are the ones to be held responsible for the finnalcial crisis, GW Bush wanted to regulate Fannie-Freddie and those two democrats and several others said NO, They are just fine.

Then this President Barrack Hussien Obama bailed out all of the big banks, He handed out tax payer monies as it was candy.

Then these banks where supposed to help distressed home owners, But did they? No they didnt.

Mr. Obama allowed this money to be used so the same bailed out banks could simply just purchase more banks with their candy from American tax payers.

These liberal socialists give Obama a pass, These indoctrinated idiots will protest wall street and will still vote to re elect Obama and he took more money from that same wall street.

They know not what they do!! So when Mr. Cain says Liberals are ruining this country he is indeed absolutely correct.

The liberal mainstream media has been taken over by Socialists and Communists and it truly shows.

Thank God for Fox news! Atleast we have one channel for real Americans.

I would like to see Herman Cain and Newt as President and Vice President, That would be a team that I could vote for.

Two Real Americans that love this country and want to bring back its value's and virtues.

Two men who believe is "Self Reliance" and "Americanism" instead of Socialism and Communism and Marxism.

We the people of the United States of America surely do not want this entire country to turn into Mexifornia!

I would completely love to see all of the swing states turn Red in the next 2012 election cycle.

We have to turn this country around, We can no longer be a "Welfare Country" If I wanted to live in eastern Europe I would have just moved there, I want the United States of America to be the strong moral nation it once was.

I don't want a Democrat Senate to go 900 days with out having a budget, I want a Senate that will pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. I want a Senate that will pass the Flat tax, and abolish the IRS!

I want a Senate that will put us back onto the Gold Standard and not make us loose our triple A credit rating , like this Obama administration has allowed.

We must as a people wake up and take this country back from the very liberals socialists that are out to destroy it.

Thanks Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

PS In Phoenix AZ, the Occupy Wall Street protesters didn't accomplish much, Our Police dept tossed them out of the park down town,, Thanks Phoenix Police for doing your taxpayer paid J O B S and keeping Phoenix residents safe from the dirty welfare seekers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

Occupy Wall Street Protesters

What a bunch of indoctrinated liberals idiots, they drive their daddy's Hummer upstate to protest Capitalism, The same Capitalism that daddy used to make money to purchase his Hummer, Then when they are done dirtying up the city and urinating on the flowers, They will take their filthy bodies back to Daddy's home and use Daddy's soap and water and clean towels and then eat Daddy's food and sleep in daddy's supplied bed which to sleep, Then they will expect Mommy to clean their room and wash their filthy clothing, as they watch their parents big screen TV, and not look for a job. Wow what a generation of losers.

These children has been indoctrinated by liberals such as Rachel Maddow and their own school teachers.

These children haven't any self reliance or love of country.

All they care about is the I phone and the lap top computer that Mommy and Daddy purchased for them.

These parents are at a loss because they haven't encouraged their lost children to do something with their lives. Now they are just stuck raising and taking care of jello children, who are stuck in their own little Face Book world, These children know nothing of the real world, know nothing about how to survive in the world around them. Parents today have been afraid to punish their children, they have been afraid to teach their children, because they them selves have been indoctrinated by their unions and their bosses.

They are their children's worst enemy, and it all started in the 1980's because of child protective services.

CPS is a corrupted organization, Like most Government organizations.

These Occupy Wall Street Protesters are the worst scum in American these days, They have NO idea way they are even there, They are MSNBC misinformed liberal indoctrinated socialists, The weak and the lazy looking to just take from other people who work and earn what they have. They are pure scum that is the only way to explain it. We working folks are sick and tired of listening to these ultimate whiners.

No wonder the democratic party in in the virtual toilet.

I wished these weak and lazy socialists had to live in the 1940's, You would watch literally thousands of these lazy idiots die the first week.

These indoctrinated fools need to clean themselves up and go look for work... Period

Signed Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We the People of the United States of America

This is the world we live in, In West Texas Liberals want to shut down oil drilling because of the Sagebrush lizard, In California Liberals shut down 2900 farmers because of a tiny little fish, Liberals on the cost have shut down offshore drilling because they do not want to see the rigs, Liberals are teaching school children that gay is ok and socialism is wonderful.

Liberals teach our children nothing about the real history but teach them that Mexican anchor babies are a good thing. Liberalism has ruined our country completely.

We should fire all liberal teachers!

Liberals try to take away the 1st and 2nd Amendments, But yet Ed “Communist” Schultz can call conservative women sluts and get by with it.

Why aren't they going after Schultz? I'll tell you why, Double Standard!!!

Liberals back the Moral failing of Democrats, They will kill un born babies all day and all night.

All the while defending Moral failings and refusing to torture terrorists.

These liberals are so crazy that they will vote for the biggest failure in present time “Barrack Hussein Obama once again.

The stimulus hasn't worked , unemployment is still at 9%, gas is $5.00 a gallon

All the while Obama spending taxpayer dollars traveling around the world using millions of gallons of fuel in air force one.

OH Praise the Messiah!!!

Thank God the SCOTUS see's things Arizona's way, Other states to follow.

We have to get control of these millions of illegal criminals in our country.

Obama's speech in El Paso didn't go very well I only saw 6 people clapping, The people of Texas aren't very happy with the Amnesty Messiah and other states are following.

We must all say “Gay isn't OK” “It's not OK to have illegals here on food stamps receiving Obama care” We the People of the United States of America must speak up we must push back on the liberals.

If these liberals run this country it will look like Brazil in 4 yrs.

No Jobs and complete and utter corruption.

We must make certain This Obama is a One Term POTUS!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

this travesty of justice

Listen its like this, We need someone in the White house that has good business sense, The economy is in the dumper, This fellow Obama is an utter joke, He hadn't any experience in anything before he was offered the White house.

If we want our children to have the same life we had or a better life than us, Then we must step up to the plate right now we cant wait.

Major cuts are needed now.

We do not have a taxing problem, What we have is a spending problem.

Government spends too much, We must some how Privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

These Government spending plans have to be cut period. Obama Care isn't helping this country one bit.

Look at all the liberals who this Obama has given waivers to. If it was so great then why don't even liberals like it.

More waivers were given out in Nancy Pelosi's district then anywhere in the entire country.

“You will find out whats in it after we pass it” Remember? Well looks like they found out.

Democrats don't understand that they just cant continue to force things upon we the people.

Democrats have involved Themselves with Radicals, Communists, Socialists, Gays, and Muslims.

The American people see this and aren't very happy about it, and many democrats will be voted out again next November, When you surround yourself with radical people, We see it and you will be gone. Thank God the American people have been awakened. This I thank Barrack Obama for, it is the only thing this far leftist administration has been able to get done.

2012 will bring about change, since The Obama we haven't trial ed Terrorists, we have watched The Obama install communists and socialists into government positions, We have witnessed The Obama not protecting Marriage or Israel, But protecting Terrorists and Radical Black Panther members, The Obama has had Communist George Soros visiting the White House.

The Obama had a well know radical Communist Van Jones on staff in his corrupted admin. He is the most corrupted President since Jimmy Carter. The Obama used information gathered threw the Bush policy's and sent a US Navy Seal Team to get OBL and doesn't even acknowledged or Thank George Bush, wow he is indeed a complete and utter self centered asshole. He is against drilling for oil in our own country, But yet he The Obama allows Brazil to drill in the gulf while its supported by George Soros.

Well my fellow Patriots 2012 is right around the corner, We must get behind Ron Paul or Herman Cain and give them major support.

Because the Liberal Leftist Mainstream Socialist Media is getting ramped up once again to re elect THE Socialist Muslim Liberal Messiah. Who's taxpayer paid stimulus hasn't worked, who's liberal policy;s have made America suitable to terrorist attacks, He won't secure the USA Borders, Hell he wouldn't even kick his aunt out that was here illegally. The stock market is in the toilet because of uncertainly that he has caused in this country with his Messiah Care and Cap and Tax policy's.

I indeed so hope that We the People “The Taxpayer” are awake for this next election.

We need a President that speaks of self reliance and not welfare.
Apparently Liberals feel threatened by Conservative people, Take the Ryan plan for instance, His plan doesn't effect anyone over the age of 55. The left try's to twist everything to suit their agenda.

This is what they do, Put grandma in a wheelchair and push her off a cliff, But the truth is that she will not be effected at all by Ryan's plan.

This is what they do, Paul Ryan's plan doesn't get them the Communism they seek, so the Bash republicans.

There is a Sheriff up in San Francisco Country that doesn't arrest illegals, Have you saw some of these San Francisco Freaks, Tatted from head to toe and then they wonder why no one will hire them, They believe in pot smoking and open borders, Please these people are just well indoctrinated morons.

People need to get away from these indoctrinated morons, Look at Mexifornia and use that state as you're example when it comes to whats wrong with this country.

Look at President Obama, He wants gas to be $8.00 a gallon and high speed rail, These two things are to limit the comings and goings of our country.

Look at MSNBC, Ed Shultz calling Conservative women sluts on his radio show.

He believes in killing the innocent But do not ever water board a terrorist.

School Children do not even know who our first President was, Because teachers no longer teach they just indoctrinate children into Communism is great and its ok to be gay, That is all they do and we the tax payers pay them our dollars to do this, who's fault is this? The democrats that are backing the teachers unions who are filled with communists.

Teachers unions have been dumbing down our children for years.

I will get behind what ever candidate that shows me that they are a Constitutional person who believes in self reliance, Did you here that Mexifornia is going to release 33,000.00 prisoners.

isn't that great!! I wished that Gov Perry would make a run for POTUS!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Technology doesn't work exactly as planned

 Instead of focusing on the smart grid technology, APS focuses on smart grid benefits for its Arizona customers. Really? Since having this new technology installed at my Phoenix Arizona home, I haven't found this to be so true. After adding solar panels, a wind turbine,  a small battery bank, and 600 watts of Grid tie inverters, and a "Green Box" 1200 Energy Saver, and  My light bill still increased, even as I have cut back on my energy use. They APS, Arizona Public Service eliminated their meter readers and saved money, But we Arizona residents now pay more for our power, Isn't it wonderful how that all worked its way out.
APS said "We're trying to allow the new technology that's coming-because it's rapidly coming at us-to help us define what the future could be. We're not trying to impose a specific vision of smart grid on the future. Smart grid will continue to change and evolve."
Some consumers argue that the meters are logging far more kilowatt hours than they believe they are using. And many find it unfair that they will begin to pay immediately for the new meters through higher rates, when the promised savings could be years away.
Power companies say the meters will allow utilities to vary the price charged to their customers by the hour to correspond to what those utilities are paying for energy in the wholesale market. This can help consumers save money, they say.
They also say the meters will be crucial to remaking the electric system to handle intermittent power sources like wind turbines and solar cells while continuously meeting customers’ needs.

From California
Elizabeth Keogh, a retired social worker in Bakersfield, Calif., who describes herself as “a bit chintzy,” has created a spreadsheet with 26 years of electric bills for her modest house. She decided that her new meter was running too fast.

Ms. Keogh reported to the utility that the meter recorded 646 kilowatt-hours in July, for which she paid $66.50; last year it was 474 kilowatt-hours, or $43.37.
At a hearing in October organized by her state senator, Ms. Keogh took out two rolls of toilet paper — one new, one half used up — and rolled them down the aisle, showing how one turned faster than the other. “Something is wrong here,” she said.
Scores of electric customers with similar complaints have turned out at similar hearings. At one in Fresno, Calif., Leo Margosian, a retired investigator, testified that the new meter logged the consumption of his two-bedroom townhouse at 791 kilowatt-hours in July, up from 236 a year earlier. And he had recently insulated his attic and installed new windows, Mr. Margosian said.

The market for residential energy management will increase significantly over the next four years due to increased consumer demand and new government and industry initiatives, according to Parks Associates.

The number of US households with a smart meter will grow to over six million by 2012, from the one million smart meters deployed in the US today, it reports in a study, entitled Residential Energy Management: Opportunities for Digital Systems and Services.
"Utilities see the benefit of upgrading the grid, and consumers are growing more conscious of their energy consumption. Add in incentives from the government, and you have three strong drivers that will boost deployment and innovation in this market," said Bill Ablondi, director of home systems research at Parks Associates.
"The Obama administration has made the development of energy-efficient technologies and alternative fuels a priority," he said. "There will be opportunities for manufacturers in smart appliances, utilities investing in Smart Grid technologies, and start-ups developing innovative energy solutions."

Houston-based energy and utility consultancy The Structure Group administered the study, which included tests in laboratories and in the field, according to Greentech Grid. The group also reviewed 1,378 complaints about the meters and conducted in-depth interviews with customers.

The $1.4 million audit, for which PG&E is reimbursing the agency, determined that the utility could have done a better job communicating with and notifying customers about smart meter installation.
“In some cases, customers experienced multiple cancelled bills followed by re-billing, which exacerbated customer confusion and frustration. In addition, customers indicated to Structure that there was a lack of communication and notification from PG&E about their smart meter installation,” the CPUC said of Structure’s findings. The report also said that the CPUC’s handling of certain consumer complaints created confusion for the customer when the CPUC deemed the complaint closed even though the customer was still not satisfied with or did not understand PG&E’s resolution of their complaint,” Greentech Grid reports.
Several municipalities in Northern California have already asked regulators to prevent the meters from being installed until accuracy issues are sorted out.
The meters, which transmit energy use data to the utilities, have also sparked health worries about radiation levels. The utilities commission has received around 2,000 such complaints, mostly from Northern California.
For several days last week, residents of Santa Cruz County protested what they called “forced installation” of smart meters on private property, with some expressing worries that the radiation could lead to brain cancer. Watsonville and Fairfax passed laws banning the meters within city limits.

PG&E Replacing 1,600 Broken Smart Meters

Utility PG&E has hit another snag with its smart meter roll-out. Monday afternoon, the company announced it will replace 1,600 of its smart meters, which were manufactured by Landis+Gyr, because of a defect that causes the miscalculation of customer energy bills. PG&E says the faulty meters were occasionally running fast, and overcharging customers.

PG&E is spending $2.2 billion on rolling out 10 million smart meters (this is both electric and gas), and has installed about 8 million of the new meters so far. Landis+Gyr has only supplied 2 million of the 8 million meters so far, and GE has supplied the bulk of the rest.

In addition to replacing the broken meters, PG&E will offer full refunds for customers that were overcharged, and PG&E says the average refund will be $40. PG&E will also give customers a $25 credit for the inconvenience and offer customers a free in-home energy audit.

PG&E should be lauded for publicly announcing the problem, correcting it and providing full refunds and new meters. Let’s see how fast and convenient the process is for the affected customers.
The smart meter problems began back in 2009, when customers in Bakersfield, Calif. accused PG&E’s new smart meters of overcharging them for their power, and started a lawsuit. A Sept. 2010 report on PG&E’s smart meter program found the system wasn’t overcharging customers (but ironically has been for these 1,600 broken meters), but the utility had made mistakes both in implementing the new technology and in reaching out to customers to explain how it would change their bills. Last month, PG&E CEO Peter Darbee stepped down after a difficult 2010 for the utility.

Millions of households across America are taking a first step into the world of the “smart grid,” as their power companies install meters that can tell them how much electricity they are using hour by hour — and sometimes, appliance by appliance. But not everyone is happy about it.

I wrote last November about a roll out in my city to upgrade everybody’s power meters to the “smart” kind which should allow the power companies to operate and communicate remotely with our electricity. They should also enable us consumers to have more data about which devices in the house waste the most energy.

It appears that in the first month after some people got upgraded, their electric bills went up much higher than normal, in some cases twice as much as the previous month. I heard reports on the radio of electric bills up to $500 or $1,000

People in Bakersfield were overcharged by thousands in some cases and denied help. This, in addition to fires and being made ill by these poorly designed, very dangerous devices. Those who support smart meters are right there in bed with all the criminals who promote them, despite the harm they are definitely causing.

At the very least, in a truly free market, people would be able to pick a meter style, or pick an energy company that offered a different choice. But for the time being, we’re stuck.

Power companies are taking We the People for a ride.
Once the smart grid is completely up, If you want a midnight snack and you go into you're kitchen to heat up something in you're microwave, a light will flash and a buzzer will sound and you will be arrested for illegal use of power, This is actually were we are headed.
These new smart meters own you period!

Thanks for reading
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Liberals and the American Tax Code

Why are liberals against a flat tax? Well they want to punish you're success that is the bottom line.

Liberals hate successful people in general, open you're ears to all the liberal hate against the wealthy.

Chants of Tax the Rich, Rape the Rich, Make them pay, is what is heard ac crossed our country.

Allow me to ask you this, Has a poor person ever given you a well paying job?

I didn't think so!

Why do liberals want to punish your success? Are they jealous that you have done well? well kind of.

They want you to pay more so they can play less and do less. They intend to have you support them.

Since they didn't do as well as you, Of course they did not put out the same effort as you did, But somehow they feel entitled to your outcome. Why? Because they are pushing this country into total socialism.

I want a FLAT TAX... Period!

I shouldn't be punished for being a successful individual.

My success shouldn't be punished in order to afford someone else anything.

Socialism take away the urge to do well, it takes away your freedom to succeed, it takes away your encouragement to do better than your neighbor, socialism inst for Americans that want the right to excel their lives. I believe that socialism ruins people in general. Americans you need to wake up to the fact that our entire tax structure isn't what our Founding Fathers had set inside the Constitution for us.

The IRS is completely out of control in our country.

Do you not like the idea of a flat tax? I do not want your success to be punished.

If Joe down the street is a millionaire because he put forth the effort, and he is taxed at 20% and I am a lazy guy who cant keep a job due to well just me being a dirt bag , and I am taxed at 20% that seems fair to me.

Why should Joe down the street be taxed more than me, Simply because I choose to be a use less dirt bag,

I should praise Joe for giving me a job, and I should be down on myself because Joe fired me because I refused to show up everyday.

Why do liberals want to tax JOE more? They will punish Joe for being successful, and praise the weak and lazy for losing a job. Doesn't this seem unfair? shouldn't it be the other way around?

Praise Joe for his success, and punish the dirt bag for being lazy.

This country is completely out of whack, We need Government people who do not want to punish Americans that succeed in business. We need Government people who have backbone and are willing to say to the people that enough is enough. This is the only way to more this country forward and make our economy strive once again, Who's with me on a flat tax?

aren't you sick and tired of our government being involved in every aspect of you're lives?

Wouldn't you like to be treated fairly?

Wouldn't you like to see you're neighbors succeed in their business's?

Liberals in government isn't good for our country, this has proved itself to indeed be true.

I am sick and tired of hearing the word fair come out of the mouths of liberals.

a liberal mentioning the word fair either means "Social Justice" or "Total Socialism"  which both are Robin Hood like, They will "TAKE" from the wealthy and give to the poor. We all know this hasn't ever worked anywhere that it has been tried, However it "HAS" been responsible for literally millions of deaths.

Now lets Banned together and write our US Government people and let them know how we feel about liberals and socialism.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Over Reaching Liberal Government

Our Over Reaching Liberal Government

What did John F Kennedy say? "Ask what you can do for your Country, Not what you're country can do for you"

We have turned into a country of lazy leftists that beg for Socialism.

Our American School Teachers have indoctrinated our children into the ways of Socialism.

Teachers are controlled by radical union leaders and the radical means justifies the radical ends.

Self reliance and the importance of self reliance isn't being taught in our schools today, here in lies our countries problems.

Liberal school teachers have taught our children to be lazy and suck a living from the government.

This is why today's children wear baggy clothing , get all tattooed up and look and act like thugs.

They learn this behavior from their teachers, and their Obama voting parents don’t care about what their children learn in school, because they are too busy trying to pay for their granite counter tops and their made in China designer clothing.

Parents today are literal pieces of shit, they're children are lazy and weak gang bangers that drop out of school, get involved with drugs and hang out at the local trailer park, They refuse to punish their children, Because it isn't right to discipline your children, So now we have almost 1/2 of the people in this country that are nothing more than welfare abusers and entitlement suckers or entitlement seekers.

The ones that do work a 7-3 JOB are UNION people, clinging to Government , needing Barrack Obama to wipe their liberal asses for them. You know the type, New Cadillac Escalade in the driveway, two jetskie's on a trailer, unmowed grass in the yard. Two children who appear to be in a gang. They do not talk to the other neighbors, because they think that they are too good for that..

These liberals are the same people who do not believe in God, and Want peoples gun rights to be taken away.

They Hate Israel and want all Jew's wiped off the planet, They hate the fact that there isn't a "Communist" Fairness Doctrine, Because they actually want Nationalized MSNBC Communist News.

They will tell you that FOX NEWS LIES and that Conservative people are Racists and much much more.

These types of people are what Stalin called "Use Full Idiots"
Liberals have been the utmost ruination of America, Why aren't we drilling for oil in Anwar?

Liberals are against drilling that’s why, They want to save the planet by importing more Muslim oil. Look at Obama he isn't allowing Americans to drill for oil, But is giving drilling contracts to a Brazilian interest, Who by the way has Communist "George Soros" at the forefront., Liberals adore George Soros, why do you think that is?

I indeed hope that Donald Trump runs for President in 2012, We need some real hope and some real change in this corrupted government we have now under Indonesian raised Obama.

Have you ever heard of Evergreen Solar? They are a Company that Obama praised during his campaign, They received millions in taxpayer produced Obama money, aka Stimulus. Then they packed up and took their business to china along with our American taxpayer dollars. "Praise Obama"

Liberals hate American companies, THE RICH PEOPLE!! They hate them, Why you ask? Because they don’t pay enough taxes, However, USA Corporate Taxes are 35% this isn't enough for the liberals. Paul Ryan stated that if we lowered this corporate tax rate more companies would stay in America and more Companies would come to America and he is right in saying that.. However Liberals push back on it why? Because they want Government Growth not Economic Growth.

Liberals adore George Soros, remember why? Because he is a Communist and what do the Communists want? A Collapsed American economy …. Period.

You see Socialism and Communism takes away the means of Private Production and places it under Government control.

One wage for all, It takes away Entrepreneurship and the Promotion of entrepreneurship wish created wealth and new business in our country. These liberal intend to have complete Government Control. They push for high speed rail because you see those Communist Countries have high speed rail, They do not want it for the convenience of the people But the have it to better control the people, You see if you control the people travel You control the people.

Everything Liberals do is all about Control, Its surely isn't for the betterment of the country. It surely isn't about freedom and liberty, It is merely about control of the people, Research White House Administration people such as Cass Sunstien, His words will make your head hurt.. He wants direct control of the people nothing more. He wants to tell you where you will work, where you will eat, what you will eat, what you will wear, what color it will be, what sort of a pet you can have, what kind of things you are allowed to own, and on and on and on. This is you're Communist/Socialist Democrat Administration. Our American Founders would role over in their graves if they could now see how these liberal administrations have stepped upon their USA Constitution. It is absolutely heart breaking for Americans to watch as their country has been taken over by the 1940's Nazi's and the 1960's hippies.

We as a Country need to wake up and get these liberal pukes out of any office be it state or local or federal. It surely doesn’t mention anything about Communism in our bill of right , or the federalist papers or the Constitution.

We have to rid this country of corrupted unions, corrupted politicians, and corrupted elections. We must before our great demise get back to our founders intentions for America.

Thanks Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What it means for you under Socialism/ Communism

What is actual Socialism/ Communism?

Mean of production owned by the state, means of communications owned by the state, agriculture owned by the state, credit in the hands of the state.

What it means for you under Socialism/ Communism

The Government.."State" owns your land , home, vehicle, your time, your family, and your life.

They give you food, they give you water, they give you a shelter, YOU Actually Cant and never will OWN anything to yourself.

What you think you own is owned by the Government "STATE"

You haven't any reason to do more than the next person, because there aren't any incentives, for you to do better.

And Once you reach a certain area of you’re life and you are no longer productive, You are given a free train ride to now where land.

Socialism/ Communism isn't a great life as American Progressives will have you believe, Socialism/ Communism has killed millions.

Americans practicing Communists / The Progressive Agenda

10 PLANKS stated in the Communist Manifesto

1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

6. Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.

10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

WHERE are the words "fair share" in the Constitution or our Bill of Rights

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surviving a massive power outage in Our Country

All it would take is an "EMP" Electromagnetic Pulse weapon to go off in our atmosphere, Or a Solar Flair and our Electrical grids are done for.

If the Large Transformers that carry the Electric down the power lines , Go down due to an "EMP" it could take up to four years to repair.

How will you survive a four year power outage?

I will try and explain what you will need to do if you choose to make it through.

You will have a massive struggle on your hands, Neighborhoods will have to pool their talents together to survive.

There are several ways to get water, swimming pool water will be there for you to use, But it will need boiler before use.

You can use plastic or metal drums to catch rain water, Plastic sheeting laid upon the ground will catch condensation.

You will indeed have to use your heads to get through these rough times.

Stock up on can good and dry goods, flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, SPAM, canned pea's , canned beans, and such.

Have a cool dry place for storage.

Guns for Hunting, and Security, a 357 handgun and rifle, Or a 22 hand gun or rifle are usually best for this purpose, or just a good old fashion shotgun. And also have a stock pilled amount of ammunition for said weapon.

Remember, You will have people out there that do not want to earn their right to survive and they will try and take what you have.

So you must be able to protect what you have. You must defend your right to live. Things will get violent.

Also if you have pets, You must be prepared also for their survival, Stock up on food for your animals. They have to eat also.

Get a Generator and store some fuel, Fuel can also be stored in drums, But use either dry gas or "stable" to insure that it will be good when you have to use it. Buy oil lanterns or lamps and buy plenty of Lamp Oil, or Purchase some 12 volt lighting and have 12 volt batteries and have a way to charge them, By solar power, wind generation, or by the generator via a 12 volt battery charger.

Remember , Please remain calm! If you are even somewhat prepared things will be allot easier to get by.

One of the big things to remember before any crisis happens, Get to know your neighbors, That is a Bigg'y! Communicate with the people around you, pool your idea's and your efforts. This is all about how you and them will survive.

If the grid goes down in our country because of some type of "EMP'S" it literally could be years before it is back up.

Folk's that is just the facts, The People at NASA will tell you that. They have researched this issue for several years.

Technology has gone so far as to ruin the wickedness of an EMP situation, Modern electrical components can simply not handle an electrical pulse period. The OLD FASHIONED electrical components could of taken it, They where simple units that weren't reliant upon any electronics'.

Same with Automobiles, Simple truth is this, They have become so darn complex that , They aren't going to run under EMP.

But if you happen to have a 1940 Ford that is original, It probably will, Merely because it hasn’t any Electronics' as part of the workings of the vehicle. We have technologically marketed ourselves out of existence.






This should be enough to get you started in case you just wanted to ignore the facts.

Wake up people , and pray for man kinds survival.

Thanks Vance Keaton

Phoenix Arizona

Monday, March 7, 2011

Unions make it bad for all of We the People

“Financial Meltdown of Our

Nation Because of

Excessive Debt”

Unions make it bad for all of We the People

They raise prices of everything because their entitlements are managed into the price.

Cut their entitlements "Lower the Price" plain and simple.

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin is doing the right thing

Collective Bargaining from Union thugs does nothing for the betterment of America.

Union people you ever see them, 4 guys leaning against a wall, 1 guy possibly working.

That is your Hard worked for Tax Dollars going to waste.

Union people have it too good, They are protected from being fired.

In the real world the Private sector they wouldn’t stand a chance.

They beg and beg for entitlements, Please Master More Pour age.

They suck the Tax payer dry, They preach Socialism to their children.

Union members are what Communist call use full idiots.

Unions have literally Bankrupted Our once great Nation.

Now they bring their children to protest with them, and the uneducated indoctrinated children

Have no idea why they are there, But they do know that their parents deserve something for nothing.

It is very sad what has happened to our Once Great Country.

Through Leftist Communists and Radical Socialist they have indoctrinated America's children.

Now Obama has turned this country into a weak and helpless Nation.

His apology tour 2009 was an absolute disgrace to our Country.

I truly hope that this country will reach down and pull its pants up come 2012.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing for an American Crisis

I have done some special things to my home lately, Solar energy for example.

I bought and installed 6) 15 watt solar panels giving me 90 watts of battery changing power.

I have a small battery bank of 12 volt automotive batteries, Hooked to a 1000 watt DC to AC Power Inverter.

This enables me to power lights , refrigerator, portable cooling unit, a television and the like, when the Power Grid is down. I have clear plastic 55 gallon barrels to be able to collect rain water that are hooked to a 12 volt DC pump, so it can be powered from a simple car battery set up.

Power and Water are going to be a "BIG DEAL" one of these days in the very near future.

Food storage is also a big deal, Please people when you do your shopping each time just purchase an extra can or two, and put it aside, it could just save your life someday.

If you are indeed thinking about some type of survival apparatus better start buying items now, Before there is a big rush on things and you simply wont be able to get it.

Sometimes you must think outside the box.

Please do not just sit there with your head in the sand thinking that it couldn’t ever happen in America.

Think about your family, your friends, your pets, People and animals will count on you in the near future.

How will you survive a disaster?

You can make a Solar over, Yes you can cook with Mirrors, it’s a fact.

Please do the research yourself, You would be amazed at the simple things that could possibly save your life. I am asking that people step forward and become leaders in their neighborhood, Please make sure that your family and friends understand the importance of being self reliant in their lives.

Tough times are on there way, are you ready?

Can you survive a disaster?

Can you assist others in their own survival?


Vance Keaton, Phoenix AZ

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mental illness was either overlooked or ignored, Which is it?

Jared Laughner from Tuscon, Arizona, the man named as the shooter.

Loughner, charged with critically wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday in a shooting spree that killed six and wounded 13 others, is described by acquaintances in terms that have become familiar for suspects in violent rampages: a loner, short-tempered, bitter, weird pot smoker, a 22 year old mentally ill child.
He was upset? upset at what exactly?
His ramblings are meaningless, His teachers were afraid of him and yet nothing was done.
Where are and who are his parents?
When did his signs of mental illness begin to show?
What makes a person act like this and do as he did?
The left is trying to twist this as they always do, But this child had some real and true issue's
Did his family try to help him? all of these questions need to be answered.
A merely troubled child doesn't preform this kind of violent act period.
Drugs? was this simply drug related? He couldn't pass a drug test to join the US military, how long has he been doing drugs?
The media is trying to make this a political issue , Which it surely isn't. why would they do such a thing?
a quote from a Progressive will answer that, "Never allow a good Crisis to go to waste"
My heart goes out to all that were wounded or killed, This guy took out innocent people, They went there that day to speak with and to get photographed with a State Representative and have a remembered day.
Well those who survived this vicious attack got that alright, Not what they were expecting. This boy killed or wounded, sons and daughters and mothers , fathers, and grandparents, all or any could be of our own family.
I completely condemn his actions and behavior, This is NO WAY to be an American, we debate and talk out our differences in this country. There simply is no room for violence here.
I have always encouraged We the People to speak out, by Talking to in person or in writing or by calling our Government Representatives. This behavior by a Nut is completely outrageous.
I would adore to see this nut job get the electric chair, plain and simple.
He killed an innocent nine year old child...This family will never recover from such a devastating loss.
My prayers are with this distraught family, For God's Sake why did he do this to an innocent family!
I will pray for the recovery in the state of Arizona, God Bless all that will see this though.
I hope our Lord will Bless all that helped that day with the wounded and dying in the parking lot that sad day.
Thank You to all the Hero's that day!!
We must get off the political correctness train here, and start watching whats actually happening in our country.
God Bless America
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Happened to our Great Nation?

When I was a boy in the 1970's this Country was proud and strong, Our people carried their heads high, America was wonderful, It was exceptional and we all had pride in ourselves as American Citizens. There weren't Toyota drivers and Communism seekers.
"What Happened"?
Where did all these liberal socialism/communism seekers come from?
It makes me sick to see these weak utter sheep citizens.
"Oh Please Too Big Government give me something, I am entitled"
We have as a people bred this into our children, Teachers have indoctrinated it into our children.
WHY? Because we as Americans don't care anymore that's why, We have became a Hand out Society.
Most of our problems are the Majority of Americans are just followers, instead of doers.
They are just too busy to get involved, Only 32% of this country even follow Government happening.
Its a dam shame it is!
Most have NO IDEA what their TOO BIG Government is doing as they decide what Cafe to eat at today, or discuss what so and so named their baby. Give me a break!
When will the sheep wake up? The FCC just passed net neutrality  right under the sheep's nose's.
Next they will pass Cap and Tax through the EPA, By passing Congress as with net neutrality  Then it will be Amnesty through the United Nation, Then it will be Gun Bans through the United Nations.
Why aren't you American citizens outraged?
Because you are simply too busy grazing in the green field and your simply too busy to wake up and smell the real world of communism and socialism, Brought to you by the TOO BIG Progressive Government.
This is where you citizens have failed your country and its people.
Your lost in the FOG of IPhone's and Kia's. In the 1800's people cared about their Country. You people now have given up, and you should be ashamed. I know that in my life there are very very  few people that I know that seem to give a dam. Most are too concerned about their Big Screen TV and what Restaurant to eat at to even find out about what is actually taking place in this country.
What happened to "Old Glory" at peoples homes? I'll tell you, "It's Gone"! Because Americans aren't Patriotic any longer. They no longer believe it it. But I realize it's indeed Hard to drive a Nissan and believe in your country. Its indeed Hard to buy all the Chinese Made items you need at Wal-Mart and be an American.
So certainly I can see why people have given their rights and country away. I see why they may no longer be the once proud people they were. and it shows!
The Home of the Brave the Land of the Free, Give me a Break.
Look at the number of people that call off work simply because they don't feel well, "Oh Please"
We are indeed a Nation of little Babies, and take a look at Union workers, They have Bankrupted our country with there, "I am a Union worker Please Give me Stuff, because I deserve it"
I am tired of the pure and simple laziness and sheepdom of people anymore.

Sincerely Vance Keaton
Phoenix , AZ