Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well this is America, Its not even on the Map anymore.

Occupy Wall Street protests, all I can say is wow! I havent ever saw so many stupid mindless people together in my entire life.

These indoctrinated liberal socialists are just wasting peoples time, They arent even smart enough to get a job.

They are backed by George Soros, The Socialists Party, The Communist Party, any Democrat that backs these progressive morons is just shooting themselves in the foot. Ed Shultz now is trying to pass his MB SL 500 off as a smart car.

Ed Shultz plays Mitt Rommney off as being rich, Wow! incredible, He works and make multiple millions working at MSNBC and then calls someone else as rich, and he backs these wall street protesters? Can you say amazing!!!

Lawerence Odonnell calls for open borders as illegals flood into our country and rob society of American tax dollars, Rachel Maddow call the Immigration law in Alabama wrong, Herman Cain wants to build a wall on our southern border and these progressive morons make fun of him, Again simply Amazing!

They say that Cains 999 plan will increase taxes, Man they are so stupid, They do not tell what the plan really is.

We would abolish the current tax system and then introduce the "999" plan.

These socialists in the media just bash republicans, Herman Cain is absolutely correct when he states that liberals have a goal to distroy our country, Its very true its their agenda, Look at all the Gay is Ok Socialist Communist school teachers in our public schools that are teaching America's children that Gay is Ok and Socialism is great. Most parents have no idea what goes on in their local school districts. They are too busy texting on their new I phone to actually care what their children are learning.

This country is in the litteral crapper, We have Muslim terrorist groups right here in our country living under the protection of liberals , who will say they have the right to do it. It seems that Gay is Ok and socialism is good ideals have ruined about 1/2 of this country. These socialists teach our children, get elected to public office, drive their Honda's and drink their Starbucks and right under our noises work to undermine our country, and We the People are just too lazy to get involved in stopping them.

These wall street protesters are so stupid that they do not understand that Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd are the ones to be held responsible for the finnalcial crisis, GW Bush wanted to regulate Fannie-Freddie and those two democrats and several others said NO, They are just fine.

Then this President Barrack Hussien Obama bailed out all of the big banks, He handed out tax payer monies as it was candy.

Then these banks where supposed to help distressed home owners, But did they? No they didnt.

Mr. Obama allowed this money to be used so the same bailed out banks could simply just purchase more banks with their candy from American tax payers.

These liberal socialists give Obama a pass, These indoctrinated idiots will protest wall street and will still vote to re elect Obama and he took more money from that same wall street.

They know not what they do!! So when Mr. Cain says Liberals are ruining this country he is indeed absolutely correct.

The liberal mainstream media has been taken over by Socialists and Communists and it truly shows.

Thank God for Fox news! Atleast we have one channel for real Americans.

I would like to see Herman Cain and Newt as President and Vice President, That would be a team that I could vote for.

Two Real Americans that love this country and want to bring back its value's and virtues.

Two men who believe is "Self Reliance" and "Americanism" instead of Socialism and Communism and Marxism.

We the people of the United States of America surely do not want this entire country to turn into Mexifornia!

I would completely love to see all of the swing states turn Red in the next 2012 election cycle.

We have to turn this country around, We can no longer be a "Welfare Country" If I wanted to live in eastern Europe I would have just moved there, I want the United States of America to be the strong moral nation it once was.

I don't want a Democrat Senate to go 900 days with out having a budget, I want a Senate that will pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. I want a Senate that will pass the Flat tax, and abolish the IRS!

I want a Senate that will put us back onto the Gold Standard and not make us loose our triple A credit rating , like this Obama administration has allowed.

We must as a people wake up and take this country back from the very liberals socialists that are out to destroy it.

Thanks Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

PS In Phoenix AZ, the Occupy Wall Street protesters didn't accomplish much, Our Police dept tossed them out of the park down town,, Thanks Phoenix Police for doing your taxpayer paid J O B S and keeping Phoenix residents safe from the dirty welfare seekers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

Occupy Wall Street Protesters

What a bunch of indoctrinated liberals idiots, they drive their daddy's Hummer upstate to protest Capitalism, The same Capitalism that daddy used to make money to purchase his Hummer, Then when they are done dirtying up the city and urinating on the flowers, They will take their filthy bodies back to Daddy's home and use Daddy's soap and water and clean towels and then eat Daddy's food and sleep in daddy's supplied bed which to sleep, Then they will expect Mommy to clean their room and wash their filthy clothing, as they watch their parents big screen TV, and not look for a job. Wow what a generation of losers.

These children has been indoctrinated by liberals such as Rachel Maddow and their own school teachers.

These children haven't any self reliance or love of country.

All they care about is the I phone and the lap top computer that Mommy and Daddy purchased for them.

These parents are at a loss because they haven't encouraged their lost children to do something with their lives. Now they are just stuck raising and taking care of jello children, who are stuck in their own little Face Book world, These children know nothing of the real world, know nothing about how to survive in the world around them. Parents today have been afraid to punish their children, they have been afraid to teach their children, because they them selves have been indoctrinated by their unions and their bosses.

They are their children's worst enemy, and it all started in the 1980's because of child protective services.

CPS is a corrupted organization, Like most Government organizations.

These Occupy Wall Street Protesters are the worst scum in American these days, They have NO idea way they are even there, They are MSNBC misinformed liberal indoctrinated socialists, The weak and the lazy looking to just take from other people who work and earn what they have. They are pure scum that is the only way to explain it. We working folks are sick and tired of listening to these ultimate whiners.

No wonder the democratic party in in the virtual toilet.

I wished these weak and lazy socialists had to live in the 1940's, You would watch literally thousands of these lazy idiots die the first week.

These indoctrinated fools need to clean themselves up and go look for work... Period

Signed Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ