Friday, August 6, 2010

Liberal's Still Blaming Bush? When does the Oh Bama take over?

The other day I lost me job and couldn’t pay me rent and my lovely wife said that she was leav'en

I heart was broken and I felt like a heav'en

So I did all that I could do I blamed Bush I blamed Bush

I was a walk'en on the street and I was barefoot and burned me feet, My belly was empty cause I hadn't anything to eat

I felt like hav'en a beer but the only moister I had was a tear.

So I did all that I could do I blamed Bush I blamed Bush

I talked with a liberal and he gave me a quarter and made me feel miserable, I needed some oil for my car but found it all to be in the gulf.

I came upon a black family on the street and they gave me something to eat, Thank god I wasn’t a racist.

They told me to make the most of it.

So I did all that I could do I blamed Bush I blamed Bush

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Has the Tea Party Worked?

Well maybe not as well as By the People For the People wanted, But indeed yes it has worked.
The democrats are on the run, They are trying to go after the republicans But it isn't working. The people of the United States can still see that they are all into being for the Radical Muslim Mosque in New York, they still see that they are on the side of illegals, abortion, and gay marriage, They still see that Democrats are corrupted and against we the people. They are against conservative common sense Americans.
They still insist on borrowing trillions from China, Yes we the people see their progressive intentions.
It is my feeling that we the people have had enough of these out of touch politicians.
Career politicians have got to be put out of office period, We do not seek to have any more forty year senators such as Rangal, These people are certainly out of touch with middle America. Where are the jobs Obama promised? Sure he did give us that fundamental change But he also took away our hope.
Banks didn't help people keep their homes, the economy hasn't turned around, and yes we has a virtual shit load of socialists in office these day, That is the Obama change.
We the people have rejected it, and socialism is now hopefully on the way out. Its truly funny how the left makes fun of Sharron Angle in NV, But she certainly has allot of idea's that Americans are taking to. We have to get a handle on the big government spending no question. Harry Reid will just keep spending.
Do we intend to leave anything for our children or grand children? If we maintain the path we are on surely not. I hope the indoctrinated sheep in this country do wake up. Our Government is completely out of control.
We must get a handle on it right now period and we need people in NOV that can do the job no matter how painful it will be, We need patriots not career politicians, We do not need anymore socialism seekers.

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

A letter to President Obama from We the People

Dear President Obama
You will see in November whether its a choice election or not, all you and your administration does in blame Bush, its all you know. You liberal socialists have no idea how to take personal responsibility and it shows, Bush wanted to regulate Fanny and Freddy in 2001, 2003, and 2006, But your people especially Dodd and Frank stated that the country didn't need regulation that all was OK with the financial industry.
So even after that truth all you have is blame Bush wow!

Sir you promised this country that after your bull crap stimulus that America's un employment wouldn't go above 8% but that was completely wrong, We have been at 9 1/2 % for a very long time now. So what did your wasted taxpayer money stimulus actually do for this country? Beside just tick millions of us off.
Seems as if the leftist socialist movement in this country is being rejected.
The State of Arizona is completely pissed off, The State of Virginia is pissed off, The State of Missouri is pissed off, What next? Texas, Florida. Your administration is not operating as We the People of the United States of America require, This alone will be your down fall in 2010 and 2012 period.
Business owners refuse to expand their businesses and hire people because they are indeed afraid of your heavily corrupted administration , end of story.
This country is afraid of where the democrats intend to take us, and we know that you Mr. Obama aren't listening to us, We aren't seeking a Van Jones green jobs Greece economy Mr. President, can you understand this? We aren't looking for socialism in our country period.
I see people saying remember in November, instead of praise to the progressive Messiah.
So please listen to what we are saying in this country, The stimulus wasn't effective and we are rejecting your policy's. These are the facts Mr. Obama sorry to share the facts with you, But someone has to tell you.
The Clinton's are already strategies behind your back on how to beat you in 2012 and believe me you haven't a chance of winning a 2nd term. Liberals have left you already and independents aren't coming back.
You kicked Arizona to the curb, and you tossed Sherrod under the bus, You aren't well respected in Israel because your are seen as being weak. Your Presidency is nearly over and you surely must know this.
In the near future more and more states will be in an all out battle with you and your admin so get ready. What is Rahm and AxleRods strategy for dealing with these issues, More rules for radicals? possibly more blaming Bush? and maybe throw in  a Little race card that could be helpful.
Blame Fox news? sure that might work.
You truly should pull a Bill Clinton and move to the center, Now that could work!

Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ