Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bush, whose presidency has been assailed by criticism over his handling of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

He said the "only practical way" to protect Americans is to advance the causes of liberty and freedom so other nations do not fall into the hands of those who support terror.
God Bless Bush he was a wonderful President and we all owe him so much!!!!!!!
“We the People of the United States of America”

What ever happened to this? Why did this go away from our daily life?
People have forgotten their part of We the People, They have forgotten that they are We the People. Today very few Americans write or call their state senators.
“We the People” is a forgotten subject. Many Americans couldn't’t explain to you what the Boston Tea Party was all about, Taxation without Representation.
Millions of Americans have NO IDEA on how to relate to our US Constitution or our Bill of Rights. Why is this? Answer Compliancy People now believe that writing a representative of government makes no difference. And Just do not do it.
In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Hundreds of Thousand's of Americans did their jobs as citizens and made things happen in Government, Now they simply do not care.
They simply do not follow the news or have any interest in their country or politics’
It’s called Uncaring or Complaisant. And It’s a shame to see so much of this utter laziness amongst our citizens. People no longer speak up for what is right or wrong.
We saw this all through the Obama / McCain Campaigns.
What truly will it take to wake up the citizens of this country? I do what I can as one man, But it takes an entire village to raise a child. I simply can not do it alone.

A Conservative thought
Its now the land of milk and honey a sheep in everyone's barn
Obama? Yes the great speaker, "Follow me for change"
Comparing himself to Lincoln… really?
As far as I know Lincoln didn’t start his run for the White House In the living room of an American terrorist.
Lincoln wasn’t an anti gun President
Lincoln was as honest as the day is long.
Lincoln wouldn’t have attended a March with a corrupted minister
Lincoln wouldn’t have attended a racist church for twenty years and lied of the fact
If Lincoln gave his word to a another fellow He would have kept it and not lied.
Lincoln didn’t buy his way to the White house he earned it.
Lincoln ran the White House through the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights not over it.
Lincoln would have never tried to silence the media.
One of America's chickens is coming home to roost and it isn't Lincoln.
Sorry I did not drink enough or any Obama lade and I wouldn't buy into the Liberal ways of a Democratic Government.
I guess I simply have too much American "NUGE" in me and can see the light.
I felt at ease and safe with "BUSH" Now I feel uneasy and restless to say the least.
I believe That this Obama will be the most unconstitutional President ever.
Gezz Just look at some of his cabinet picks and you will see much "Can you say Ultra Liberal"?
Sincerely Vance Phoenix AZ

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  1. Yes Vance thank god for President Bush He has kept us safe, Something Obama will not and can not do, I hate to see a Republican leave office. We are looking at another Jimmy Carter/Bill Clinton Oh my lord what a shame.
    Democrats are high tax and spend liberals and make of country weak and defenseless and broke.
    Obama scares me something awefull.
    Thanks for sticking up for the little man Vance you are truly an American hero
    Air Force Vet ... Mike LA CA