Monday, January 26, 2009

Barack Obama: stimulus package

As part of an appeal to Republicans to back his $825 billion (600 billion) economic stimulus package, Mr Obama said in his first weekly presidential address that the dream of a prosperous future could be lost "as more young Americans are forced to forgo college [university] dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future."
He added: "In short, if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse."
"I don't like it," said Mr McCain. "I think it's a bit disingenuous to announce strict rules and then nominate someone with a waiver from the rules that you just announced in one of the most important jobs in Washington."
In fact, the $100 billion is simply extra spending; it is a giant one-time welfare program. To pay for it, the government will borrow an added $100 billion, which will impose $100 billion of higher taxes on future generations.
Anti-Business, Pro-Welfare $20 billion to increase the food stamp benefit by over 13% in order to help defray rising food costs.Food stamp use has been going down for years. Rather than be happy, Liberals want to crow that it is going up. So they increase it 13% over the inflationary index. Wonderful.
All this money is supposed to help rid the USA of the deep recession we are sinking into, but in fact it will just post pone for an indeterminate number of years the very deep recession with run away inflation that must following such massive spending by the Federal government with "printed but un-earned money.Fort Knox has only 187 billion dollars in gold reserve. At one time in our history. In the not so distant past the dollar was backed by a dollar in gold in the vaults of Fort Knox. Not so today, we have an ever diminishing valued dollar that buys less and less each year.Despite this fact President Obama and is minions plan to spend the following with a large portion of the stimulus package. "The grocery list includes $87 billion for aid to states for covering Medicaid costs; $79 billion to local school districts and public colleges; an additional $41 billion in aid to impoverished and disabled students, school construction, modernization and new technology; $54 billion in renewable energy incentives; $82 billion in unemployment benefits, retraining and insurance; $20 billion extra for food stamps; and $90 billion in infrastructure spending. And don't forget that the money called for here is above and beyond what all these programs already receive in the annual federal budget. Didn't Bill Clinton tell us 13 years ago that the era of Big Government was over?


  1. Obama’s Stimulus Welfare Scam This package will probably include money for public works projects to create jobs, a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits, additional funds for food stamps and aid to strapped state governments struggling to cover the rising cost of heath care for the poor.

    Surely it must help our economy if home less people spend $ on sun flower seeds Right?

    Jan "Hope" America

  2. I dissagree with the stimulus package. We should be able to handle any problems without printing up more money.
    We need to get to the bottum of the economy problems,like pork barrel spending,giving aid to those who non american.
    Spending money we do not have in excess is just stupid.

  3. OH Bama's Stimulus presentation is an absolute joke.
    How will it help the American people, I don't understand.
    Vance I agree that these bailouts and stimulus are indeed welfare
    And completely unconstitutional and shouldn’t be allowed by any means.
    Thanks for looking out for us all
    Thanks for doing a great job as an American
    Vance for President

    Leo Charm {Retired Vet} Mt Pleasant MI