Monday, February 18, 2013

Catering to a special group of individuals in America

"Catering to a special group of individuals in America"

Special interest groups, Yes its called Hispanic/Latino

I got my ballot here today in Phoenix Arizona to vote on so stupid proposition, that the City is offering the folks about tax breaks.

Why is my ballot in English and Spanish? Why not English and German? Why do we offer special process's to the Hispanic community?

This is the USA, we speak English here.

In Arizona the Spanish community can take their drivers license test in Spanish also.

Why not English only? Why are these Hispanic's given special treatment?

There certainly is no reason for this special catering to the Latino community.

It just encourages them to never have to learn English.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of it, Spanish channels on my cable TV that I have to pay for, Prices in the stores in Spanish, customer service in stores for Hispanic's, Its out of control.

Why aren't Americans protesting this disruption to their everyday lives?

I pay for cable, I do not want to have to have "SPANISH" channels that I do not watch or will ever want to watch.

These Spanish people live in the USA, why am I forced to have Spanish things that I do not want!

If they want Spanish TV , then they need to leave this country and go back from which they came….Period

I see road signs in Spanish also, why? Why are these people driving on our roads if they cant read ENGLISH?

I am appalled at what I see in this country!

There certainly isn't any reason to be catering to one special interest group of people.

English in the language of our country, If you do not want to learn it and read it and speak it, Then our country isn't the country for you apparently.

I wished lawmakers would wake up to these facts, We the people are sick and tired of the Latino community taking over this country.

NO MORE Amnesty for these Spanish criminal immigrants…… end of story!

Its time America take on these special interest groups straight on, not from the sidelines, and fight them rather than give into them.

If you are going to vote speak English should be the law of the land here.

Who's with me?

Speak out, Stop being silent!!


Vance Keaton

Phoenix Arizona