Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gun Culture?

The Gun Culture?

I don’t know about all of you folks but I had never heard of "The Gun Culture" until just the other day.

Some radical leftist idiot said it on Fox news.

He was a Black man sports writer from Kansas city Missouri I guess.

However, I have heard of the anti gun culture, that one is most obvious amongst liberal leftists.

You want the media go crazy over this random Connecticut school shooting today.

They will blame the weapon instead of the guy who did it.

Liberal leftists always blame the weapon and not the shooter.

Liberal leftists will do almost anything to remove guns from the hands of good law abiding American citizens.

Hitler did it and they have always wanted to do it.

No difference between the two what so ever. Liberal leftist intend to do everything by using force.

If they could they would force everyone to drive a Prius and drink bottled water.

They call an AR-15 an "Assault rifle" why?

Its just a small caliber semi auto Varmint rifle, .223 caliber , Not much larger then an old fashioned .22 cal kids rifle.

My father gave me a BB gun at 9 years old, and a .22 Rifle at age 15, and I have never committed a crime.

But look folks, the past five or six shootings here in America, have been done by 20's something year old males.

Ask your self why that is.

I can name many things. Schools indoctrinate them into a God Less, Moral Less, Self Pity, welfare state insistence.

They no longer say the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the United States of America, because that was offensive to Illegal Mexicans

And Muslims , so we got rid of that.

They No Longer learn of religion or that of the "Ten Commandments" Thou shall not kill being one of them.

Because liberal leftists were offended by religion in schools.

Then these children are shunned at home by their parents that just simply do not have time for them.

These parents don’t check and see what their children are learning in school, They would rather use the school, operated by other liberal leftists

To Babysit their children on the Tax payer dime.

Parents no longer punish their children, They just send them to their room with their I phone, Internet, and TV, as punishment enough.

These children no longer have any fear of repercussions of the family, They do what ever they want anymore.

Now days Parents are afraid of their children, and yet choose to do nothing about it.

I see parents being dis respected every day in shopping centers and restaurants around this country, What a shame.

Liberals have accomplished this through Union Teachers, Socialistic Senators, and the stupidity of everyday people.

Children are being taught by liberal leftists that Socialism/Communism is better than Capitalism, They are being taught that living from

The hand of Government is a great thing. They are being taught that Government is like your big brother, that it is there to help you.

Parents now have NO IDEA what their own children are being taught.

They are being indoctrinated to the theory that is "Gay is Ok" and any one against it is a bigot and or a racist.

And any one who dis agrees with that thinking is a terrible person and they should be killed.

They are being indoctrinated by Union Teachers that our America is a terrible country, Because we have been involved in wars.

Of course they never explain the truth about anything, It’s the liberal leftists way of teaching.

Our own American children know nothing of our founding fathers or what ideals they believed in for our country.

They teach that the Boston Tea Party was the first act of Terrorism in our country. Rather than the truth that our founders sought freedom and liberty from Britain.

I say listen parents "TIME TO WAKE UP HERE"

Time to snap your children out of Obama Zombie land now.

I ask these liberal idiots, if they think an AR-15 semi auto rifle is a so called assault rifle.

What is the Government going to use against you? A BB gun

This goes for all people, as said by Thomas Jefferson.

When the Government fears the people that is called liberty, when people fear Government that is Tyranny.

Same goes for parents, Its not bad if your children have some fear of you parents.

You Parents had better get a grip, When will you wake up? And stop funding these radical leftist school teachers and idiot socialist college professors.

Don’t you give a shit about your children? Have you ever heard the story of the Hitler Youth? Maybe you should now.

Children came home from youth camps and beat up and or killed their parents for the betterment of Germany.

Liberals are doing the same to your children now on a daily, yearly basis in our own country, They have been doing it for years, right under your care nothing noses.

You Obama voters that trust in the 1st and 2nd Amendments had better open your eyes and ears now. No more kool aid.

These children killed today, will be in our hearts and minds for a very long time, There simply wasn’t any reason for these killings.

Find out why this young man did it, Plain and simple, do not blame the gun.

See what led up to this shooting, Do not blame the weapon used.

If guns where gone, people will use hammers, when hammers are gone people will use rocks, There is no end to violent humans period.

You cant take all the rocks or hammers away, so why would you try and take guns.

These states where these killings happen all have gun laws, and gun laws didn’t stop a thing now did they.

Bring back moral values and take away radical video games, Bring back the Ten Commandments, and take away Face Book.

This is just my opinion.

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ