Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama’s Green and Lacking Economy

Three years after Obama launched a push to build a job-creating "green" economy, the White House can say that more than 1 million drafty homes have been retrofitted to lower heating and cooling costs, while energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar has nearly doubled since 2008. “Quote from the American Thinker”

Many hard working Americans spent thousands of dollars of their hard earned working for something dollars, On green energy items, as per the Obama save the planet theme in 2008. Lord knows I have, and I have lowered my own electric bill by $44.00 a month.

We thought that we were all doing the right thing to help save the planet, Now this Obama admin has put a 250% Tariff on Chinese made solar panels, So now our American Solar Panel distributors can not afford to pick up their shipments at the docks, and we are all out our solar panels that we ordered, This will now put Companies and Business’s in America, Out of Business. We hire American businesses to install our solar arrays, and install our grid tie invertors. This Obama administration has put forth a war on small Business owners in our country. This is going to account for more lost American jobs. Green jobs ruined Spain and now the Progressives are going to make them ruin this country.

So here is another thing, Now that many Hard Working Americans have installed their “GREEN ENERGY SYSTEMS” and they are indeed working, American Energy companies, such as APS in the state of Arizona, Now have permission from Big Government to raise our rates, Because of lost PROFITS, can you believe this? We as good citizens try to go and do the right thing and what happens? The Obama admin screws us, I saved power through out the year, so now I must be punished for doing so right! Energy Independence? Are you kidding me! Arizona Public Service tells us that they will only raise our rates 1% the first year, what does this actually mean? That the second and third years they will raise our rates a lot higher than just 1 % in the future.

Why is it alright to punish people who just tried to do the right thing, in the first place?

It seems to me that everything our Government does is always turning around to bite the hand that feeds them. Why our Government is so very corrupted?

I suggest to all American citizens that you reach out to Big Government and explain to them exactly how you feel about what is taking place here, we save our countries energy and we get charged more? I have one hell of an investment in Green Energy items at my home, to help save the planet, and save my house hold some money, and now I get punished by this progressive Obama administration?

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix. Arizona

Monday, May 14, 2012

America has entered into the hell hole

When I was a boy America was a great country, People worked hard for what they had, They grew their own food and they canned their own food, they had family dinners together, They watched 3-4 hours of television and went to bed, Got up early and went to work once again, There wasn’t any class envy, or liberals indoctrinating our children, If you went to a college you received the education that you paid for, Instead of receiving an indoctrination. The leftist have infiltrated our schools and our government.

They teach class warfare and liberal coward policy.

Children are now taught that there is no need to work hard, They are indoctrinated into believing liberal government policy is the fix to all problems, They are told that they cant think for themselves, it reminds me of the Hitler youth program. Union radicals have now made our children American terrorists. Little Bill Ayres programmed to be OWS protestors. They are indoctrinated by radical union school teachers and professors that Business is bad in our country. They are radically taught that Rich people are bad people, and that they can never be rich. They are taught that socialism is good, and capitalism is bad.

Its time that every parent in this country reaches down and pulls themselves up by their , Bootstraps and Go down to the local schools and personally speak with these radical liberal union democrat teachers.

We must as a people “Wake Up” to the leftist agenda in this country!

The left is pushing for a “GOD LESS” “Moral less” Country.

If this isn’t what you stand for , You must speak out. If you still have Christian values in your household, its now time you have an awakening in your family. Our country is still Center right, Marriage is still just between one man and one woman. We are still a Capitalist country.

Its time that the Silent majority register to vote and get ready to speak loudly. Our country is in trouble and its time for a major awakening, Liberals intend to take your weapons, take your religious freedoms, and slowly remove your Constitutional rights one by one. Remember Hitler took everyone's weapons and gave them all free radios and then took over the radio stations. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. I suggest all American citizens read books and study history. I suggest you all make it your job to wake up your neighbors. I suggest you take Obama at his own words. I suggest you listen and watch what is going on in your country and your local community.

Leftists are trying to get you to remove your flag poles and your crosses. Liberals will kill the unborn and not think twice about doing so. But do not ever water board a terrorist. These modern day American terrorists will steal your children and kill your family, They are already flying drones over your home, your private property. They have no respect for your right to privacy. They tell you that you can note smoke, and they want to tell you what kind of vehicle that you can own. They strive for $8.00 a gallon gasoline, They have drove up the price of food, and the cost of your utilities, This Obama and his indoctrinated followers will destroy your life and destroy our country, and now they seek absolutely more intervention.

And the liberal media still wont report on the young Obama's drug use history.

His father was a Marxist and a woman abuser, But the liberal press covers it up. The German press also suppressed Adolf Hitlers back ground.

Sound familiar? Now the Obama admin is coming up with a strategy to be able to use the race card and the gay card and induce more voter fraud in order to wax over the people. You had better all wake up soon, Before this country is completely lost.