Sunday, May 30, 2010


Financial Reform Bill “FranknDodd”

Ask yourselves what does this monstrosity do for me, well actually nothing, is the right answer. BUT if you are Big Government well then it does allot.

It is going to make it so much easier to repossess your vehicle, foreclose on your home, and take your small business away from you and much much more. See the Obama administration just wants to help you.

Just as they gave bank of America $25 Billion dollars to help you, The American citizens to modify your mortgages and help you stay in your homes. However only ONE in Ten families got help, isn’t that great?

“FranknDodd” will be the same way, Don’t ya’s just love this administration. Man they truly love you citizens and it shows right.

THE “Financial Reform Bill” oh it’s going to be great!!

Obama’s corrupted power that be at work, Barney Franks and Chris Dodd oh golly what a pair, Do these two guys ever know monies, wow I am impressed. Didn’t one of these guys get a special deal from country wide and the other stated on National TV that there wasn’t any problems with Fannie and Freddie. Oh man you certainly have to love these great financial leaders.

Now these ultra liberal socialistic democrats will just come in and take what ever they want from you and they have the Obama seal of approval isn’t that wonderful.

Well Americans you should start stashing as much true cash as you possibly can now, Because another stock market crash is just right around the corner and with the FranknDodd on the books, You truly will not have anything to look forward to anymore as far as your American financial future.

I hate having to be the one to tell you this, But work harder and save less the liberal democrats are counting on your monies


Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Immigration Reform Really?

If our President wanted reform then they would have it, This democrat congress is so liberally powerful that with a stroke of his multiple pens it could happen, But is it a complete power play, if it wasn't it would have already been done, Look they literally “Shoved” Health care down every Americans throat.

The only answer the democrats have is pure Amnesty, The republicans have “NO” Amnesty.

Amnesty surely isn't the answer, if you need an example just look at the Mexican gangs already in our prison systems, Amnesty will not work and the Democrat administration knows this.

That however isn't why they aren't doing it. There is far more to it than that. Its even more political then you will ever know. The liberal Obama administration actually wants race wars in this country, So they can actually be part of the new Civil Rights movement. So they can actually come accrossed as being the real and true Messiah. Then after the war has started and thousands of White Americans are dead then he will pass Marshal Law for the betterment of man kind. Then since there had been a few cases of violence The Obama administration will send the “Brown shirts” out to collect all Citizen owned private guns. People this is the truth Obama is a huge believer in National UN “United Nations” Law.

You left wing zealots will just pawn these truths off as “Oh you Right wingers as so insane” as you always do. But truly all you know is Rules for Radicals, and that is how you have played politics for years, and you know it, You live for changing history and destroying the truths of people and America.

We know you and we will never trust you, We the people of the United States of America have caught on to your tactic's, You can no longer hide, We know you socialists and communists. You actually want amnesty simply because it will allow you to have 7 million new entitlement admirers, aka democrat voters, The thought of this alone will set off race wars in this country and this is what the Obama administration knows, if they hold off on making a discussion to whether that Arizona bill is Constitutional or un Constitutional it will only accelerate the anger in the USA. Eric Holder is the most powerful attorney in our country, He could decide in 15 minutes if this bill is or isn't, But he will not because it is just another political power play, Making comments before reading it isn't reality its is all smoke and mirrors, We all know this Arizona bill is already a totally Constitutional. Because the Federal Government has already had this very same bill for years on its books, So indeed its all just a game to them you see, Because if the all Powerful Obama administration told us that indeed it was constitutional then other states would follow along and we would start seeing results and the illegals would leave this country. But this isn't what they the Obama admin wants, They do not want results they intend to have Obama in for a 2nd term, So therefore they do not want actual good results, This is why they do not intend to listen to polls or what we as the citizens want. Hence forced Health care.

We as the citizens of still a Free Country need to wake up period, Look behind the senses people. Remember Van Jones? You think he is out of the political picture? If you do please think again. He is still heavily connected to the Obama administration for real. Look for what it really is not just what you think it is. In two years I want you to come back to this blog and if you still have the freedom and leave me a comment to if you think I was right or wrong on this matter.

Because these democrats will find a way to interrupt your Internet freedom and you 1st amendment freedoms, Trust me they will. Mr. Messiah carries a “BlackBerry” but condemns others for the same.

This is what we truly call a dictator indeed. He absolutely must be voted out of office come 2012 if you still have that freedom, Because if for any reason he passes Marshal law before this election there will not be any election come 2012 period.

Is this the Rahm , Axelrod, Pelosi, Obama goal?

It does seem that way to many Americans, How does it seem to you?

Ask yourself is this what you expect in the United States of America?

We all must encourage our senators to work for us, You citizens are their employers.

My Thoughts Vance Keaton Phoenix Arizona, aka A state with a Backbone still!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The ends justifies the means?

Ask yourselves “Why is America turned into such a Shit Sandwich”

Well it all started many years ago, “The Progressive Movement” Woodrow Wilson as President. The first Liberal Communistic Democrat, The ends justifies the means President.

Then along came years later “CPS” Child Protective Services, People no longer had the RIGHT to punish their own children, Then “Unions” for School Teachers because they didn’t have it good enough, Now they have Progressed so far that they are allowed by our Government to teach Liberalism in Tax payer funded public schools, and twist history to their own liking, Our children for the last 30 yrs have been ruined by teachers, Unions, and Our Own Government.

Then along came Political Correctness, This is one of the worst things to have ever been created in our country, This has caused terrorism, in America, Us against them you know what I mean, “Hence” the Fort Hood Shooter, This all could have been stopped, BUT indeed it was allowed to go on for years, Because of our own sunshine and lolly pop feel good Liberal establishment, Plain and simple. We do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings now do we? Little Jimmy isn’t doing well in class, But we must pass him, simply because we do not want to hurt little Jimmy’s feelings. This is today, we have allowed this to take place in America because of Liberalism it’s a disease in our country, “Hence” This is why we are the next Greece period. People you have allowed your Government to take over and rule your life, WHY? Because you are merely too lazy and too stupid, Most of you anyway, There are certain still individuals like myself and others that care about this country and still fight for our freedoms, But however the actual majority of you sit in front of your big screen TV’s eating potato chips and drinking Pepsi with your thumbs up your arse, watching the latest and greatest prime time shows without a care in the world, Yet some of you that do take time to watch the News, Well you just yell at the TV and do absolutely nothing to engage, WOW a lot of good that does hey!

Most of you care more about yourselves plain and simple then you ever did your country.

You all just believe that you voted and that’s all that you ever need to do. Well even though you voted “The Socialistic” Obama and his corrupted friends shoved that Socialistic Process Wright down your sorry throats didn’t he. How does That Health Care taste? Like chicken? UMM UUMM GOOD! Why didn’t you all wake up years ago? No you must have been too busy driving around in your Brand New Toyota hey! Wondering when your cousin Jo-Ann was picking up the wedding cake for your brothers and sister in laws big day.

Oh yes you all are too busy with your lives; you do not have the time to participate in America. If George Washington was alive today He would look upon all of you lazy entitlement lovers, and frown and be disgusted completely. All that he went through all he did to allow you to have liberty and freedom, It was all for what? Nothing! You the majority of sheep like citizens ruined this country. You truly should be ashamed of yourselves.

I would willingly give my life for this country that I love and cherish. You will certainly never hear a liberal speak like that.

I am asking every red blooded American Citizen to Wake up and smell the Socialists coffee. Its here people! You decide! Are you just a sheep? Or will you be a Patriot?

My thoughts 5/15/10

I fight each and everyday for all of you good law obeying citizens. Now wont you all band together and do the same for me?

Sincerely Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

PS Arizona is doing the Right thing and Our President and Eric Holder are doing the Wright thing

Soviet tanks on the Horizon is that what it takes?

We the People of the United States of America


The AZ illegal’s law nothing new here to see liberals, IT Mirrors the Federal Law. If your city or state was being over run with Drug Dealers and Murders and Kidnappers’ Then you also just may want a Law to deal with it. We truly are just enforcing our United States Federal law that’s it…..Period It has nothing to do with race period. If you’re a Legal English speaking American then you will have absolutely nothing to fear, unless of course you do have a warrant or other. Why do we have press one for English in this country, why do stores have things listed in two Languages? This is America and we speak English here, In order to be naturalized you have to speak good English. So all other Languages should not be spoken here period. This entire argument is about Mexico taking what they think is their land back, That is entirely what this is about plain and simple, Liberal Hispanic teachers are even teaching this BS in our Public Taxpayer funded schools. Hopefully this Law will wake real and true Americans up to the anti American issues here plain and simple. Thank God Jan Brewer came along when she did and has the guts to take on the Federal Liberal corrupted Government for We the People of the United States of America. Bottom line in the state of AZ 70% of us Like and want this law. If you happen to not like it then TOO BAD for you. LEAVE THEN. Boycott all you want, WE Real and True American Arizona Citizens could care less about what those Bankrupted liberals think in California Other states will be joining our law very soon……..PERIOD

Obama's Private Army in the Healthcare bill why?

This is a letter I sent my state and local Government people I suggest you all do the same ASAP!!!!! Dear Honorable. Why haven’t any republicans spoken out about this Obama citizen’s army in the healthcare bill? The media isn’t covering it, and NO one is talking. Is this private army Tax Payer Funded? How many people are in this? Who trains them? Where do they get trained? What do they get trained in? What kind of training do they receive? What is the actual purpose of this said private army? Did any democrat read the healthcare bill? Why would a private army even be in a healthcare bill? We the people of the United States of America want to know what’s going on with this. I am very concerned about this issue and several others, why hasn’t Eric Holder read the AZ illegal’s bill? He and the President sure make allot of comments about something they haven’t read. Seem like Mr. Holder could read the bill and justify whether it is constitutional or not in about 10 minutes, Why is the Government purposely taking so much time to decide on this? Are they awaiting violence on the border first? Then Mr. Obama can pass Marshal Law Is this truly the use of the New Private Army?

In 1906 73% of Americans wrote their Government, 2008 only 23% of Americans wrote their Government and look what has happened in only the last 30 years.

Wake Up People!!!!!!

What does it take to wake you USA Citizens up?

Soviet tanks on the Horizon?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show your colors America

wake up people
This should offend all True Americans

I bought my children, and grand children all USA Flag shirts!!!

Because liberals/communists will try and ban or out law these soon

I suggest that every true American purchase soon
Remember George Washington crossing the river in the cold winter? Remember Thomas Jefferson and our Constitution? Remember all the lives lost in the civil war? remember the building of the trans atlantic railroad? You know America you know whats in your heart, You know what all of the lives lost in wars are worth, Our Great Country, Show your pride!!! Let everyone see and know you love your country and respect its strong history and heritage. Overwhelm the system with Red White and Blue. The socialistic anti capitalist in this country intend to strip it all away from you in the next years to come, Wake up people take your country back from them, You need to act a patriot these days, Let these liberals/progressives know how you feel and that YOU adore and love and appreciate your Country

Thanks Vance

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NO Path to Citizenship Period

Immigration Reform

I don't think so, We should have press one for English this is American not Spain ...Period

Wal Mart has signs up in Spanish...This shouldn't be allowed

Even naturalized citizens have to speak English, English is the language of the USA period

Its way too easy for these illegal tress passers to get by here, We make it that way especially for them.

This truly should be against the law. Liberals have ruined this country by feeling sorry for other races.

This is why Mexico has been allowed to illegally invade this country. “Trespassing”

If you desire to fly a Mexican flag well then you need to live in Mexico...period

I praise those children in the liberal state of California for standing up for their rights as citizens.

I wished more of this would take place Yes I do. Mexicans have a belief that they are going to take back Mexico from the USA by mere population. This thought must be put out of their minds.

We won this country fair and square, don't like it tough shit.....period

Look at the State of California can you say Bankrupted by liberals.

Lolly pops and sunshine, Feel good bleeding hearts, Nothing More!

They ruined their state and their true intentions are to ruin every state.

This is why they are against this AZ law so much, If you are indeed a legal citizen what really do you have to fear? You get asked for your ID big dam deal!

Every person hear should have anything to fear, Unless; You are truly here “Against the Law”

Actually every state should practice AZ Law! Sort out all illegals no matter where they are from Period. And NO Path to Citizenship Period.

Sort and Deport end of story!

Its funny that the Press refuses to report on all the people coming to AZ because they like this law.

They only report on the liberals not coming here, Well believe me Our State will be just fine with less liberals. I say God Bless Janet Brewer for having the true belief and guts and passion to do this.

wanna see a true mexican dumb ass?
When it works other states will indeed follow.

Gee I just cant wait until November and election day 2012.

People are truly waking up and taking our country back.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama's Oil Slick in the Gulf

Lets talk about this oil spill in the gulf, Tell me folks why is that the only rig in the gulf, without an emergency shut off device happens to have a problem? Why don't they have to have this emergency shut off device? The American oil rigs are mandated by our government to have this device, Shell, Mobil, Texaco all have to have this device, BP Oil doesn't have this device, "WHY" Because the first executive order that Obama signed was to make BP OIL exempt from having this safety device. So that being said, Why is it that only this one BP rig has a problem? Seems kinda weird hey! So was this explosion set? Could be! Obama was for drilling in the Gulf a few weeks ago, But you know He has changed his mind now. Seems funny how it all came together so soon isn't it, To drill or not to drill , that is the question, But should we use BP or Obama as examples?  answer NO period. All offshore oil drilling rigs should be made to have the emergency shut off device NO Matter What our Far Left Liberal POTUS says or signs into LAW! Its an environmental issue! Also why didn't we have the emergency OIL SLINGS available? You know those things that get towed behind boats to gather up the oil, Those things that POTUS Clinton mandated and signed into LAW stating that we would have in case of an OIL SPILL such as this. WE didn't have them available to use, "WHY"?
You would have thought that as brilliant as those democrats were that they would have followed Clinton's instructions to the tee, But NO we had to borrow these oil slings and then we could only get two of them, Great going Democrats, and then You have the NERVE to bitch about Bush and Katrina, You leftists are surely something, You all need to apologize for the things you said period. This Oil spill disaster is Obama's Katrina that is for absolute certain!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wake the hell up Americans

This Country

We started out as being a free country a nation of laws a Capitalist America. Were idea's were key to your successfulness, The industrial revolution, Think of all that was accomplished.

People could utilize their idea's to make money and have made it in the country.

Then Government and lawyers stepped in and began to start the ruination of our country, Labor unions and entitlements have now brought our country to its knee's, Look people we are Greece, This country will come crashing down on day, Social Security isn't secure at all, Medicare / Medicaid is bankrupted and Obama care isn't going to help a dammed thing period.

Why hasn't our liberal government insisted upon E Verify? WHY!

This country used to be strong and healthy, What happened?

Liberal media, Liberal school teachers, Liberal unions, Liberal Government, Liberal lawyers, ALL have brought this country down One piece at a time.

Socialism doesn't belong in the USA at all. Check out all of the liberals on the supreme court now . This isn't the answer it is the problem.

Why hasn't our Federal Government ever enforced immigration laws?

Answer Liberals wont allow for it, Because it just simply isn't politically correct.

Fort Hood shooting ring a bell here? The lame stream liberal media hoped and prayed that the latest and greatest Time Square Bomber wasn't Muslim.

Wake the hell up Americans, He is Muslim.....Period

But the liberals do not like the term Islamic Terrorist.....Please!!

They are that is exactly what they are isn't it. President Obama started his campaign in the living room of William Ayers an American terrorist.

Who is actual a liberal University professor now, good friends of Andy Stern ECIU union leader, Anything starting to make sense yet?

We all need to overthrow the Government by Voting , That truly is the only way to send a message to Washington.
Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
"Illegals please just go home"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What in the Hell is wrong with our country today?

Well allow me to tell you whats wrong,
Look at most of these blogs on here and you will see it for what it is, No One Cares!!! about anything but them selves period, Family and friends Family and friends, having a good time, "Oh did you hear" Sara had a baby, Mark bought a new Nissan, Sally's kid is going to college, Bob just got a new I phone, Martha is getting her teaching degree, Mark's son broke his arm, Andy and Sara just got a big screen TV, and Cindy and Tony just got a puppy for their children to play with. This is the conversations in these blogs and out in real life at your doctors office the mall wherever there are people. No one gives a good God Damn about this country any more.

People are too busy or just do not care that has turned into a huge problem in this country, Younger people don't pay attention and haven't been taught to care about their country. I am 50 yrs old and back in my day Luckily for me , My Parents pounded in my head that one has to pay attention in these here United States of America if you intend on being a good citizen, But now a days people just take everything for granted. Well not me, The Communists are just over the hill here and few people can see them coming, Is that only because they aren't wearing bright red coats and being led by a band? Holly Cow are people today stupid. They haven't learned a darn thing from our history But they do know that Tom Hank's saved a tree. They cant take the time to look at Greece and see That if We do not cut back on the Big Government entitlements that we could become the next Greece, Why ? Because they havent the time or the simple concern that is why.

Today its all about fun and family and who has what and who went where and who they saw and what they brought back home, Its a sunshine and lollypop society its a butterfly and whip cream enviroment out there. No one talks about our history or what could happen or what will happen. Because its all about the feel good enviroment. People of today would rather simply just not worry about anything. That is the true and real problem with our entire country. Its not all sunshine and lollypops out there and the appeal to cover  it all up is magical indeed, Just watch CNN and you will see it all too clearly.

Will this country wake the hell up before its too late? answer NO

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Law of this illegal land, Arizona takes Control

Arizona thanks Jan Brewer for some good old fashion common sense law making, I surely hope that in November and also 2012 we get more of these types of law makers, We need people that are tough and that are willing to speak up for what is RIGHT! for this country, I like many Americans are sick and tired of these touchy feally butterfly's and roses feel good liberals, They make me sick period.

Arizona is stepping up to the plate, passing tough laws that the feds wont, I appreciate that I do.

To remedy federal and Congressional inaction, Arizona has just enacted a great piece of immigration enforcement legislation (SB 1070). It is clear that Congress must follow Arizona's lead and begin to enforce our nation's laws.

Arizona's new piece of legislation, SB 1070, does even more to keep its residents safe. The legislation:

allows police officers to ask for proof of residency if they suspect an individual is in the country illegally

allows illegal aliens to be jailed and fined up to $2500

bans "soft" immigration policies at local police agencies that prevent officers from asking about a suspects immigration status

allows Arizonans to sue if they feel a government agency has adopted a policy that hinders the enforcement of illegal immigration laws

prohibits people from blocking traffic when they seek or offer day-labor services on street corners

and makes it illegal for people to transport illegal aliens if the drivers of vehicles know their passengers are in the country illegally and if the transportation furthers their illegal presence in the country

Congress should be ashamed that states are being forced to enforce federal law because the federal government doesn't have the backbone to do the job. Please observe the will of the American people and make sure our immigration laws are enforced!

Now lets get 16,500 new Sheriff Joe's in this country Instead of the same number of IRS agents that Obama wants.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Democrat/Socialists Plan

See now they need a game changer, we have caught on to their rules for radicals approach. So what will be the next new thing?
Immigration reform, amnesty for illegal’s? Maybe
But we simply can not take the chance on it now can we, The Times Square Bomber “Faisal Shahzad” has only been a Citizen of the USA for One year and he already wants to blow this country into shreds, What would other illegal’s do if they were here for ten years? And then out of the goodness of our hearts we just gave them amnesty.
They could burn down entire neighborhoods now couldn’t they?
I personally as an American citizen strictly am not going to be for any kind of liberal amnesty program, oh hell no!
We simply can not take that chance. Sort and deport is the better option period.
Nothing else will work.
But these democrats will try something; Look at Rep. Gutierrez's should be on trial for treason, Period He takes the side of illegal’s over the citizens of his state. This is a true Democrat Socialist.

The Mexican consulate office in Las Vegas has been overwhelmed with Mexican nationals asking a lot questions after the immigration law in Arizona. Tuesday May 5th 2010 the Mexican embassy officials in Nevada assure to Mexican nationals are safe in Nevada, stating Arizona's laws may not apply there this is true Democrat Socialist’s
These things are happening all over this Country, We the people are truly being misled by democrats, I am hopeful that more USA Citizens will wake the heck up, We have got to get these treason’es people out of office and take back this country like patriots, Or give up our country to Communists, Liberals, Socialists, Bleeding hearts who intend on the ruination of America.
Give me liberty or give me death “Patrick Henry”
Please my fellow Americans grow a set and write every Government person you know and tell them we have had enough and we aren’t going to just lye down and take it anymore.
Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ “We are a Country of Laws”