Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They want to see our country bankrupted

I watched MSNBC last night, Oh my God!

Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow all they do for their entire show is bash republicans and still even after three years Blame George W Bush.

My God they are so far up the Barrack Hussein Obama's Arse that a tow truck couldn't pull them away.

They are indeed Nazi's, They wish to imprison a majority of Americans.

They intend to abolish the job creators, They want to see our country bankrupted. All they did last night is put down Newt , because he suggested that young people should have an opportunity to work and learn some work ethic, So they could possibly be successful when they get out of school.

But the left is against any child growing up and becoming successful. This is why they do not teach students about our founding fathers in public schools , Rather they indoctrinate them into gay is ok and socialism works. Scumbags like these MSNBC commentators are Progressives, Progressives seek to destroy our Capitalistic system, and install a Communistic system. And By not truly educating children they think that they can Fundamentally change the country, You heard this from the Obama.

Fundamental Change means Progressiveness, Progressiveness means “Communism”

They seek to have America's children growing up to seek a Welfare Society, plane and simple.

We as good American Citizens must stop electing radical progressive candidates. They are the ruination of this country. We can not destroy our great country with Progressivism/Socialism/Communism. This means that unions must be busted up, Because they are working with radical people including Muslims to tear down our country.

We as American have got to wake up and smell the Progressive Movement and see where this country is heading before it is just too late.

This Obama fellow has eroded our once wonderful country, He has been the great divider.

These left wing communist progressives like Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow are the kind of people that believe in a handout welfare state society.
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season