Friday, January 30, 2009

by the people, for the people, from the people.

We, the people, must have solidarity...unity! The voice of action must be the people, for the people, from the people. We, the people, can take back our country!

In the spirit of the suffragettes a century ago, we must unite in a common cause!

Our nation and our people face a profound choice this year; once again a choice that will define the future for tens of thousands of working families and their children, seniors, the working poor, and the middle class and students.

American democracy is threatened.

Let's make the right to organize and bargain collectively the number one issue in this election year!

Our nation has stepped backward. It is our responsibility and obligation to take it forward again.

Take it back from political agendas, corporate greed and overall manipulation. It is time to take action here in our land, in our own schools, neighborhoods, farms, and businesses. We have been lied to and terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action.

Better stand up and fight America, or there WILL be a terrorist memorial mosque on the White house lawn. They will be in our country soon, Because some how they have rights?

It was a complete slap in the face and our leaders should have seen it as such. But what did they do? Turn around and give AIG another $38 billion two weeks later!
How many of us could walk into a bank two weeks after we borrowed a bunch of money in desperation and get more?
How successful would we be at getting more money if we so grossly underestimated how much it would take the first time around?

Stimulus Bill?
Energy -- $32 billion to fund a so-called "smart electricity grid" to reduce waste; $6 billion to weatherize modest-income homes.Science and technology -- $10 billion for science facilities; $6 billion to bring high-speed Internet access to rural and underserved areas; $1 billion for the 2010 Census.Housing -- $13 billion to repair and make more energy-efficient public housing projects, allow communities to buy and repair foreclosed homes, and help the homeless.Environment -- $3.2 billion to clean up Superfund and waste sites, leaking underground storage tanks, nuclear sites and military bases, as well as $400 million for habitat restoration projects and $850 million to prevent forest fires.

Now they will Raise our taxes!!! Pay us less!!!!!!! UnEducate Us!!!!!! and in the process of all this They will Raise our rates Raise our payments and do little or nothing to help us.

The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality. Andrew Jackson

As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending. Andrew Jackson

It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word. Andrew Jackson

There is nothing that I shudder at more than the idea of a separation of the Union. Should such an event ever happen, which I fervently pray God to avert, from that date I view our liberty gone. Andrew Jackson

Funny how government works today, if the money becomes available, there always seems to be a sudden emergency that needs fixing and the excess revenues are demanded by bureaucrats for pet projects while the taxpayers just keep on paying.

Growth needs to pay for growth, not be paid for by taxpayers who have already endured high prices just to get into this market place and now must cope with overly inflated tax increases that coincide with overly inflated assessment increases. You can forget living here on anything even close to a typical fixed income.
It Is Up to "Americans to do the right thing"
Write or Call Your Government People 85% of Americans do not!!!!!!

Americans need to press their politicians to do what's morally and legally right. In any other issue, you can count on the media to put the heat on politicians and citizens can sit back and watch. In this conflict, they have chosen to look the other way. That is why it's up to each and every citizen to put the heat on their local politician and President.

If doing the right thing were always, or even usually, clear and straightforward, ethics would be a cinch. Ethicists and moral philosophers would be out of business, ministers and rabbis would have so much less to say and newspaper articles would all be black and white - instead of shades of gray.

Does the Bible tell us what form of government we should have? NO
Can a Liberal believe in the "inalienable" rights of our Declaration of Independence? NO

American businesses are taking American jobs overseas but must we pledge an allegiance to the flag made in China? Why?The next time you have to purchase a flag try to make sure it is an American made one. There is no need to allow a nation like China, a communist nation, to make money off a symbol they would gladly see disappear. So do you still like liberals?

Remember that ache you feel for our troops and country the next time you need to buy a flag or magnet.For once, check the label, and buy American. A soldier is bleeding right now for your right to be able to buy anything in a free country.Bless Them All.
"Nothing is more embarrassing to me than a plastic flag ‘made in China.’ This replica of freedom we so respect should be made in this country."
"That door is going to keep opening," said Van Leiu to reporters about foreign-imported flags. "It starts small, then it gets big. You’re just opening Pandora’s box."

When? When are the American People going to wake up?
Dear Nancy Pelosi... Please ask Harry Reid to move to China with you.
The Demo Bot's and Their Liberal Fan Club need to move on!
Stop the Ruination of our Country! Speak up people "ITS TIME"

Vance Keaton Phoenix Az

Thursday, January 29, 2009

$3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens

The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, theirchildren, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the United States .
So using the LOWEST estimates, the annual cost OF ILLEGAL ALIENS is $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! So if deporting them costs between $206 and$230 BILLION DOLLARS, Heck get rid of em’, We’ll be ahead after the 1st year!!!

War is good when good survives and evil is crushed. If you don't crush evil then evil will get you. Ted Nugent

“The way that you eliminate bad and ugly is either through activism and policy making that never tolerates evil -- instead of the liberal politically correct policy of accepting evil and accepting other points of views that destroy lives. We the thoughtful, productive people of American have got to take our freedom back.”
Ted Nugent quote

“We're talking about a resource that is in dramatic need of monitoring and policing. The wild ground that fish cops run is a mecca for lawbreakers because they feel they're out of the view of typical law enforcement.”
Ted Nugent quote

In Los Angeles alone, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide ( which total approximately 1,200-1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to 2/3 of all fugitive felony warrants ( approximately 17,000) are for illegal aliens.

Approximately 400,000 illegal aliens who have committed crimes and have been given a deportation order are at large in the U.S.and their whereabouts unknown.

Illegal alien Walter Alexander Sorto was repeatedly picked up for driver's license violations and for driving without insurance. Houston police, however, were barred from reporting his illegal residency status to federal authorities by "sanctuary policies". In March 2004, Sorto and a companion abducted, raped and killed 3 Houston women.

We use the term "undocumented immigrants" but they are also referred to elsewhere as unauthorized migrants, illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, and undocumented aliens.

Local police are taking on a greater role in helping federal immigration officials catch and deport people living in the country illegally, law enforcement officials say.

By and large, the effectiveness of local law enforcement policies against illegal immigration remains unknown because not every municipality keeps a record of those it has reported to ICE.

Why you like to label Undocumented immigrant as criminals ? Because an illegal alien, invading the US IS criminal!
because they are here illegally, and the definition of illegal is a criminal action, therefore they are criminals -simple
From 1999 through 2006, the 24 counties along the U.S.-Mexico border spent a cumulative $1.23 billion on services to process criminal undocumented immigrants through the law enforcement and criminal justice system. In fiscal year 2006 alone, the cost was $192 million. These are staggering costs considering the rural nature and poverty level of most of these border counties. The enormous fiscal impact of undocumented immigration on border counties is not a recent phenomenon. The number of U.S. residents with Mexican backgrounds has increased by nearly 600,000 annually since 2000, with more than 80 percent of the new arrivals here without proper documentation, the Pew center estimated.

Stop the madness! DEPORT,” one of many like-minded comments in a previous post on illegal immigration, is an opinion that has always lacked a price tag. Another figure — the estimated 12 million foreigners in the United States right now without permission — hinted that it would not be cheap. And others doubted whether it was even possible.

We need to get a handle on this problem....It's everyone job Don't forget it
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

The Big American Recovery Plan... Yea Sure

“Creating Jobs”

Dear Mrs. Pelosi

Fish Barriers/ Honey Bee Insurance
Are you kidding the American Citizens?
This surely can not be for real…Because it’s truly laughable
You and Mr. Reid need to lay off the Kool-Aid
Take out the “Pork” and make this bill something all American Citizens
Can be proud of. “Tax” Rebates for illegals? This just isn’t right
They are criminals, Hence the word Illegal’s they are in our country illegally.
I do not want my US Citizen Tax dollar having anything to do with Helping Criminals period!

Monies’ for ACORN? Oh heck no indeed “Voter Fraud” “Mortgage Crisis” ring a bell?
You Democrats need to wake up and smell your Starbucks coffee.
The American people are “SICK and Tired” of your Pork Belly Spending and YOUR ultra liberal paper being wasted. “ I speak for the Citizens of this country.
California where your are from is Bankrupt “Because” of helping illegal’s and Here you are again with Mr. Reid Trying to have the entire Country now go “Bankrupt”
Please help the American Citizens with Mortgages and Taxes, Credits Cards and Gasoline. We elect you Government people “NOT” Illegal Criminals.
So it is your job to help us not them, You took an oath to protect the Constitution and the Legal Citizens of this Country. We pay your salaries’ and you work for us.
Please stop your liberal charge to work against us and do the job you were selected for.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Monday, January 26, 2009

Barack Obama: stimulus package

As part of an appeal to Republicans to back his $825 billion (600 billion) economic stimulus package, Mr Obama said in his first weekly presidential address that the dream of a prosperous future could be lost "as more young Americans are forced to forgo college [university] dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future."
He added: "In short, if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse."
"I don't like it," said Mr McCain. "I think it's a bit disingenuous to announce strict rules and then nominate someone with a waiver from the rules that you just announced in one of the most important jobs in Washington."
In fact, the $100 billion is simply extra spending; it is a giant one-time welfare program. To pay for it, the government will borrow an added $100 billion, which will impose $100 billion of higher taxes on future generations.
Anti-Business, Pro-Welfare $20 billion to increase the food stamp benefit by over 13% in order to help defray rising food costs.Food stamp use has been going down for years. Rather than be happy, Liberals want to crow that it is going up. So they increase it 13% over the inflationary index. Wonderful.
All this money is supposed to help rid the USA of the deep recession we are sinking into, but in fact it will just post pone for an indeterminate number of years the very deep recession with run away inflation that must following such massive spending by the Federal government with "printed but un-earned money.Fort Knox has only 187 billion dollars in gold reserve. At one time in our history. In the not so distant past the dollar was backed by a dollar in gold in the vaults of Fort Knox. Not so today, we have an ever diminishing valued dollar that buys less and less each year.Despite this fact President Obama and is minions plan to spend the following with a large portion of the stimulus package. "The grocery list includes $87 billion for aid to states for covering Medicaid costs; $79 billion to local school districts and public colleges; an additional $41 billion in aid to impoverished and disabled students, school construction, modernization and new technology; $54 billion in renewable energy incentives; $82 billion in unemployment benefits, retraining and insurance; $20 billion extra for food stamps; and $90 billion in infrastructure spending. And don't forget that the money called for here is above and beyond what all these programs already receive in the annual federal budget. Didn't Bill Clinton tell us 13 years ago that the era of Big Government was over?

Support Socialized Health Care? No!

We, and all others who believe in freedom as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees” Franklin D. Roosevelt quote “Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”
"universal health care" Doesn't everyone have a "right" to health care? NO! Health Care isn't a Right. Sorry No where in the Constitution is this listed..So no you don't have a right.
you have no "right" to force others to provide these things for you - All "free" medical care is subsidized through taxes stolen from other people. Suddenly your problems are mine and mine are yours. If you eat unhealthy foods or drive a motorcycle without a helmet, I have a direct interest in your business - you are going to see a provider on my tax dollars. Your neighbors might support government bans on smoking, "unsafe" sex or other "risky" behaviors to reduce costs. Politicians will use the federal bureaucracy to force you and your family to comply with programs such as the "New Freedom Commission on Mental Health".
47 million statistic includes illegal immigrants - who virtually all lack insurance. In fact, about one in four of those lacking insurance is here illegally. And they are, by far, the group most in need of health insurance. I do not want my tax dollars paying for illegal health care ever!
President Bush vetoed two different versions of SCHIP extension legislation during his presidency, claiming the bills were a step toward socialized medicine ... Thanks Mr. Bush!!!
Illegals who have stolen Social Security numbers could continue to receive SCHIP benefits unless the Social Security Administration tracks the thefts.
After the House passed its version on Wednesday, Obama called Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to congratulate her.
"This is only the beginning of the change we will achieve with our new president," Pelosi said.
This is what the citizens of the United States of America has to deal with everyday...How awful!
Cost to Taxpayers
Taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill for health care that is already “universal,” as it provides health care for anyone in the universe who can make it across a U.S. border.
Minnesota, in 2004, had some 85,000 illegal aliens. A 2005 report, “The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Minnesota,” was requested by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn., because of substantial challenges raised by illegal immigration. The report concluded that undocumented immigrants cost Minnesota health care assistance programs $35.5 million in fiscal year 2005.
In Oklahoma, a 2007 report on illegal alien issues showed that 4,450 illegal aliens in the state received Medicaid services in fiscal year 2006 at a cost of $9.7 million. In a three year period, the health care for illegal aliens in the state tripled, while the number of illegal aliens receiving free health care doubled.
If my neighbor thrives on garbage foods, I will not pay for his or her health care NORE should I have to. Bottom Line!!!!!!!!
Please I am asking that all people write your Government people and protest this crazy wave of BS towards Socialized Health Care.
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"What happened in our Great Land"?

You know the other night I was having a conversation with some people.
These people are just regular everyday people. They told me of the problems with congress and government in general.
I said well do you write or call or have any contact with your Governmental people? The answer “NO” I asked why their answer.
“Oh it doesn’t do any good” I say “Oh I see”
Why? Do so many American Citizens feel like this? I was raised in an American family that taught us that we are indeed “WE THE PEOPLE” I actually thought that everyone knew this. But an ultra high percentage of these Citizens “GRIPE” “BITCH” “COMPLAIN” about what our Government has became. BUT their entire life they as “AMERICAN” citizens have never played a part in it Governance. This is something that I find very hard to swallow. Believe me the Governor and Senators from this state have heard my name several times. So has the Mayor and Police chief and several others, But the trend in our country today is “Oh I don’t want to bother with this crap and it doesn’t do any good any ways” As you could tell from the most recent election there were all kinds of people that truly didn’t bother to vote. Ask them why, and they will say “Oh it doesn’t matter” or something like this “It’s a headache” People no longer realize that it is indeed everyone’s job to tell government what we want. Back in Andrew Jackson’s day. 98% of people took part in self government.
“TODAY” it’s more like 25% participation. If it truly wasn’t for Conservatives on TV and Radio nothing would get out at all “TRULY” The Citizens of a free country no longer want to take the time to give one shit about the country they live in. It really breaks my heart to see such blatant stupidity. To think I served in the Military for these truly uncaring stands of flesh. Our fore fathers truly would vomit if they could see how things are handled today. It’s a dammed shame for sure. My question is this, “What are you all going to do when people like Me Just decide to give up on all of it”? And what if then when your “RIGHTS” are gone what then? Who will you complain to then?

Section 5: The Sovereignty of the People
The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors. As Benjamin Franklin wrote, "In free governments the rulers are the servants and the people their superiors and sovereigns." The ultimate powers in a society, therefore, rest in the people themselves, and they should exercise those powers, either directly or through representatives, in every way they are competent and that is practicable.
8. Majority Rule
The only way a republican government can function, and the only way a people's voice can be expressed to effect a practicable control of government, is through a process in which decisions are made by the majority. This is not a perfect way of controlling government, but the alternatives--decisions made by a minority, or by one person--are even worse and are the source of great evil. To be just, majority decisions must be in the best interest of all the people, not just one faction.

9. Self-Government
The object of the republican form of government and of the principles that are essential to that form, is to enable a people to govern themselves to the most practicable extent possible. Not every nation of people are capable of self-government, and many expected the experiment of the Founding Fathers to fail. But it did not fail, and the experiment proved that an educated and enlightened people are capable of self-government. The question remains, however, the extent to which government by the people themselves may be extended.

7. Republican Principles
The best form of government that has ever been devised for protecting the rights of the people has been found to be the republican form. While not perfect, it nevertheless gives a voice to the people and allows them to correct the course of government when they find it moving in a wrong direction.

11. Governed by Reason
We who have grown up in a democratic republic take for granted a government of the people based on reason and the people's choice. But before our nation was founded, modern governments were based on authoritarian domination. The people in general were considered little more than cattle, to be governed and controlled by those possessing wealth, education and power, and kept under subjection lest they undermine the stability of the government. The Founding Fathers introduced the revolutionary idea that government could rest on the reasoned choice of the people themselves, which was thought absurd in other lands at that time.

Later People. I have little time for you. Roger that Out!!!!!!
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Growing up “American” in the Midwest

Well my Father was “Cherokee” and was a conservative and a straight shooter. If you didn’t want to know the truth then don’t ask him.
He always wanted to join the service and enter into WWII But they wouldn’t take him “Flat Footed” they called it. And he was always un happy about that.. and believe U Me he would have made an awesome warrior. But regardless at my home OLD GLORY was put up every morning and taken down ever night. We were an American household indeed. My Father was a Rancher, Truck Driver, Law Officer, and a great Conservationist. “Hunter” and much much more. He bought and drove “FORD” pick ups. Nothing else would do. Bought me a 22 cal rifle at age fourteen. And showed me the in’s and out’s of fire arm ownership.
He was no liberal. When he learned of my wanting to join the military at seventeen he was joyful, I graduated from High School early and off I went to Fort Dix NJ. My sister had joined the Air Force the year before. Now my parents were lonely But ever so proud that both their children had joined the Armed Forces. It was the Late seventies and all was well on the home front.. Many children today won’t join the military because they haven’t been taught value system or patriotism by their parents or school.
Many of today’s fathers are draft dodgers of the past or liberal anti USA guys, “Obama Voter’s” if you know what I mean. Having liberal parents is never a good thing for young people; they grow up weak and dishonest. And wanting something for nothing. My Father “God bless his sole” and I quote “If you want something bad enough you have to earn it, If it isn’t worth it Then you do not want it bad enough” This is how I was raised and that is why I am so independent , What I have got I have earned.
My Father said “They will never build a factory in the back yard” Which meant get your ass up and find a job and do it soon. He wasn’t an Obama voter and that is for sure and neither am I. My father loved “GOD” even though he hardly ever showed it. He was a quiet man a stern man a hard working man. My Father was the kind to look out for his neighbors and community and country, and also took good care of his family.
The young men growing up today will never be able to even stand in my Fathers shadow, He didn’t drive a Toyota and he knew what “We the People” stood for. I miss my Father and always will. I try to stand in his shadow and do a good job of it, Too bad more American do not even put the effort out to try. Shame on them.
Sincerely Vance Phoenix AZ
The Invasion of Grenada
(1983) The invasion of Grenada in late 1983 can be seen as a small part of the rivalry between the U.S. and Cuba during the Reagan years. A bloody coup in Grenada, along with a perceived threat to American students on the island provided the U.S. with an excellent excuse to eliminate a Marxist regime allied to Fidel Castro's Cuba.
BEGAN: October 25, 1983
The U.S. invasion of Grenada and the toppling of its Marxist government can be seen as part of a greater regional conflict. This conflict involved the U.S. and its Central American and Caribbean allies on one side and Fidel Castro's Cuba, the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and various Marxist guerrilla armies on the other. President Reagan and his administration were concerned that the Marxist government of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was allowing Cuba to gain undue influence in Grenada, specifically by constructing a military-grade airport with Cuban military engineers.
On October 13, 1983, the Grenadian Army, controlled by former Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard, seized power in a bloody coup. The severity of the violence, coupled with Coard's hard-line Marxism, caused deep concern among neighboring Caribbean nations, as well as in Washington, D.C. Also, the presence of nearly 1,000 American medical students in Grenada caused added concern.
However, along with concern, came opportunity. With President Reagan's worldwide efforts to confront what he viewed as the threat by the Soviet Union and other Communist countries (such as Cuba), the turmoil in the Caribbean provided a timely excuse to eliminate a Marxist government and give Fidel Castro a black eye.
It should also be noted that on October 23, 1983, American foreign policy and pride suffered a terrible shock when a Muslim suicide bomber destroyed the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 240 U.S. Marines. A successful campaign in Grenada would prove helpful in alleviating the pain of that setback. DESCRIPTION OF CONFLICT:
In the early morning of October 25, 1983, the United States invaded the island of Grenada. The initial assault consisted of some 1,200 troops, and they were met by stiff resistance from the Grenadian army and Cuban military units on the island. Heavy fighting continued for several days, but as the invasion force grew to more than 7,000, the defenders either surrendered or fled into the mountains. Scattered fighting continued as U.S. troops hunted down stragglers, but for the most part, the island quickly fell under American control. By mid-December, U.S. combat forces went home and a pro-American government took power.

1. The Marxist, pro-Cuban governments of Bishop and Coard were eliminated and a regime friendly to American interests took over.
2. The Reagan Administration proved willing to use force to combat what it considered hostile governments in the area.
3. America's European allies expressed disapproval of the unilateral invasion of Grenada.
4. The invasion sent a message to Cuba and Nicaragua that they could only go so far in exporting revolution in Central America and the Caribbean without provoking an American military response.
U.S.-- 19 dead (officially).
Grenada-- 49 dead and several hundred wounded.
Cuba-- 29 dead and over a hundred wounded.
My Ranger Group took out 67 Students safely
another Ranger Group took out 100 Students safely
They all took fire and flames But we did as we were trained.
Thank God for Guts Guns and the American Solider.
The Soldier's CreedI am an American Soldier.I am a Warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values.I will always place the mission first.I will never accept defeat.I will never quit.I will never leave a fallen comrade.I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.I am an expert and I am a professional.I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.I am an American Soldier.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Liberal Insanosilum

“Where did Liberals come from?”

Rosie O’Donnell should be taken to an insanosilum and locked up for the rest of her natural life for the things that she has mentioned. A cover up for 9-11 how absolutely insane, She doesn’t believe that Jp3 on fire can burn through building beams. Apparently she hasn’t ever seen it burn, it is indeed a hot fire, Just ask a Vietnam chopper pilot and you will have you’re answer. Where do these people come from I ask myself allot. How could she be so stupid I say? She is so liberal that she can not even see the light. If God stood right next to her, she would have to ask who he was. There are so many individuals that are like this, are they indeed just stupid or have their liberal parents brain washed them into the wrong way of thinking? Just like all of the anti-smokers in this country, do they realize that the Tobacco business in America is the livelihood of the south? And thousands of people are loosing their jobs over their anti America lobbying. As an American you have a free right if you want to smoke or not smoke its your choice. But don’t purposely put entire states in jeopardy because of your liberal ways. When I was a child you couldn’t turn on a television program without seeing some one smoking a cigarette, now it isn’t politically correct to smoke. Where did all this Yuppie Liberal Anti American BS come from?
It started with allowing all of the coward draft dodging hippies to get away with running from their “Countries” obligational duties. And with the huge importation of Liberal slant eye'd auto’s. Now it has gotten so bad that some people think we need a Muslim in the white house. Come on people don’t you see the big picture here? You simply can not allow an organization like Obama’s to turn into a “One World Order” which it will if he is ever or was elected. He is indeed my fellow American’s the one and only anti Christ type we need to fear right now. With his UN guarded borders and free health care and the other utter nonsense that comes from his vocal cords. His ideas would bring this country to its literal knees. Remember free health care is going to take care of gang bangers and drug dealers, illegal’s and all of the other riff raff in this country, not just the good law abiding tax payers. And with an open border crime will run rapid illegal’s killing people coming and going as they please and all of us here dealing with it and paying for it. This is what Obama will do for you, and Hillary is only one step behind him so watch you’re step closely and tread lightly. Remember you’re vote or you’re none vote puts these people into office and gives them power. Look around you’re neighborhood and you will see the kind that is ruining this precious country of ours. Two Toyota’s in their driveway, they just got back from a trip to Rocky Point Mexico, They drive forty miles to get the best sushi, The husbands business hires illegal’s, The wife has to have designer cloths. These people do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, they don’t worry about where the money went from their Toyota purchase and neither do they care. They don’t ever realize that the Oregon logger is almost a thing of the past, or know what an Oregon logger actually is. And nor do they care. They are more worried about if their neighbor noticed whether or not the wife was saw in her $200.00 jeans. Or that someone on their street has old cars in their yard. They know absolutely nothing about Obama wanting to open our borders, and even if they did, they would think it would be more convenient just to be able to drive openly into Mexico and see no harm in it.
The majority of people weren’t raised by stern American parents with stern American values and stern American disciplines’. Younger people do not realize that the state of Oregon was attacked by the Japanese during WWII and they wouldn’t believe it if you told them. Most do not realize the out come of letting you’re guard down. Look at our stock market and tell us if we have too many liberals, and allow that to be you’re answer. Look at our fuel prices and allow that to be you’re answer, Look at the price of food and look for that to be an answer. We all need to stop the lobbyist game in Washington.

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

The Savage Manifesto
DomesticA. Cut Federal Income Taxes by 2 percent per year over four years, for a minimum total of 8 percent over four years.
B. Reduce Federal Government Departments in size by 4 percent each year, for a total reduction of size by 16 percent over four years.
C. Eliminate all public assistance for able-bodied recipients. Cut off all public assistance for immigrants for five years. Repatriate those who are not working, after two years.
D. Immediately impose tariffs on cars and trucks owned by foreign entities, even if they’re manufactured in America.
E. Cause illegal aliens to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and then, repatriate them. Pay them a one-time worker fee.
F. Increase pay for active duty combat troops by 10 percent. Number Two. Fire any unmarried military person becoming pregnant while on active duty.”
G. Make abortions illegal, except when the physical survival of the mother is threatened, to be determined by three medical doctors. Require Norplant for all women on welfare of childbearing age.
H. Close all houses of sex and massage.
I. Expand the DEA, while decriminalizing most drugs.
J. Regarding the media; one, eliminate all foreign ownership of any American media entity. Two, break up overly large conglomerates, like News Corporation.
K. Encourage child bearing among tax paying citizens. Create a marriage incentive, through lower taxes for married heterosexual couples. And a government subsidy for each child conceived and carried to birth. Increase the subsidies for each year the couple remains married.
L. Repatriate all illegal immigrants now incarcerated. Encourage all other illegal's to self-repatriate through double taxation on wages and fines on employers.”
A. Iraq. Send in Iraqi troops to mop up pockets of resistance. Make Iraq pay with their oil for the cost of the war. Cordon off Sadr City, force all residents to leave, then go in and mop up all resistance fighters. Divide Iraq into three to four sectors; Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, and International. Next, remove all U.S. troops after above achieved.
B. Iran. One, sanctions embargoes and mine their harbors. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.
C. North Korea. Destroy their launching platforms, impose a Naval blockade on all goods coming in or out, except food.
D. Israel Arab Entities. Give Israel four years to become self-sufficient. Cut off all foreign aid to all nations.
E. China. 20 percent tariffs on all China made goods immediately; rising by 5 percent each year for each year China refuses to revalue their currency.
F. United Nations. Withdraw immediately. Remove all Diplomats and staff. Convert the United Nations building into housing for the working poor.
G. Mexico. Force Mexico to pay one barrel of oil for every illegal alien in the United States of America per month.

“The Crumbling of our America”

Why is it so hard to get good customer service in this country?
It’s like we have been overtaken by India. Everyone that calls my house to offer me something or a bill collector Is Brian or Janet from New Delhi India. “Yea Right” Like there are Brian’s and Janet’s in India. And why do all of these companies now call from strictly eight hundred numbers, is it because they are too ashamed to list their companies to list and show their phone numbers? These companies pay these people 76 cents an hour to take calls in India. Because American businesses are too cheap to pay an American worker minimum wage. That is completely degrading. Because the bottom line is profit, profit, profit, these executives want to purchase their 70 foot yachts and eat caviar all the while fingering their noises and the common man. God forbid if the American people could have a decent wage and health care benefits and have them be able to take care of their families.
Do you realize that before the last Iraq war, that the people of Iraq had free gasoline, free food, free clothing it’s no wonder that there are militants out after our soldiers there. We went in a put a stop to the common wealth. Why are we truly trying to make them more like us? Are we so wonderful? Why should we make them pay for what was theirs? And it has simply cost trillions of dollars and a huge cost of human lives and for what? Are they really better off now? It’s my feeling that their not. Are we better off? No we truly are not. Let lying dogs Lye that is what my grandfather always said.
For god sakes people we created Osama bin Latin “Our” good ol’e American tax dollars paid heavily for that one. But our government will deny, deny, deny. The many truths of this Middle Eastern conflict.
If the dollars spent on this irresponsible war had been put into oil research rather then searching for WMD’s we would be further ahead. If a percentage of that money had been used to further education maybe there would be so many high school children with no future to look forward to. Maybe if some of that money had been used for border patrols and border surveillance maybe there wouldn’t be so dammed many people in America illegally. Maybe if we hired more security and police there wouldn’t be so dammed much crime. Maybe if we had spent some of that money bailing out our own “American” car companies there would'nt be so dammed many Japanese cars on the road, and just maybe we wouldn’t have so dammed much un employment in our great country. There was a day here not too many years ago when you could actually make money in the stock market. Thousands of people made it rich working the stock market to their advantage. Well a very few people can do it now days because our economy is in such a terrible state. It is truly a shame that our country has fell to the Japanese, You see they have won the war in the USA anyway. And not with guns bombs or violence. But with taking away our American pride and our American dollar. We as citizens of “America” need to get our pride back and take back our country from all of the liberal bureaucrats that are running it. They have basically shop lifted our own country away from us. But it isn’t completely lost as yet, if the American people would just digest some calcium and grow back bones and start standing up more for themselves, Rather then allowing themselves to get mowed over by “The Machine” everyday. Things might now be so bad or have gotten so bad.
If we could just go two days without having a make a milk, bread, or gasoline purchase we could put them on their knee’s and take the time to vote and put a stop to all of the pork barrel lobbyists in Washington. Stop the liberal bureaucrats from ruining this great country with their complete nonsense. Apply for Government grants to start tree farms to slow global warming, do something that makes you stand out from the ordinary person. Take accountability for your citizenship own you’re American pride, show you’re American pride by proper display of our lovely red white and blue flag. When someone calls saying that he is Donald But he is in New Delhi India say “Yea Right” and just hang up the phone. We do not need to take this crap, we are indeed Americans. Say no to the complete and utter destruction of the rain forests, just because Mr. Joe Blow liberal down the street thinks he needs a Banana wood floor in his ultra yuppie home. Doesn’t mean that we have to strengthen the results of global warming. That is ridicules indeed. Sure it looks nice but do you really need it? It’s a fad and all fads pass. Sure south and central America are in an economic hardship, But help them out in other ways rather then stripping their land to just dirt.
Global Warming isn’t a joke its here and isn’t going anywhere soon. Postpone a space shuttle launch and build poor families a school. Our Government is so screwed up that the state of South Dakota is cut in half. One side of the state is killing prairie dogs and the other side is protecting them. Because the Ranchers and our intelligent government couldn’t come up with a good solution. Isn’t this absolutely insane? These sorts of things go on everyday here right under our own radar. Our legislature is in complete and utter chaos and we allow it and spend every day of our lives in an un caring manner because we think oh we simply can’t change any thing. This is how our great country became so messed up in the first place. Our brilliant forefathers would roll over in their graves if they could see how our high priced government works today. They would be so ashamed of what it has become.
By Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Quotable Quotes from Chuck Heston, NRA President
PHILADELPHIA (AP)June 8, 1998Two days after assailing President Clinton's character and views on guns, Charlton Heston was elected on Monday as the next president of the National Rifle Association.At the group's convention over the weekend, Heston urged members to close ranks to fight gun-control advocates. "Get together," he said, "or get out of the way."
NRA CONVENTIONJune 6, 1998"...Too many gun owners think we've wandered to some fringe of American life and left them behind...""...Mr. Clinton, sir, America didn't trust you with our health-care system. America didn't trust you with gays in the military. America doesn't trust you with our 21-year-old daughters, and we sure, Lord, don't trust you with our guns.."
TIME MAGAZINE SPECIAL REPORTJuly 6, 1998 (Vol. 151 No. 26)"...The day I became president, I don't think I held the gavel 10 minutes," he boasts. "I did 29 media interviews that day...""...I've been doing interviews for 50 years," he says. "I know how to sell a movie or a book. Now I'm selling the reputation of the N.R.A..."...Now his positions track the N.R.A.'s. Trigger locks? "A ludicrous invention. If you can't put it on a weapon without taking the bullets out, why put it on?" A five-day waiting period? "It's hard for me to accept that a guy says, 'I'm going to kill that s.o.b., but, darn, I have this five-day waiting period.' He probably still wants to kill him after five days." Ban Saturday-night specials? "The black and Hispanic women who clean office buildings until 3 a.m. and then walk home--of course, they want a handgun in their purse." Limit purchases to one gun a month? "It's the camel's nose in the tent. Look at Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Idi Amin--every one of these monsters, on seizing power, their first act was to confiscate all firearms in private hands..."
SPEECH TO NATIONAL PRESS CLUBSeptember 14, 1997...You do not define the First Amendment. It defines you. And it is bigger than you. That's how freedom works. It also demands you do your homework. Again and again, I hear gun owners say, how can we believe anything the anti-gun media says when they can't even get the facts right? For too long, you have swallowed manufactured statistics and fabricated technical support from anti-gun organizations that wouldn't know a semi- auto from a sharp stick. And it shows. You fall for it every time... ...I simply cannot stand by and watch a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States come under attack from those who either can't understand it, don't like the sound of it, or find themselves too philosophically squeamish to see why it remains the first among equals: Because it is the right we turn to when all else fails. That's why the Second Amendment is America's first freedom......Now, I doubt any of you would prefer a rolled up newspaper as a weapon against a dictator or a criminal intruder. Yet in essence, that is what you have asked our loved ones to do, through an ill-contrived and totally naive campaign against the Second Amendment...
LETTER TO THE NY TIMESPrinted May 12, 1998 ...The Founders' intent in framing the Second Amendment is perfectly clear and undeniable. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." Some anti-gun elitists declare this notion outdated. However, many constitutional scholars from this country's most prestigious universities agree that the Founders' intent is clear and irreversible: To "keep and bear arms" is a right for all law-abiding citizens...
MSNBC TVSeptember 14, 1997 ...The First Amendment is crucial. Of course it is. So are all the others. And the Second Amendment is the one that guarantees that people can bear arms to protect themselves...
FOX News ChannelSeptember 15, 1997 ...There's no such thing as a good gun. There's no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys......You could say that the paparazzi and the tabloids are sort of the `assault weapons' of the First Amendment. They're ugly, a lot of people don't like them, but they're protected by the First Amendment -- just as `assault weapons' are protected by the Second Amendment...
FOX News ChannelMay 18, 1997 ...He [President Clinton] boasts about 186,000 people denied firearms under the Brady Law rules. The Brady Law has been in force for three years. In that time, they have prosecuted seven people and put three of them in prison. You know, the President has entertained more felons than that at fundraising coffees in the White House, for Pete's sake...
NBC "Meet the Press"May 18, 1997 ...Let me make a short, opening, blanket comment. There are no good guns. There are no bad guns. Any gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a decent person is no threat to anybody -- except bad people......Teddy Roosevelt hunted in the last century with a semiautomatic rifle. Most deer rifles are semiautomatic ... it's become a demonized phrase. The media distorts that and the public ill understands it......You know, the Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen the right to own and bear firearms. It doesn't say anything about how many, how much you can pay for them. That's in the Bill of Rights. That's a sacred document in our country. There's no other country in the world that has such document. And you know what it's purpose is? To prevent the federal government from interfering with private citizens' rights ... If you will read what the Founding Fathers wrote when they were writing it -- Jefferson, Mason, Madison, Patrick Henry, Tom Paine -- every one of them wrote at great length that they were talking about the individual rights of individual citizens......We have to pass on to America in the 21st century the same Bill of Rights that those wise, old, dead white guys that invented this country passed on to us...
HESTON TAKING ON TIME WARNER'S PROMOTION OF "COP KILLER" ALBUM(Conversation between host Tony Snow and Charlton Heston) SNOW: "You have one of the great voices in the entertainment world. A few years ago, you showed up at a Time Warner stockholders meeting and started reading the lyrics from a rap album and just froze everybody in their tracks."HESTON: "That was that terrible album by Ice T called `Cop Killer.' And I'm very proud of this, I really am. I owned some Time Warner stock and I went in and confronted their full board meeting and read the lyrics. I can't repeat them on television."SNOW: "No, you can't."HESTON: "And I shamed Time Warner, the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world, into firing Ice T and dropping the album. Now, he threatened to kill me. He hasn't done that yet."SNOW: "I believe your quote was something like, `Let him try.'"HESTON: "Well, maybe I scared him. And I haven't gotten a job from Warner Brothers since or a good notice in Time, but I'm as proud of that as anything I've ever done."
"...The law-abiding citizen is entitled to own a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. The right, put simply, shall not be infringed..."
-- Before the Senate Judiciary Committee 9/23/98

Charlton Heston was re-elected to the NRA Board of Directors in 1998 for a 3 year term.

People don't stop killers. People with guns do
Virginia Tech doesn't have that kind of trust in its students (or its faculty, for that matter). Neither does the University of Tennessee. Both think that by making their campuses "gun-free," they'll make people safer, when in fact they're only disarming the people who follow rules, law-abiding people who are no danger at all.
This merely ensures that the murderers have a free hand. If there were more responsible, armed people on campuses, mass murder would be harder.

Bush, whose presidency has been assailed by criticism over his handling of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

He said the "only practical way" to protect Americans is to advance the causes of liberty and freedom so other nations do not fall into the hands of those who support terror.
God Bless Bush he was a wonderful President and we all owe him so much!!!!!!!
“We the People of the United States of America”

What ever happened to this? Why did this go away from our daily life?
People have forgotten their part of We the People, They have forgotten that they are We the People. Today very few Americans write or call their state senators.
“We the People” is a forgotten subject. Many Americans couldn't’t explain to you what the Boston Tea Party was all about, Taxation without Representation.
Millions of Americans have NO IDEA on how to relate to our US Constitution or our Bill of Rights. Why is this? Answer Compliancy People now believe that writing a representative of government makes no difference. And Just do not do it.
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Hundreds of Thousand's of Americans did their jobs as citizens and made things happen in Government, Now they simply do not care.
They simply do not follow the news or have any interest in their country or politics’
It’s called Uncaring or Complaisant. And It’s a shame to see so much of this utter laziness amongst our citizens. People no longer speak up for what is right or wrong.
We saw this all through the Obama / McCain Campaigns.
What truly will it take to wake up the citizens of this country? I do what I can as one man, But it takes an entire village to raise a child. I simply can not do it alone.

A Conservative thought
Its now the land of milk and honey a sheep in everyone's barn
Obama? Yes the great speaker, "Follow me for change"
Comparing himself to Lincoln… really?
As far as I know Lincoln didn’t start his run for the White House In the living room of an American terrorist.
Lincoln wasn’t an anti gun President
Lincoln was as honest as the day is long.
Lincoln wouldn’t have attended a March with a corrupted minister
Lincoln wouldn’t have attended a racist church for twenty years and lied of the fact
If Lincoln gave his word to a another fellow He would have kept it and not lied.
Lincoln didn’t buy his way to the White house he earned it.
Lincoln ran the White House through the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights not over it.
Lincoln would have never tried to silence the media.
One of America's chickens is coming home to roost and it isn't Lincoln.
Sorry I did not drink enough or any Obama lade and I wouldn't buy into the Liberal ways of a Democratic Government.
I guess I simply have too much American "NUGE" in me and can see the light.
I felt at ease and safe with "BUSH" Now I feel uneasy and restless to say the least.
I believe That this Obama will be the most unconstitutional President ever.
Gezz Just look at some of his cabinet picks and you will see much "Can you say Ultra Liberal"?
Sincerely Vance Phoenix AZ

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that declares "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Historical context
The 2nd Amendment, starting in the latter half of the 20th century, became an object of much debate. Concerned with rising violence in society, and the role firearms play in that violence, gun control advocates began to read the 2nd Amendment one way. On the other side, firearm enthusiasts saw the attacks on gun ownership as attacks on freedom, and defended their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment just as fiercely. If the authors of the 2nd Amendment could have foreseen the debate, they might have phrased the amendment differently, because much of the debate has centered around the way the amendment is phrased.
Is the amendment one that was created to ensure the continuation and flourishing of the state militias as a means of defense, or was it created to ensure an individuals right to own a firearm.
Despite the rhetoric on both sides of the issue, the answer to both questions is most likely, "Yes." The attitude of Americans toward the military was much different in the 1790's than it is today. Standing armies were mistrusted, as they had been used as tools of oppression by the monarchs of Europe for centuries. In the war for independence, there had been a regular army, but much of the fighting had been done by the state militias, under the command of local officers. Aside from the war, militias were needed because attacks were relatively common, whether by bandits, Indians, and even by troops from other states.
Today, the state militias have evolved into the National Guard in every state. These soldiers, while part-time, are professionally trained and armed by the government. No longer are regular, non-Guardsmen, expected to take up arms in defense of the state or the nation (though the US Code does still recognize the unorganized militia as an entity, and state laws vary on the subject [10 USC 311]).
This is in great contrast to the way things were at the time of adoption of the 2nd Amendment. Many state constitutions had a right to bear arms for the purposes of the maintenance of the militia. Many had laws that required men of age to own a gun and supplies, including powder and bullets.
God-given, Constitutionally-recognized right to keep and bear arms. Thanks to politicians, you already have less than half the rights people enjoyed 20 years ago, and the oath-breaking freedom-takers want the other half.

Gun ownership is a Constitutional right

Respect your Country and Purchase American

I get so tired of these liberal POS's driving their slow and pukey Jap crap vehicles. Some have the American Flag stuck on or waving from them, It makes me sick.They all look like Japanese Zero's to me. I want to paint little rising sun flags on my fender for them to admire as I blow by them. I want to put bumper stickers on all of the rice cars that say "Traitor to the United States".I have had US Built Vehicles my entire life, I am 50 and never had problems.
I have a 30 yr old Mercury Cougar that I drive everyday, Looks new drives new and not one squeaks rattle or anything. Everything works as it should. 22mpg on the highway and I am a happy guy. Its comfortable and nice and will completely blow a rice car away from its rice easily. Plus it has style, It isn't an utter ugly curved box with a Toyota nameplate.
I support the big three and always have, But then again I am a true patriotic American. I have fought for my country and bought for my country nothing else matters. We need to end the importation of rice in this country and start the deportation.
Thanks and You good Americans have my full support

1 Jan 09
Subject: Whats wrong with this country
I hear all this crap about Honda's built in Ohio, and Fords built in Canada, what is "MORE" American? First off here I want these liberals to get something straight. "Honda's" aren't BUILT in the USA. They are assembled with Japanese Parts. That surely isn't Built. and for a matter of fact "HONDA" to me Just surely doesn't say "AMERICA". If it does then YOU are just outright "STUPID". "FORD" "DODGE" "CHEVY" SAY AMERICAN. "TOYOTA" "HONDA" "NISSAN" SAY "JAPAN"!!
Liberals adore free trade and never fair trade. They adore that if you live in ASIA and you want a Chevy Tahoe, you will pay $14,000.00 Just to bring it into the country. Its called Protectionism..Get it? and if you buy a Crappy Jappy Car it means that you support ASIA instead of America. They bring their vehicles here for free."GET IT"?!
Personally I wish the people that have USA Flag stickers on your "Protectionism Cars" would just get up pack your bags and move over sea's where I am certain you would fit in much better. Since you are against supporting your own country's economy and prefer to support the land of the rising sun instead of the red white and blue. "You all need a shot of Americanism,and Backbone" I was raised in an American family, I wasn't raised by liberal Asians. All the liberals on my street own imports and voted Obama, Not me! I drive a dodge and voted McCain. But then again I didn't vote for what the liberals wanted. Because I want a strong USA instead of a weak one. I don't want the US Troops trying to fight battles with Tanks made by Kia, or artillery made by Nissan. Like some of you un American morons want. I will put my Detroit BUILT Dodge up against your Tiny handed Jap built truck any day of the year. I would love to watch as you attempted to pull a 36' fifth wheel RV with your Tundra as I do with my dodge. You Un American A Holes are a joke and an embarrassment to our country.
If you had any respect for what the military personal went thru in WWII you would not buy that Garbage. "Liberals" always trying to ruin our country it makes me sick to my stomach. These Japanese suicide machines are complete disposable, and recyclable, That's why you never see a 10 yr old Toyota. I will never support this liberal garbage you call Honda and Toyota or any other that ruin my country. But then again I was raised an American and not a communist."American Cars Rule"
PS When you see an American Built Truck in the rear view mirror on your Kia Move over!!! and when you see my "OLD GLORY" it means something unlike yours! and to these Lib's "Please stop the ruination of our country" Sincerely Vance Phoenix AZ

This says American and Proud ... Ford F-150

This says Japan and Weak ..... Toyota Celica

You decide!!!!!!!!

WE The People

[Constitution for the United States of America]We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.Article the fourth [Amendment II]A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.Article the third [Amendment I]
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.Section. 8.To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; Do we as "WE THE PEOPLE" no longer know what this is or go by this due to liberal propaganda? Is "IN GOD WE TRUST" a thing of the past?Bail outs and Barney Frank goes totally against our Constitution I shouldn't’t need a concealed carry permit because I have already got one and it called The Bill of Rights and Freedom and God. What the hell has happened to our country? Our Forefathers would roll over in their graves.If the Obama cops ever decide to come to my home they best be prepared to die.Because I simply will not give up my freedom…"NEVER"!People better wake up in this country and be prepared to defend freedom.I have spoken with many Police Officers, National Guardsmen and Sheriff Deputies that say they want no part of collecting guns from good people. They have made a good choice indeed. Because they indeed know that there are millions of "GUN OWNING" Law obeying nice citizens here. And These Officers depend on the well armed well regulated Militia for a protectoral back up. When the shit hits the fan and it will.As one of those citizens and along with the "Nuge" that support our United States Constitution. I hope that most of the great respectable people of this country have a wake up call soon.

12/29/2008 Also"Press One for English"For all these years I have thought , That I did live in the United States, Remember the flag with stars and stripes of red white and blue flew outside on a pole when I was young and still does today. What in the heck happened? I go into a store of any kind and I hear more Spanish then if I lived in Spain, What’s the matter with these people? If they didn’t come to the USA to be Americans and speak English, Then why? Why would they have come here? "Press 1 for English" I sure in the hell will not. If you refuse to speak our language then go back to where ever your motherland is for Christ’s sake.You can not make "US" American People speak your Language…"BOTTOM LINE"And we shouldn't’t have to either; We were indeed born here and were raised on English. I do not EVER want to hear another word of Spanish! I do not want Spanish television I do not want any Spanish. FOR I AM an American. NOTE IF U WANT to speak Spanish MOVE to Spain! "MEXICO" or whatever. "WE THE PEOPLE" Have spoken.I am so sick and tired of all this Un Americanism BS in this country."Take the pledge of Allegiance out of our schools"? Are you nuts!!!!"WE" aren’t all Atheists why are Christians putting up with this liberal garbage?Can’t parents raise their children correctly these days? What’s wrong? "Liberals" that’s what the problem is. "Press One for English" oh hell no I won’t. "Gun Bans, Gun Laws" this is all liberal garbage I have a gun permit, and it’s called the Constitution of the United States of America. Now leave me the hell alone Liberals.And please "DO NOT COME AGAIN" What is wrong with people today? I will be dammed if some little Middle Eastern puke with a box cutter would of ever HI JACKED a plane with me on it. That SOB would have had to pull his balls out of his throat."My Friends" Listen up you have turned into a society of sissy’s. Yea sure right lets read terrorists their rights. "Excuse Me" Terrorist’s "DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS"!!!!Liberals give terrorist’s the right to kill American’s. Holly Crap they are stupid.Sorry Lib’s "BUT" I as an American Citizen "HAVE" the right to protect myself. And listen I "WILL" exercise that right. "IF" You Lib’s want to die that is also your right.BUT DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT infringe on my RIGHTS"

Obama versus Lincoln
Several times I have corrected those who think Barack Obama is the next Abraham Lincoln by using the Copperheads. Now Doug Powers does the same:
I've never seen any real connection between Abe Lincoln and Barack Obama as far as "leadership" goes. If anything, Obama has more in common with the Copperheads who were against the Civil War and wanted a negotiated peace with the Confederacy than he has in common with Lincoln. At some point after the Civil War, the Copperheads changed their name to "Jimmy Carter."
So what exactly are the Obama and Lincoln comparisons? Obama and Lincoln are both from Illinois? Too vague. Jack Benny and Quincy Jones also came from Illinois – does that make them Lincolnesque?
Lincoln and Obama both rose politically in Chicago. Not a bad deal when Lincoln was climbing the political ladder in the Windy City, but for the past several decades, bragging that you ascended through the ranks in the Chicago political machine is like saying you were the best swimmer at the city sewer.
They're both lawyers? Sure, but that would mean that nearly half of Congress is Lincolnesque. Stop laughing – although Nancy Pelosi is only two facelifts away from dredging up a particular resemblance to the 16th president.
Where are the real comparisons? Unless Abraham Lincoln had a wacky, anti-American pastor and once announced his candidacy for Illinois Congress in the home of William Quantrill and later denied knowing anything about him, I'm not seeing any serious similarities.
And did you know the words "hope" and "change" were not uttered one single time in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?
Just about the only valid comparisons I can find between Lincoln and Obama is that Abraham Lincoln didn't have a middle name, and for a long time the Obama campaign and the media pretended Obama didn't have one either.

ADOT Emission Testing Requirement

Dear Arizona State Legislature
Concerning MVD, ADOT, Emissions Testing
Last week I had a vehicle to take to the emission testing station by my home, as I have done for the past twelve years, just to find out that it had been closed down. "Great" So then I went back to my home and went on line to find out where the closest one would be.
Since the State closed the one @ 40th st and Greenway.
I found out that I now had to take my vehicle now to 23rd ave and Peoria.
Now this vehicle that was due emissions at the cost of $19.00 for the test is a 1977 Ford. "A" 32 year old vehicle. And I couldn’t even buy the tag for 2 years, because the State of Arizona has to have that $19.00 and my hassle of getting it tested every year. "WOW" Now that is indeed incredible there isn’t even a great number of these cars on the road. BUT in this State every year I have to take my vehicle for this revenue making process. "Please"! This is simply an outrage. This state goes back to 1967? That’s 42 yrs? "Say What"? Cars did not even have Catalytic Converters until 1975. So the public is being latterly ripped off by the state. Here are the readings from my emission report "Passed"
Hydrocarbons standard idle .98 allowed 250
Carbon Monoxide 0.09 allowed 2.0
Can you please tell me why I couldn’t get a two year tab? "Please" this is utter craziness. I have a 1979 Mercury Cougar that runs just as clean.
Why do us people who choose to drive older cars have to suffer and be harassed in this State because of what we drive? I will bet you $$ that these older vehicles of mine are just as clean as a 06 Nissan or Toyota. The State of California only goes back 15 yrs on their testing. So why is our state so crooked? I feel as many other good upstanding people of this great state, that something needs to be done about this injustice. Since I am being forced by this state to drive farther and wait in line longer I should be getting a reimbursement from the state in which I pay taxes.
But we all know that you all will not do that. We Arizona tax payers are being taken for a rough ride by the Arizona State Legislature
Well I am part of "We the People of this Great State" and I and many others are sick of this unjustified Emission practice. It needs some "GREAT" adjustments if it is going to stay in place. I hope that since you are employees of this State that my tax dollars will do something and you can get the ball rolling here for the betterment of the People of Arizona.
I would hope that our people in the legislature could see past a revenue builder and lean more towards a fairness builder.
Sincerely Yours Vance Phoenix AZ

Let's Make America Better

I for one want a strong economy, I want "Fair Trade" policies and not just "Free Trade"

I believe in the Constitution of our Fore Fathers United States

I strongly believe in my First and Second Amendment Rights as an individual

Yes I am a Veteran and yes we can be more American.
Yes I fly “OLD GLORY” and yes I own an American Car

Yes I am a conservative Republican and not a tax and spend Democrat

NO I don’t Believe in “Traffic Camera’s” or “Big Brother” intervention
How many citizens of this country want a better life, less government, and stronger Liberty?
Speak up

Dear Mr. Huckabee
I am amazed by your common sense and integrity and class, and wished that there were a whole lot more people like yourself in our world. People of this country have became complacent and un caring to their surroundings. I am applaud by this lack of concern for their country and their own people.
Harry Reid is one of these type people, Hell between he and his partners and the liberal media they have already impeached the governor of Illinois. What ever happened to being shown or prove'n guilty buy a Jury of your peers? They have him already tried and guilty. The senate and congress surely aren't acting very constitutional in the case with these bailouts, and Obama's welfare plan for America's health care or stimulus package. How on earth will this deficient ever be paid?
In no one's life time could these sums of money ever be repaid, It's outrageous!
I have taken time to write you and Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Ted Nugent, John McCain and several more. And I never hear back from anyone or does it seem that anyone truly cares about our country or what our government is actually doing. They do not even work a five day work week anymore and they make not earn $170.000.00 a year or more Holly Crap!.I see all these un American liberal import cars on the road and see how the big three failed, There simply is no way that they would have ever been able to compete What is wrong with the American people? They seem to be socialistic and communistic to say the least. No wonder liberal democrats have taken over Washington.
The pledge of Alleigence has been removed from our schools and the school books are written by liberals whom hate this country,The word God has been removed from everything The ten commandments have been removed from peoples lives. No wonder our country is so messed up. And our children and grand children are the ones whom will suffer the worst.
When will the people of this country Start putting up flag poles and fly old glory at their home again, When I was a child my parents and us would take turns putting her up in the morning and taking her down in the evening. NO One does this anymore. WHY?!!
We would pray to God at night before going to bed, and say grace before we ate. Who does this anymore? Have we forgotten our past? And we loosing our future? I am indeed very worried about our future. We have ruined everything that our fore fathers left for us to watch and admire. Traffic Camera's and receiving a ticket in the mail? What kind of ultra liberal garbage is this? We as Americans have the right to face our accusers, and Police agencies are not even running these revenue generating unconstitutional activity's. Andrew Jackson would spin in his grave if he was aware of these injustices. But Americans have become so complacent these days that they will say, Oh there's nothing we can do about it and so they live with it. Give me a break. Is writing a letter too much to ask of US the Citizens of this wonderful and great country? Holly Cow are you kidding me. Well Sir I refuse to give up on my country, and God Bless You. I still pray to Jesus Christ and drive a Ford and fly old glory and believe in and are thankful for the 1 st and 2 nd Amendments, And I use them.
The Term don't Tread on Me actually means something in my household.
Sincerely Your Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ