Monday, December 28, 2009

the demise of this country

Liberals have been the demise of this country for many years now

Social- Security
Amnesty programs for illegal’s
Socializing America
Trying Terrorists in Criminal courts
They caused 911 by making this country weak
Liberal school teachers have ruined our children
NO or very little Border security
Trying to take WE the Peoples guns away.
Trying to take We the Peoples freedom of speech away
Forcing Liberal healthcare upon us
Forcing Amnesty for illegal’s upon us
Trying to force GAY marriage upon us
Taking in God we trust away.
Taking the Pledge of Allegiance away
Bad mouthing the New Tea Party movement
Tax and Spend, and over taxing and over spending
Not supporting our troops
Not building up our military
Giving huge handout to foreign countries
Forcing cap and tax upon us
Forcing American companies to leave our own country because they wouldn’t lower corporate taxes
They won’t lower estate taxes or capital gains taxes
Liberals are the feel sorry for everyone people.
They adore BIG Government entitlements
They won’t rest until America has been totally flushed down the toilet

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bank of America not helping home owners

Bank of America not helping home owners

B of A received litterally Millions from these American Tax Payer bail outs.
However, They are not truly using these monies to assist in trouble home owners.
They are entering these induviduals into a Home Forebearance program to help them and lower their mortgage payment, Then what actually happens is this.
They except a few smaller payments, Then WHAM! they hit them with a one third higher monthly payment.
Banks like B of A actually want the American home owner to have to give up their homes. They really do not want to help the We the People at all.
Mr. Holder the US Attorney General has asked bankers to assist with down on their luck Americans, However many banks such as Bank of America are still even today just interested to whats known as "American Greed"
They truly could care less about the American people who gave them their hand working tax payer dollars under Bush and Obama, Mr. Holder asked for mortgage modifcations be available for those in need, But in return the greedy bankers Raise these Americans mortgages instead. How is this helping the we the people in trouble?
I would ask that every American that is in some sort of finnancial trouble to write Mr. Holder and the major Banks that received a Government bailout and complain about the complete un fairness being offered here.

Contact Eric Holder

E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General

Contact Bank of America

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is it with these TAX and Spend Demon Kruats

Pelosi and Reid's government-run health care schemes both contain huge tax increases and threaten to spend our nation further and further into debt for years to come.

the global warming F A R S E !!!

where is the actual Global warming?
please have Pelosi show you where the global warming actually is 1961 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Monthly Normals Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 66.0 71.2 76.1 84.2 91.9 100.2 102.4 100.8 96.2 86.7 74.2 65.8 84.6

2001 PHOENIX, ARIZONA Monthly Normals JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC 30 65.9 70.7 75.5 84.5 93.6 103.5 105.9 103.7 98.3 88.1 74.9 66.2 85.9 where is the actual Global warming? This is a 40 yr history Libtards are truly such fools.

We cannot afford the debt that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are placing on us, our families and future generations to come.

GO Palin