Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing for an American Crisis

I have done some special things to my home lately, Solar energy for example.

I bought and installed 6) 15 watt solar panels giving me 90 watts of battery changing power.

I have a small battery bank of 12 volt automotive batteries, Hooked to a 1000 watt DC to AC Power Inverter.

This enables me to power lights , refrigerator, portable cooling unit, a television and the like, when the Power Grid is down. I have clear plastic 55 gallon barrels to be able to collect rain water that are hooked to a 12 volt DC pump, so it can be powered from a simple car battery set up.

Power and Water are going to be a "BIG DEAL" one of these days in the very near future.

Food storage is also a big deal, Please people when you do your shopping each time just purchase an extra can or two, and put it aside, it could just save your life someday.

If you are indeed thinking about some type of survival apparatus better start buying items now, Before there is a big rush on things and you simply wont be able to get it.

Sometimes you must think outside the box.

Please do not just sit there with your head in the sand thinking that it couldn’t ever happen in America.

Think about your family, your friends, your pets, People and animals will count on you in the near future.

How will you survive a disaster?

You can make a Solar over, Yes you can cook with Mirrors, it’s a fact.

Please do the research yourself, You would be amazed at the simple things that could possibly save your life. I am asking that people step forward and become leaders in their neighborhood, Please make sure that your family and friends understand the importance of being self reliant in their lives.

Tough times are on there way, are you ready?

Can you survive a disaster?

Can you assist others in their own survival?


Vance Keaton, Phoenix AZ

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mental illness was either overlooked or ignored, Which is it?

Jared Laughner from Tuscon, Arizona, the man named as the shooter.

Loughner, charged with critically wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday in a shooting spree that killed six and wounded 13 others, is described by acquaintances in terms that have become familiar for suspects in violent rampages: a loner, short-tempered, bitter, weird pot smoker, a 22 year old mentally ill child.
He was upset? upset at what exactly?
His ramblings are meaningless, His teachers were afraid of him and yet nothing was done.
Where are and who are his parents?
When did his signs of mental illness begin to show?
What makes a person act like this and do as he did?
The left is trying to twist this as they always do, But this child had some real and true issue's
Did his family try to help him? all of these questions need to be answered.
A merely troubled child doesn't preform this kind of violent act period.
Drugs? was this simply drug related? He couldn't pass a drug test to join the US military, how long has he been doing drugs?
The media is trying to make this a political issue , Which it surely isn't. why would they do such a thing?
a quote from a Progressive will answer that, "Never allow a good Crisis to go to waste"
My heart goes out to all that were wounded or killed, This guy took out innocent people, They went there that day to speak with and to get photographed with a State Representative and have a remembered day.
Well those who survived this vicious attack got that alright, Not what they were expecting. This boy killed or wounded, sons and daughters and mothers , fathers, and grandparents, all or any could be of our own family.
I completely condemn his actions and behavior, This is NO WAY to be an American, we debate and talk out our differences in this country. There simply is no room for violence here.
I have always encouraged We the People to speak out, by Talking to in person or in writing or by calling our Government Representatives. This behavior by a Nut is completely outrageous.
I would adore to see this nut job get the electric chair, plain and simple.
He killed an innocent nine year old child...This family will never recover from such a devastating loss.
My prayers are with this distraught family, For God's Sake why did he do this to an innocent family!
I will pray for the recovery in the state of Arizona, God Bless all that will see this though.
I hope our Lord will Bless all that helped that day with the wounded and dying in the parking lot that sad day.
Thank You to all the Hero's that day!!
We must get off the political correctness train here, and start watching whats actually happening in our country.
God Bless America
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Happened to our Great Nation?

When I was a boy in the 1970's this Country was proud and strong, Our people carried their heads high, America was wonderful, It was exceptional and we all had pride in ourselves as American Citizens. There weren't Toyota drivers and Communism seekers.
"What Happened"?
Where did all these liberal socialism/communism seekers come from?
It makes me sick to see these weak utter sheep citizens.
"Oh Please Too Big Government give me something, I am entitled"
We have as a people bred this into our children, Teachers have indoctrinated it into our children.
WHY? Because we as Americans don't care anymore that's why, We have became a Hand out Society.
Most of our problems are the Majority of Americans are just followers, instead of doers.
They are just too busy to get involved, Only 32% of this country even follow Government happening.
Its a dam shame it is!
Most have NO IDEA what their TOO BIG Government is doing as they decide what Cafe to eat at today, or discuss what so and so named their baby. Give me a break!
When will the sheep wake up? The FCC just passed net neutrality  right under the sheep's nose's.
Next they will pass Cap and Tax through the EPA, By passing Congress as with net neutrality  Then it will be Amnesty through the United Nation, Then it will be Gun Bans through the United Nations.
Why aren't you American citizens outraged?
Because you are simply too busy grazing in the green field and your simply too busy to wake up and smell the real world of communism and socialism, Brought to you by the TOO BIG Progressive Government.
This is where you citizens have failed your country and its people.
Your lost in the FOG of IPhone's and Kia's. In the 1800's people cared about their Country. You people now have given up, and you should be ashamed. I know that in my life there are very very  few people that I know that seem to give a dam. Most are too concerned about their Big Screen TV and what Restaurant to eat at to even find out about what is actually taking place in this country.
What happened to "Old Glory" at peoples homes? I'll tell you, "It's Gone"! Because Americans aren't Patriotic any longer. They no longer believe it it. But I realize it's indeed Hard to drive a Nissan and believe in your country. Its indeed Hard to buy all the Chinese Made items you need at Wal-Mart and be an American.
So certainly I can see why people have given their rights and country away. I see why they may no longer be the once proud people they were. and it shows!
The Home of the Brave the Land of the Free, Give me a Break.
Look at the number of people that call off work simply because they don't feel well, "Oh Please"
We are indeed a Nation of little Babies, and take a look at Union workers, They have Bankrupted our country with there, "I am a Union worker Please Give me Stuff, because I deserve it"
I am tired of the pure and simple laziness and sheepdom of people anymore.

Sincerely Vance Keaton
Phoenix , AZ