Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tell Dear Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA what you think

I sent this letter to Rand Paul, I believe that he is the only one with our American best interests in mind

        Thank you for submitting your request. You should hear from my office soon. Rand Paul

Dear Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA

Your anti weapon ban is overly egregious, Our country was founded upon we the people , having the right of self protection.

Our founders had the fore thought to see , that our long withstanding government had the ability to become over powering and over reaching and to become tyrannical. Senators like yourself seek to rule over we the people "Like a King"

Our country dis miss's your ideals, Removing the right of self protection from we the people is un constitutional.

You can not ban your way to our countries safety. When you give up freedom for liberty you have neither.

Banning what you deem an assault rifle? "What you deem?" who are you?

Oh that's right a Government employee with a concealed weapons permit and protected by armed security. at the cost of we the people.

Those same people you are against. An high capacity magazine? "What is a high capacity magazine?"

What you deem to be one?

and who are you again? oh that's right, a government worker, paid by we the people!

Who are you to say what we the people should have or shouldn't have? I see you as an anti American dictator!

You seem to think that you know what's best for all of us, allow me to say that you certainly do not!

What is an assault rifle? You seem to believe its anything you want to remove from we the people.

Senator Feinstein you are the problem! Your anti American beliefs are what's wrong. Our founding people would have fought your views with a vengeance, You would be compared to the views from which they ran from, You are the reason we fought the Revolutionary war.

Our founder fought the tyranny that you are wanting to give we the people.

If four armed intruders kick in your front door and their intentions is to rob and kill you, People need an AR rifle with thirty rounds.

You shall not have the right to decide what is right for my families protections.

You should actually be relived of your post, for dereliction of duty!

You no longer have the best interest of our country in mind, You are now a terrorist toward our founding documents.

You are now an egregious government employee.

You are a dangerous person.

Will our Police and Government agency's also go by your weapons ban rule?

Because remember, They to are we the people, and laws are laws right?

I wouldn't feel safe, if only Government were allowed to have weapons, it sounds overly familure to me.


Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

Sunday, January 20, 2013

President Obama's second term

Barack Obama is the absolute worst President in our history.

He personally has put our country are great risk financially.

He has personally put our country at great risk security wise.

He has personally lowered moral standards and economic standards.

He has personally lowered our standing in the world and our credit standard in the world.

Mr. Obama is a Secular Progressive Dictator.

He believes that he and he alone, Knows what's best for everyone.

Mr. Obama has created a tyrannical government, Who has been structured to go against the people.

The one's who voted for Obama , are nothing more than the average sheep, They will follow this man right over the cliff willingly.

Most all Obama voters receive some type of entitlement in their welfare state household.

Most all Obama voters believe in "Regulating the people" aka Global Warming, and Slowing Business's in America.

Most all Obama voters believe in Government being their to "Take care of them"

Most all Obama voters do not believe in God, and Love Abortion, and want Gay Marriage.

Most all Obama voters adore Radical Unions" Because they truly believe in getting something for nothing.

Most all Obama voters believe that Monies grow on tree's, and that the Obama government can print their way into a good economy.

In the next four yrs, You will see more and more business fail and close their door, You will see a major increase in un/under employment.

The Obama voters are fine with never getting the truth, Because they only watch or listen to state run media.

They are fine with this Obama Character not ever being asked the Tough questions.

Like why are 51 million people on food stamps, if the economy is getting better? Shouldn’t that # be going down instead of up

Isn't it time we all just stop borrowing from the bank of china so our children and grand children could have a decent future?

See this Obama and his sheep followers, Could absolutely care less about all that, all they care about is what can you do for me today.

Obama and his utter failure liberal sheep, Have an agenda, and that agenda is "To take American down"

  Thanks for reading, paying attention and following alone

 Sincerely Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Diane Feinstein ' Scary weapon ' ban

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

What does this statement actually mean?

The word Militia means "We the people" the Citizens of the United States of America.

Necessary? Meaning that our guns are truly necessary in order to be a free country, with liberty and freedoms, From a dictatorship.

Keep and Bear Arms? To have guns in our houses and business's and to be able to carry them for our safety and security.

Shall not be infringed? Meaning "Laws can not be passed to infringe upon our rights to keep and bear arms" Period

Liberals intend to ban "Scary Looking Guns" By whatever means necessary, They cant even vocalize an explanation of a magazine for the gun.

I have heard it called a round clip magazine, Really? Just what is a round clip magazine

A clip and A magazine are two different things. And a round clip magazine no one has even ever heard of.

Liberals are completely out of touch when it comes to guns in the USA, if they haven't a clue what they are even speaking about, well then they should plainly just stay

Out of the conversation.

Liberals or as I call them "Secular Progressives" aka Just modern day "Communists"

Haven't a clue when it comes to guns, They want to call them all assault weapons, Because some are black and scary looking and hold a gun round clip magazine.

Wow, is that a mouthful!

Well Regulated in the 2nd Amendment means 1) To control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc. 2) To adjust to some standard or requirement as for amount, degree, etc.

3) To adjust so as to ensure accuracy of operation. 4) To put in good order. "The People" to organize The people, and to keep the weapons in good working order.

"to put in good order" is the correct interpretation of well regulated, signifying a well disciplined, trained, and functioning militia. This says and means nothing about passing absurd gun laws.

Liberals always try and change our history for the unknowing types, George Washington intended for the people to be the protectors against a tyrannical out of control government.

We the people, The legal citizens of this United States would indeed be the protectors of our US Constitution…..That is just obvious!

This is absolutely why they gave us all the 2nd Amendment, We as citizens have the right of protection from Government.

When the term "the people" is used, it is be referring to a right that is exercised individually by all people "Citizens" we all have the RIGHT of protection from an out of control government. Liberals wont tell the truth about this document that most in this country hold near and dear to their hearts.

In the past I am certain that there were British sympathizers that also thought Muskets were scary, and no one under the KING should have them, Thank GOD our founding fathers thought better. British sympathizers were called Loyalists , as they were going to be loyal to the King, as liberals are loyal to their anti gun, anti American agenda.

Now we have the Obama sympathizers, they are loyal to the Obama admins anti gun, anti American secular progressive King! Truly no different from the anti American sympathizers of our past. These are the Occupy people, the Tax the Rich people, the Green power/Global warming people, The gay ok/ abortion anytime people, These are the people indoctrinating our children and grand children. Obama people are the New British sympathizers!

This is a review of the past, and also makes sense today.

The Americans were fighting on their soil for their own liberties and, in short order, their independence, all advantages to their side. George Washington, in spite of his limited military experience, proved to be an adept leader. Compromising his ability to lead the more than two hundred thousand men who fought in the war were the poorly trained and undisciplined militias. In addition, food, medicine, and ammunition were often in short supply because the Continental Congress had no power to compel the colonies to provide what was needed. Nor did the colonies fulfill their quotas for troops for the Continental Army. Perhaps the most serious handicap was the significant number of Americans who not only opposed the war but sided with the British.

Feinstein's 'assault weapon' ban ? Isn't Diane Feinstein a "British sympathizer?" after all She wants to remove your right to own a firearm in our country, Doesn’t this make her actually an Traitor to our country? I feel that she isn't loyal to our country. I feel as if she should be arrested and imprisoned , Just like the Wiki leaks character, Manning.

This is a re accruing problem in our country, We have liberal anti American politicians going against we the people, These politicians need to be held accountable once and for all. We have several politicians that require the need to be held accountable now in Washington DC .

As far as the Sandy Hook and other shootings in this country, Laws wouldn’t have ever stopped these shooters, We already have law after law after law on the books. Criminals will always breaks laws, that is merely why they are called Criminals.

I also consider "Diane Feinstein" a criminal, Because she goes against our country when she speaks her anti American speech.

She is right out their with Rev Wright when it comes to here complete un Americanism. She intends to steal the rights from lawful Americans, as Obama does with Bankrupting our country. They are two pee's of the same anti American pod.

So this is what the Democrats intend to do now, Bankrupt the country, and confiscate our guns, So now we are in a truly chaotic disparaged country with no way to protect ourselves against Criminals. Wow, this is why I haven't ever voted for a liberal.

Democrats adore law, and plan to give me and you more and more and more, along with thousands upon thousands of regulations, aka Laws! It’s the total "POLICE STATE PACKAGE" designed to control you and I, Not Diane Feinstein and her cronies. She is the Wealthy class, she is above you and I class, She only makes the laws, she doesn’t follow the laws, Her PRIVATE SECURITY TEAM, will still have all the weapons that she just told you and I , that we can not have or posses. Aren't Liberals (Secular Progressives) great!

Diane Feinstein ' Scary weapon ' ban is just another Liberal feel good Law, its virtually use less all over again.

Her scary weapons have been flying off store shelves for over a month now, But don’t worry she and the Obama admin will have the United Nations sign on to do the confiscation. They will not do it themselves. They will backdoor it through the U.N.

I dearly hope that millions of good lawful American citizen gun owners along with NRA and 2nd Amendment adoring people will fight with all the confidence that George Washington and his fellow patriot founding fathers had, against this Obama / Feinstein Tyrannical Government. I feel that this country now after 200 yrs, of growing and finally reaching the tipping point, needs to have another revolution to cleanse itself of the wrong doing by our over reaching ,over taxing, over regulating, over controlling Radical Government.

American is there now, at the point of "Enough is Enough"

I hope you are with me in defending America, I hope you are with me in saying "Enough is Enough"

I hope you are with me in saying "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"


Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" Thomas Jefferson