Friday, August 21, 2009

People Please pay attention here

We have a right to Privacy in this Country...Period
The Obama administration is bound and deter mend to remove that from all Americans.
It will all begin with the digitalizing of your Medical Records.
Once that is done they will also have direct access to your Financial records.
Through the States DVM Records They already has access to your Motor Vehicle records.
They “Big Government will Know all there is to know about you.
How you vote what guns you own what cars you own what property you own How much savings you have, ' ALL' you get it?
The democrat liberals want to tear up your United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and make you have nothing. They R U N everything and you are a mere pawn in they're world.
This is American people, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave.
We spilled our Blood on Foreign lands in the Sake of our Freedom.
Is this what your Sons and Daughters , Uncles and Aunts, Mothers and Fathers died for?
Government is stealing whats rightly ours.
Freedoms and Liberties
Speak up and do it Loudly and do it now This is the time.
Make your Government people go by the Constitution.
If we do not remember history we are doomed to repeat it.......Period
We the people of the United States of America must stop big liberal government
and NOW!
Remember ' Don't tread on me'? Well folks now is the time.
Vote out the liberals and speak louder then your neighbor.
The American automotive companies are making a come back and you all need a come
back too. I am asking all real and true Americans to Fly 'Old Glory' We need to prove who actually runs our country again 'We the People'
If you believe this country is great and strong speak up and do it now.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
a First and Second Amendment Believer

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is our Country Today???

Here’s the deal people, The G O P and the Majority of American’s do not dislike Our New POTUS because he is African American…Period
Lets get that straight.. Yes there are still “Racists” indeed that is still true today, But in reality that is still a small number of people.
The Reason is this, “We do not like his policy’s” Period
We do not trust a Larger Government.
We surely do not Trust Democrats or Republicans to do the RIGHT thing. But we dis trust a BIG any type Government Less!
Democrats are always for Handout programs that only produce more “ACORN” Democrats are always Tax and Spend
Democrats offer LESS protection for our Country.
Look Nancy Pelosi thinks your Un-American if you speak out about anything, Look Nancy Pelosi wants illegal’s to be able to vote.
And whom does she adore “The Messiah” Please sheeple you have to wake up. Nancy Pelosi is the Real and True Un-American here. Period. We need “LESS” of these Liberal Democrats around NOT More. These are the type of people who have indeed brought down this country. For Real!!! These are the people that love the ACLU and want to disarm you. This is the type of person that wants to snatch your rights away and hand them over to those here illegally.
These are the type of people that make us distrust government in the first place. These are the people such as our new president that wouldn’t join our military, these are the people who want to b u r n our constitution and make things fair for all. This is why our brave rich powerful country is on its knee’s coughing up a large hairball Wright now. These types have got to be let go from government.
They are all lawyers and they write these bills and add all the legal jargon NOT for your protection “Sheeple” but for their own.
John McCain could have won the last election if he would have said three words. “No Bailouts Period”
Or “Stimulus is Un-Constitutional”
The “We the People” would have heard that and cheered in the streets. But he was caught up in controlling the Sheeple.
And believe oh my an economic collapse …”Oh Yes”
What a complete and utter load of non sense, “Allow Capitalism to work and step aside” Period
Yes companies even Banks fail in America…”Deal with it”
These bailouts and stimulus is just a way to own the Sheeple..Period
DO NOT allow yourself to be owned by the Far Left in this Country.
The President and the Democrats are owned by “The Bank of the World” (Bottom Line)
They want a complete and utter failure to switch to a One World Dollar and make us all live by United Nations Law….”THE TRUTH”
What did the White House Chief of Staff say?
“Never allow a great Crisis to go to waste”
But yet some of you sheep still do not see reality.
YOU need to wake up and speak out before it is indeed too late.

Sincerely You’re fellow American
Vance Phoenix AZ

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Thoughts!!!!!!!!!

Now Dear LibTards AKA OhBumbaBots

Do you mean to tell me that you do not believe that a HIGH % of Real and True Americans arent tired of YOUR Liberal ways and your agenda?
Your Government Health care will Bankrupt the country, But I guess that is what you truly want.
"Hospitals Closed"
"More Job loss"
"More welfare government entitlement programs"
You people truly do not have a clue of what your programs will do to our country.
Look what your liberal imports have done to our economy, Look what Barney Frank and Acorn did to the housing market, Just wait for the collapse of the commercial real estate market
It is going to be more economic hell.
This country and its people are looking more and more at history and what our forefathers said about government these days,
The “Tea Parties” are working.
As a matter of fact the protests are working so well That the liberal media isnt showing the massive protests on your tv, They are actually trying to cover up what us real and true Americans are doing to fight the effect of liberals in government.
How's that trillion dollar stimulus working for ya?
Why do European's and Canadians come to American when they have a health related issue?
The real and true people of this country, Do not want Socialized Medicine...Period
You liberals are treading on our country, and many many people here do not like what your doing.
Its time for our country to just say enough. And we are like it or not.
We are sick and tired of your Globalism Socialism ways...Period
You will see this in the next election.
Many democrats will fall, They have given this country away and its time to take it back.
And we are tired of this “Green” garbage..its the same nonsense as Global cooling was in the 1970's.
Oh yes all of you told us “The next Ice Age is coming” and it didn't.
You people are up ultra liberal hypocrite AL Gores behind.
All the while making millions while rubbing your noises in it.
I am a real and true American, Oh yea I still fly “Old Glory” everyday for which you hate.
I am an Army vet, for which you dislike, I drive only American cars which you despise.
I believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for which you all think is just a two hundred year old piece of paper that was written by slave owners and you can wipe your ass upon.
You poor poor entitlement adoring pukes make me sick.
You need and want the US OH Boma Government to take care of you all...How sad.
For me I want the federal reserve abolished and I want the US constitution put back the way it was in 1776. I am a real American thou so you wouldn't understand
I also am an NRA member and believe in my right of self protection. Unlike most of you.
A revolution is coming to this country and from what I see more and more people are thinking like me.
Look Guns stores are sold out...Period
Look More and more people are now buying American vehicles.
I see more flags flying then in years past.
So in all reality, It looks like I win.
I will pray for all of you, Because I realize that you do not appreciate God or Church or a belief in a Higher power.