Thursday, February 25, 2010

George Soros' Liberal Agenda and Ohbama

Known Leftist, George Soros' Liberal Agenda Will Carry Weight In Obama Presidency

To understand the 78-year-old Soros' world view, first look at his two obsessions: he dislikes President Bush intently, likening him to Hitler. And he dismisses the war on terror as a waste of time.

Soros demands:

-- Legalize gay marriage and euthanasia, and make abortion more available. He funds groups that claim they are Catholics for choice.

-- Legalize illegal drugs, or at least reduce the penalties. Soros believes crack cocaine dealers are victims because powder cocaine sellers receive shorter prisoner sentences. They are typically white, while crack users are black, he says.

-- Give felons the right to vote and end the death penalty.

-- New rights for illegal aliens.

-- An end to U.S. global supremacy

"George Soros has stated repeatedly and explicitly that he views the United States and its capitalist ideology as a threat to world peace"

Soros told the Washington Post in 2003 that defeating Bush's reelection "is the central focus of my life" and "a matter of life and death."

He reportedly gave $5 million to , which promptly ran video ads comparing Bush to Hitler. An image of a saluting Hitler gives way to Bush taking the oath of office. Get it?

George Soros has stated "Democratic totalitarism is coming to America"

"Soros is Obama's principal patron," said Richard Lawrence Poe, co-author with David Horowitz of "The Shadow Party," a critical look at the network of left-wing tax-exempt groups the investor sponsors. The groups in turn doled out money to liberal candidates such as Obama.

The book's subtitle is, "How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party."

"He created Obama," Poe told HUMAN EVENTS. "An Obama presidency will be a Soros presidency."

Yea Thats your Left Wing Anti America Ohbama

Progressives must be stopped Period

What Do “Progressives” Believe?

progressives are more supportive of government intervention in the
economy, both in terms of regulating business and redistributing income

When asked to choose between equality and freedom a majority of progressives say that
equality is more important

Progressives tend to have positive views of illegal immigrants

The Harris poll also finds 86% of progressives agree that the government should take care of
its citizens and Pew reports that 93% of activist progressives think that poor people have hard
lives because government benefits don’t go far enough

Generally progressives tend to oppose government regulation of or intervention in morality
or social conduct. Zogby finds that they agree that religion should play less of a role in
public life (90%), that abortion is a private decision between a woman and her doctor (76%),
that government is too involved in regulating morality (95%), that marriage should not be
defined as only between a man and a woman (90%), that the Constitution should be liberally
interpreted (76%), and that only evolution should be taught in science curriculum (82%). The
views are basically opposite of the views expressed by conservatives in the same poll

Activist progressives identified by Pew are even more likely to oppose government
intervention in moral issues. For instance, 98% agree that public schools should be allowed to
carry any books they want even if they contain dangerous ideas, compared to 70% of liberals
and 40% of conservatives who thought this way. Activist progressives were also unified (96%)
in their belief that homosexuality is a way of life that should be accepted by society, compared
to 76% of liberals and 32% of conservatives. Nearly the same proportion (91%) support the
legalization of gay marriage compared to 64% of liberals and 16% of conservatives.

66% of Progressives believe
Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

all progressives believe
Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man."

63% of Progressives believe in
Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus

This is happening right now
Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

Infiltrate and gain control of big business

Discredit the family as an institution.

Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who 'Would Be Willing' to Take On Obama in 2012

You all have to ask yourselves is this does Harry Reid/John McCain have a better home than YOU? If so then why, You are their employer, If you cant afford a 2.4 million dollar mansion Then why can they! Why do they make more then their own employers, YOU! The average salary for Americans is $40,300.00 That’s you, and average Big Gov employee earns $79,400.00 , Wow isn't that just a little strange That they would make more than you. We as Americans have allowed all of this to happen…Period We have younger people now that were taught by Liberal school teachers that Big Gov is the answer for everything. Then we have older people who just gave up hope. We must restrain BIG GOV NOW! We need to make the phone ring off the hook, and make their email full, and there post office boxes over stuffed. Take back your country from this Gig Gov,, end of story Please do not count on other people to do things for you, Stand up America!!!!!!!!