Friday, October 26, 2012

Lies from the Obama White House

 We lost four wonderful Americans that were killed in Libya they include, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone S. Woods,  a former Navy SEAL,Glen Doherty a former Navy SEAL ,and State Department information management officer Sean Smith were killed in the first wave of attacks in Benghazi. No matter what happens on Election Day, the questions remain -- what did the president know and when did he know it? "The last two casualties occurred well over six hours after the initial attack,"Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham noted. “It is disappointing to hear that our national command authorities failed to try to reinforce the consulate with timely air assets, and that a consulate located in one of the most dangerous regions in the world was so unsecured.” New details about the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya are still coming out daily. Just the other day we learned about e-mails from the Embassy in Tripoli sent to the State Department and the White House situation room detailing the attack in progress and that terrorists claimed responsibility. Now we are finding out that the attack lasted for seven hours and that our government was watching a live feed of the attack in progress. That begs the question, “why didn’t we respond with military force?” 'Now there's some tough trade-offs, I mean there are times when there are bad folks somewhere on the other side of the world and you've got to make a call and it's not optimal" Barack Obama
I watched the Obama Rose Garden speech and I didn't hear him initially characterised the Benghazi attack as terrorism. But he insisted to Candidate Romney that he did, this is disgraceful to say the least.
Former Navy SEALs died after coming to the aid of others and our President goes out to fund raisers and entertainment shows good grief!!! "Four Americans, four patriots, they loved their country and chose to serve it and serve it well," Obama said. "They had a mission and they believed in it, and they knew the danger and they accepted it. They didn't simply embrace the American ideal, they lived it, they embodied it: the courage, the hope and, yes, the idealism." However when the attack was happening He and his administration, decided not to call in air support, This truly doesn't sound very American to me.
It actually seems to me that  Obama Lied, And The Liberal Press Complied , Republicans have been trying to highlight the terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy for weeks, but recognizing how damaging this episode was to Obama’s credibility, media coverage has been subdued. Who requested what security and when is important, but these things always appear obvious in hindsight. However , Our UN ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly attributed the attack to a spontaneous protest erupting in response to the “heinous” film. Obama mentioned the movie six times in his own speech to the UN. He did this despite credible proof there had not been any protest. Libyan officials had already confirmed it as terrorism. Our enemies conducted a coordinated assault against a lightly guarded consulate on September 11th. You wonder why this Admin had to lie, Obama was wanting to "Fake us out" That Terrorism was being put to sleep under his watch. Fortunately for Obama, liberals control the dissemination of thought. The media, entertainment industries, educational system and much of government skew very far left of Middle America. If the press were honest, or at least kept Democrats honest, Obama would probably still carry Washington D.C., but few if any states. But even this decided home field advantage won’t save Obama’s presidency.
You simply must remember this November, President Obama: “Here's what I'll say. If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal" White House Watched Benghazi Attacked And Didn't Respond ..ask yourself why? That Benghazi happened at all is a disgrace -- but to discover that a deliberate attempt was made to conceal the circumstances of the attack adds an insult to the injury suffered by our nation.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for paying attention, and watching out for your country.

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