Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our World Our Lives Our Choices

Liberalism all started under JF Kennedy in the 1960's
this has been the demise of the United States of America for several years.
Those bleeding heart hippy War protestors were the first Lib Tards to this country, The Draft Dodging pants pissers that ran from their country in fear and went to Socialized Canada because they were afraid to spill blood for America, I have no pity or mercy for any of them, Personally I feel that they should have all been hung until death in the street so to leave a message for other like minded traitors. I proudly and honorably served my country, I would never abandon or leave my country in a time of need ever...Period! Now in these times we have these f'ed up bleeding heart liberals in our court systems, our law enforcement agency's and our congress, it is indeed a shame.
These people run our schools and teach our children, These idiots know nothing of our forefathers nor how this country was founded.
It truly is a shame, They write the school books and lie to our children.
This is one huge reason for our countries demise.
Our children today have little if any morals, and little if any self control.
Little if any pride and no sense of honor. Why? Because look at what they are around, Liberal parents, Liberal Teachers, and they are now told its alright to be gay and not attend church, Only 36% of our children are actually completely high school these days and achieving a diploma.
Yes it is a very troubling time.
People such as Van Jones is allowed into the People's White House?
You have got to be kidding me...Period
This Far Left American Terroristic Radical is allowed to sit with our President..NO WAY! Our President gets advise from these people?
What the F*ck!!
I bet this man drives a Toyota also, The far left doesn't give one good shit about this country. Hope and Change? What a farce, These are people whom hate this country Period. If we do not learn from History we are only doomed to repeat it. Van Jones doesn't understand that Blacks sold Blacks, during the slavery period, But he wants Payback for Slavery even though he was never a slave. The payback is Hope and Change..Period
Some Americans have started to wake up but not nearly enough as yet.
By the time they sleeping one do it will already be too late.
They blacks where awake during the election that was for sure.
Thinking about all that free Government Cheese they were going to be entitled to, Now the older smart wise Blacks knew it was a farce, But the young ones saw Hope and Change, and remember NOT All blacks voted Obama and NOT All blacks are like Van Jones. I served in the Military with some very good Black people, and through my Life have know some very good Black people, BUT the Far Left would have you thinking that all whites and all blacks are Racists...Period
But now we all “Of all Races” have a Far Left staff at the white house.
And now if you disagree with the new African American Presidents policy's your are made out as a racist or angry mob no matter your race.
Liberals such as Pelosi Frank and Obama are taking our country down the road of destruction right in front of our eyes.
As I drive around my neighborhood and my country I hardly ever see anyone flying old glory any more, “What Happened”?
Well I will explain it, it's very simple indeed
“People are no longer Proud of their Country” Period
The Far Left Liberals have poisoned the American people.
It hurts me to think that I fought for a country that has been made weak.
It makes me sad to think that the far left of this country was “LET” take down the Banks and Car Companies of My , Our , Country.
Ask yourselves this “Why was it allowed”?
The Far left thieves to make you weak and vulnerable, Thats why.
The Far Left wants to have you in the gutter weak and poor SO it will be easier to crush you and take your rights.. Thats is reality people.
The weak and poor do not put up much of a fight.
Will you just lye there and take it , awaiting your needed Oh Boma Cheese or will you rise up awakened and alert, and fight the hard fight.
It's all up to you people
write your Government People, call your Government People
Show you have a voice, Show that THE MAN can't keep you down

Sincerely Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ