Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Happened to our once Great Country

When I was a small boy, we would get up early in the morning and have breakfast and do chores, Then it was off to school.

On Sundays it was get up a little earlier and the same , But then it was off to Church.

My parents were loving towards one another and both parents remained faithful for absolute years of their lives.

America had values then, Good American values, Moral values, Hard work values, Religious values, School teachers weren't union driven socialists.

As a child I would see my School Teachers at Church on Sunday and in the class room on Monday.

My parents owned American vehicles and we raised most of our own food, My school teachers weren't indoctrinated me with a bunch of left wing union driven socialistic idea's, Back then teachers were paid to teach period. Our public schools are in ruin these days , our children aren't getting a education from their parents tax dollars any longer. School teachers today only preach an agenda , an agenda forced upon them by a Radical George Soros backed Tides Foundation, Children are being indoctrinated into the agenda of "making gay Ok" and anti Capitalism is better.

No More Ten Commandments, No More Pledge of Allegiance, Our true American value system is out the door, and Socialism is in.

Students who's parents pay taxes , which pay the teachers and pay those schools, Can't wear Red , White, and Blue clothing to school.

Because now a days it may offend someone. What are you kidding me? When I was a boy I wore USA Flag shirts and no one was offended, So why now?

How can this offend anyone? Anyone who is a real and true citizen of this country!

I am indeed very attached to this USA Flag and what it represents, I am proud of what this has accomplished, and what the Red , White, and Blue stands for.

If you are a real and true citizen of this our USA , and you are not Proud of this, Then you really should be living here …PERIOD!

It truly makes my American blood boil when I hear these leftist idiots talking badly about my country.

There simply isn't anything that my country can not accomplish, there isn't an obstacle that my country can not overcome.

So why have we lost our Moral Compass? Where did it go? Who made us lose it?

Well friends it all started with the Vietnam War, and the first Liberals in Media, the "Woodstock" Draft Dodging , Dope smoking do nothing Hippies.

Hell you people elected BILL CLINTON for Christ's sake.

Then along Came CPS, "Child Protective Services" and what a bunch of liberal incompetent people this organization is!

Made it so We the American People were afraid to punish our own children. This is were our country began to break down.

Then Union Socialists began to infiltrate the National School teachers unions, and take over School Boards.

It is after all called Progressive thinking!

If you can indoctrinated at least two generations of children you can change the country, and guess what it has already happened.

Look at your neighbors and see how many Toyota's or Honda's are in their driveways, Remember your parents or grand parents?

I do, and my Family was American "ONLY" They supported their country. As all of my family still does today.

But how many liberals today will not look back on WWII? They will explain to you that , The War is Over, Just like it never even happened.

These same people have forgotten about 911, and they will say to you that it was an inside job.

OMG People!!! "When is it that you are going to wake the hell up"

I am sick and tired of Liberals, and Liberal thinking.

I have watched this country go from a country of Pride to a Country of, "Oh Who cares anymore"

I have watched this country go from teaching about Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket, To teaching gay history.

I have watched this country go from the first Lunar Landing, to the First Apologist President.

Well American People, its up to you. What are you going to do to once again make our country what it should be "Proud and Profitable"

Thanks , Sincerely Vance Keaton , Phoenix AZ

God Bless you, and have a Safe Christmas season

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Letter to Mr. Herman Cain

Dear Mr. Herman Cain

What ever you do, Never give up! This liberal "Socialistic" Media hopes to make you fail.

I am a Native American military vet, engineer, family man, I overcame many obstacles' in my life, coming from a poor American family.

You have what it takes to be a great leader if you simply do not give up.

This George Soros ran media hopes to take out any conservative, religious, self reliant, Man of color.

Even your fellow republicans can make it indeed dangerous for you, Be careful.

I have great respect for you, We need a leader that will not cave in... Period

These socialists in the media push for gay is ok Liberal indoctrination of we the people.

We need a leader that will push back and bring some morality back to we the people.

Yes I am a Christian and Yes I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior.

I hope you do also, When you say something to the media, Please mean it and never back away.

The media hopes to make you quit and give up, Stick to your principles.

Secure the border, Cut taxes and get rid of the over reaching IRS.

Secure this country and its borders, Stop aid to Muslim or radical countries.

NO Bailouts, Let free markets be free and work.

get Made in America a brand back in this country, Place in God we Trust back in this country.

Tell gays to go back into the closet, and mind their own business and get them out of our schools.

We the people are seeking a strong leader, Obama is a Marxist and we want you to beat him in 2012.

Dear Mr. Cain "never give up"

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

God Bless you Mr. Cain

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