Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Government has been taken over by radical progressives

Well folks in November you have a choice to make, If you actually adore HUGE Government you have already made up your mind to vote for the Obama, But if you question the agenda of Big Government , Then you have a discussion to make now. If you believe that our public schools have been taken over by radical union members, if you believe our Government has been taken over by radical progressives, Then you have already decided to vote for Romney.

People have all over this country added solar panels and grid tie inverters to their homes to save money on their power bills, They have invested literally thousands of dollars into their homes in order to live up to Obama's green economy, Now our Government has authorized Power Companies to raise peoples rates, So by people saving energy , they are now being charged more for it. We in this country have Black children that know nothing of Frederick Douglas, what a crying shame. Our Government has authorized the use of Drones now to spy on you as a citizen of the United States, Obama signed the National Defense Act, and excellerated the Patriot Act. The Government can now secretly watch you without a warrant and if they so choose, They can cofinscate your cell phone and wallet and label you an enemy combatant and You have no right to anything from then on. Still voting for Obama?

On the 27th of this month , The Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign an United Nations Arms treaty, This is going to remove more of your rights as an American citizen. Still voting for Obama? We as US Citizens have been voting for these big Government people for years, People we think will stand up for us, But most have turned out to steal our freedom and liberty.

I made a discussion in the 1980's to never vote for someone you believed in Socialistsic ideals. I wouldnt vote for anyone who wanted the USA to be involved in the United Nations.

Mc Carthy was right in the 1950's and 1960's to search for Communists in our American Government. Because they are their and that is a fact! Allen West said it best a few weeks ago. Progressive's the likes of Hillary Clinton have the exact same beliefs as a Communist.

No denying this is any form, Progressive's seek a class less God less society. Hillary spured on the Middle Easter Spring, and acted like a coach for Muslims, But in reality what happened there. Now the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over and the bash Hillary Clinton and chant “Monica Monica” reminding everyone that he Husband got a BJ in Office.

You still voting for Obama?

NOTE* What ever Government touches they destroy, that is a fact.

The Post Office, Amtrack, Solar Companies, Public Schools, and much much more.

How many US home owners have actually kept their homes because of Too Big Government intervention. The big ten thousand dollar question here is this, Are you better off then you were before this Obama character?

I can tell you I am not, my 401k has been tanking for the last three years. My community has closed business's and has lost jobs. Gas is expensive and food is outragous. ObamaCare drove up the price of my healthcare premiums, Everything I purchase for my home cost more than it used to, No I am not better off under this Obama.

I believe that Joe Wilson was right when he called Mr. Obama a “LIAR”

If you havent guessed I will be voting for Mitt Romney, The main reason is this, I want my children and their children to have a better life then what I have had. I do not see this happening under the Obama. What I see under Obama is my children and their children being imprisoned by the Government. I see this Obama government stealling away their rights. Their rights to freedom of speech, their rights to their freedom, and their rights to religious freedom. Removing their 2nd Ammendment rights, and much much more.

They will not have the same expected right to privacy that we all had, They will live a life of a Big Brother take over. This will be like living in Russia. I cant stand to even think about my children and grand children being inprisoned by our over reaching Government.

We have lost all the efforts of our founding fathers.

Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ