Thursday, June 28, 2012

America in Destrution Mode

America in Destruction Mode

Well King Obama has done it, Our path to destruction has begun, The King has met the liberal agenda of Socialism.

Obama Care will now do its part to close American business's, Then when they fail the Government will take them over, its called complete and utter Socialism.

Today Eric Holder was held in contempt of congress, But nothing will happen. Radical leftists in our government will stop any punishment.

It is the same thing that never happened to the radical Black Panthers. Eric Holder refused to punish these black panthers for voter intimidation, and our liberals in congress will refuse to punish Holder simply because he is a radical black leftist.

Our Government killed innocent native Americans at Wounded Knee just as our Supreme Court and Mr. Obama is now killing our middle class and our American small business owners today, I see no difference between the two. Our American freedom and liberty is the “Ghost Dance” and now our own liberal piece of shit government is forcing us to give up or die. Obama and his radical leftist administration can now force us to purchase anything that it seeks. Liberalism has destroyed the American dream of freedom and liberty.

The American dream is the “Ghost Dance” and now this corrupted liberal Obama has made it die, We are now all prisoners of the King.

I feel indeed very sad for our children and grand children, they just had the American dream ripped from them,They are buried in National debt and paying for the laziness of other Americans and illegals. Sadly for them they have been highly indoctrinated to just except it. Like good willing sheep they will. They haven’t been taught to have the will to fight. They will gladly march right over that Obama cliff and get aboard that Obama train. Yes America is now just a weak,bankrupt,socialist country. What a crying shame!

Our lives and lively hood has been sold down the socialism creek.

Obama will now tax our lives, and tax our lively hood, soon Food Lines in the streets, Redistribution of wealth has began. The fundamental change has taken place, The collapse of America is here.

Our government has just imposed their radical rules upon you, your freedom and liberty has just been taken from you. The next thing to go is your 2nd Amendment right, then your 1st Amendment right will be gone, Then we will have succeed the liberal goal, a Communistic Utopia, We as American citizens will have created our own demise, Our children will be the worst damaged by all of this. They wont wake up for years to come, Its too late now for our country to turn back onto the right track, we are finished. No matter what the election results are this November our nation is screwed.

Our own US Supreme Court sold out the people this week, and they will just continue to do the same for the remainder of their terms.

All of our lives are controlled and imposed on everyday by the too over reaching government. Unless massive numbers of citizens fight back against this Communistic Government.

They are now illegally flying drones over our private homes and back yards, They are illegally monitoring our internet use, They are illegally searching our medical records, Our liberal government is very intrusive to our private lives. Many will just sit and do nothing, I refuse to allow my Country to go to hell, I will continue to fight for what I believe is right. Our Founding Fathers had no intentions of having our Nation under control of a King, They ran from such intrusive government and started a New Country, and new country that believed in empowering the people to make discussions one their own, Not the people being mandated and controlled by a King. Our founding fathers would toss in their graves if the could witness the massive government intrusion into our lives today.

I am ashamed of what the United States of America has turned into today. Our great nation is now lost and will never be able to make a comeback from the failure of this President.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

Well folks tomorrow is the day that we find out what our country is, A leftist welfare country or A Capitalist freedom and liberty standing country.

California has been bankrupted by radical leftists and every city within that blue socialist state is going to have to file for Bankruptcy. Radical people who can retire at fifty years of age at $160 grand a yr. And still get social security and medicare and medicare. The leftist population have destroyed economy’s and schools, and now the tax payers are in a battle for their lives and liberty.

Tomorrow we find out if our radical leftist US Attorney General will be held in contempt of congress, Republicans and Democrats have to reach deep down inside themselves and do whats right for our country. Eric Holder is a criminal, He stood up for the Black Panthers and stood down for we the people. I certainly hope that Justice is done, Holder needs to serve some “Jail Time”

Colorado and other southwest states are burning to the ground as Mr. Obama sits in his air conditioned office, People are out risking their lives to fight these fires and the Obama is only worried about his next election. This is what liberals do, Talk is cheap, and this Obama seems weak, and it shows.

Well Tomorrow we find out if The Unaffordable Care act the only thing Obama got accomplished in 3 ½ yrs will be forced upon us all, Raising our taxes and raising the cost of healthcare for all, will be found unconstitutional as it should be. If it is allowed to stay you will be able to watch small business's shut down all over this country, You think our economy is bad now “JUST WAIT” you haven’t seen anything yet. This over reach by the Obama federal government must be dumped. Obama isn’t allowed a King, He can not force you to purchase anything. I certainly hope that our SCOTUS will completely strike down this leftist law. This Obama was a huge mistake in our history, I believe most reasonable voters have figured this out. This Obama admin has been the most corrupted admin in the history of US Presidents. This Obama is pleased that the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, why would that be? Since he and his wife do not wear jewelry during Ramadan I believe most Americans are smart enough to figure it out. Yes this Obama is a failure for our country.

We need true and real hope and change, Not the fake stuff we have now.

This Obama and his leftist radical atheist socialistic staff still has 8.2% un employment. This Obama has wasted $887 Billion dollars of taxpayer dollars.

He has transformed our country into a socially divided and broke nation.

His sort of transformation wasn’t the one that most US citizens were seeking.

Now he try's to cater to Latino people, I guess he simply doesn’t realize that legal Latino’s are mostly Catholic and Conservatives, They vote when they vote for republicans. They certainly will not come out to vote for a radical liberal.

They do not intend to vote for a man who will mandate their children s lives.

They run from Kings instead of running to a King, Independents are also pulling away from King Obama, The Obama intrusion into their lives and their economy isn’t what they voted for in 2008. Well folks hold on for the ride.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election

Let me explain to you why this happened.

When people go to the store they see prices of absolutely everything going sky high.

They know they pay their taxes, and not making it very well. They work hard but cant afford much.

Then the see the union people a crossed the street, Building an addition onto their home, They bought a new expensive vehicle.

They see these union people making $37.00 an hour because of collective bargaining, And them making 1/2 that all the while paying for those same union people.

They see their family paying into a 401 K , as the Union people get a free taxpayer paid pension.

They see the corruption of these union people, and their radical leaders living high on the hog as they themselves suffer.

They watch their children get not an education, but rather an indoctrination. No History class and no social studies. No drivers training, and no gym class.

All the while wondering what their tax payer $$ is actually doing for society.

They wonder what Harry Reid and Barney Frank do with all of that union given monies of theirs.

Why do these Unions only give $$$$ to the democrat/ socialist party?

What makes an aspirin at a Hospital cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of gas cost $4.00. What makes a gallon of milk cost $3.00 , what makes a box of cereal cost $5.00 a box, Unions!!!!!!! Unions drive the prices up on virtually everything, and Union people laugh and think its great They can afford anything they want But yet you cant.

A 2x4 at Home Depot is $4.00 why? Ask a union.

Wisconsin is just the tip of the iceberg, People in this country are super angry now, Unions and this Marxist Obama have eaten the once flourishing middle class in our country for lunch, They meaning the democrats are spying on you with Obama furnished "Drones" They seek to take from you and give to someone else, Obama term "Redistribution of wealth" aka Marxism, Better known as Obama's way of telling you he is a KING.

I will not vote for a King ever in my RED WHITE AND BLUE AMERICA!!!!!
Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ