Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Storm is Comming Will you hold up?

The Republicans won with the Bush Tax cuts? Really!
More debt for this country truly isn't a win is it?
You can basically can be unemployed now for like three yrs, I ask is this good for America.
I hope that now Businesses will take advantage of these tax breaks and start hiring.
This economy has to turn around.
If not the storm is approaching at a fairly fast rate, The left is bent out of shape now because President Obama approved tax cuts for the rich, Conservatives are upset because of the seventh unemployment extension. I hope that we American citizens are following along with whats taking place in the country.
I suggest that all Americans that give a dam, Stock up on food and water, because I think that you are going to need it.
This country is going to crash, Many do not want to hear this, But the truth is the truth.
We have to get back to "GOD" and we must pray, We also must help our friends, and neighbors to prepare for a collapse. You must write or call all of your Government representatives and ask for their cooperation in solving the problems with our economy and ask that they stand far away from "Globalisation"
We the People must do all that we can to make this country great once again.
The folks on the left try and ruin this country ever day, We must fight as hard and fast as possible with the use of violence, Do it with your mind and your phone or email.
YOU must let your US Government representatives know How YOU feel.
I ask that all people wake up and see the light. Strong Storms are indeed approaching.
We have to have a Very Conservative President come 2012 period.
This country has to stop the lean to the left more rapidly.
We have to get back to Home and Family, and our American value system.
I pray for this countries survival more and more everyday.
I have told my children to work as much as possible and save monies and stock up on supplies, Because tough times are coming and it is best to be prepared.

We are monetizing our debt, Inflation will ruin us. this doesn't bother the people on the left, it is actually what they seek, and it is exactly why it was done the way it was.
The US economy will fail, and it leaves the door open for a Global Government.

If you want your children to have the same freedoms that you had wake up.
The leftists hate the rich, and who creates jobs in our country? "The Rich"
The leftists want redistribution of wealth, and we all know where that story ends up.
They take your rights and freedom away, and the story doesn't ever end well.
Its called Communism.......Period

Thanks for Reading and paying attention

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ