Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Liberal Insanosilum

“Where did Liberals come from?”

Rosie O’Donnell should be taken to an insanosilum and locked up for the rest of her natural life for the things that she has mentioned. A cover up for 9-11 how absolutely insane, She doesn’t believe that Jp3 on fire can burn through building beams. Apparently she hasn’t ever seen it burn, it is indeed a hot fire, Just ask a Vietnam chopper pilot and you will have you’re answer. Where do these people come from I ask myself allot. How could she be so stupid I say? She is so liberal that she can not even see the light. If God stood right next to her, she would have to ask who he was. There are so many individuals that are like this, are they indeed just stupid or have their liberal parents brain washed them into the wrong way of thinking? Just like all of the anti-smokers in this country, do they realize that the Tobacco business in America is the livelihood of the south? And thousands of people are loosing their jobs over their anti America lobbying. As an American you have a free right if you want to smoke or not smoke its your choice. But don’t purposely put entire states in jeopardy because of your liberal ways. When I was a child you couldn’t turn on a television program without seeing some one smoking a cigarette, now it isn’t politically correct to smoke. Where did all this Yuppie Liberal Anti American BS come from?
It started with allowing all of the coward draft dodging hippies to get away with running from their “Countries” obligational duties. And with the huge importation of Liberal slant eye'd auto’s. Now it has gotten so bad that some people think we need a Muslim in the white house. Come on people don’t you see the big picture here? You simply can not allow an organization like Obama’s to turn into a “One World Order” which it will if he is ever or was elected. He is indeed my fellow American’s the one and only anti Christ type we need to fear right now. With his UN guarded borders and free health care and the other utter nonsense that comes from his vocal cords. His ideas would bring this country to its literal knees. Remember free health care is going to take care of gang bangers and drug dealers, illegal’s and all of the other riff raff in this country, not just the good law abiding tax payers. And with an open border crime will run rapid illegal’s killing people coming and going as they please and all of us here dealing with it and paying for it. This is what Obama will do for you, and Hillary is only one step behind him so watch you’re step closely and tread lightly. Remember you’re vote or you’re none vote puts these people into office and gives them power. Look around you’re neighborhood and you will see the kind that is ruining this precious country of ours. Two Toyota’s in their driveway, they just got back from a trip to Rocky Point Mexico, They drive forty miles to get the best sushi, The husbands business hires illegal’s, The wife has to have designer cloths. These people do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, they don’t worry about where the money went from their Toyota purchase and neither do they care. They don’t ever realize that the Oregon logger is almost a thing of the past, or know what an Oregon logger actually is. And nor do they care. They are more worried about if their neighbor noticed whether or not the wife was saw in her $200.00 jeans. Or that someone on their street has old cars in their yard. They know absolutely nothing about Obama wanting to open our borders, and even if they did, they would think it would be more convenient just to be able to drive openly into Mexico and see no harm in it.
The majority of people weren’t raised by stern American parents with stern American values and stern American disciplines’. Younger people do not realize that the state of Oregon was attacked by the Japanese during WWII and they wouldn’t believe it if you told them. Most do not realize the out come of letting you’re guard down. Look at our stock market and tell us if we have too many liberals, and allow that to be you’re answer. Look at our fuel prices and allow that to be you’re answer, Look at the price of food and look for that to be an answer. We all need to stop the lobbyist game in Washington.

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ

The Savage Manifesto
DomesticA. Cut Federal Income Taxes by 2 percent per year over four years, for a minimum total of 8 percent over four years.
B. Reduce Federal Government Departments in size by 4 percent each year, for a total reduction of size by 16 percent over four years.
C. Eliminate all public assistance for able-bodied recipients. Cut off all public assistance for immigrants for five years. Repatriate those who are not working, after two years.
D. Immediately impose tariffs on cars and trucks owned by foreign entities, even if they’re manufactured in America.
E. Cause illegal aliens to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and then, repatriate them. Pay them a one-time worker fee.
F. Increase pay for active duty combat troops by 10 percent. Number Two. Fire any unmarried military person becoming pregnant while on active duty.”
G. Make abortions illegal, except when the physical survival of the mother is threatened, to be determined by three medical doctors. Require Norplant for all women on welfare of childbearing age.
H. Close all houses of sex and massage.
I. Expand the DEA, while decriminalizing most drugs.
J. Regarding the media; one, eliminate all foreign ownership of any American media entity. Two, break up overly large conglomerates, like News Corporation.
K. Encourage child bearing among tax paying citizens. Create a marriage incentive, through lower taxes for married heterosexual couples. And a government subsidy for each child conceived and carried to birth. Increase the subsidies for each year the couple remains married.
L. Repatriate all illegal immigrants now incarcerated. Encourage all other illegal's to self-repatriate through double taxation on wages and fines on employers.”
A. Iraq. Send in Iraqi troops to mop up pockets of resistance. Make Iraq pay with their oil for the cost of the war. Cordon off Sadr City, force all residents to leave, then go in and mop up all resistance fighters. Divide Iraq into three to four sectors; Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, and International. Next, remove all U.S. troops after above achieved.
B. Iran. One, sanctions embargoes and mine their harbors. Nothing goes in, nothing comes out.
C. North Korea. Destroy their launching platforms, impose a Naval blockade on all goods coming in or out, except food.
D. Israel Arab Entities. Give Israel four years to become self-sufficient. Cut off all foreign aid to all nations.
E. China. 20 percent tariffs on all China made goods immediately; rising by 5 percent each year for each year China refuses to revalue their currency.
F. United Nations. Withdraw immediately. Remove all Diplomats and staff. Convert the United Nations building into housing for the working poor.
G. Mexico. Force Mexico to pay one barrel of oil for every illegal alien in the United States of America per month.

“The Crumbling of our America”

Why is it so hard to get good customer service in this country?
It’s like we have been overtaken by India. Everyone that calls my house to offer me something or a bill collector Is Brian or Janet from New Delhi India. “Yea Right” Like there are Brian’s and Janet’s in India. And why do all of these companies now call from strictly eight hundred numbers, is it because they are too ashamed to list their companies to list and show their phone numbers? These companies pay these people 76 cents an hour to take calls in India. Because American businesses are too cheap to pay an American worker minimum wage. That is completely degrading. Because the bottom line is profit, profit, profit, these executives want to purchase their 70 foot yachts and eat caviar all the while fingering their noises and the common man. God forbid if the American people could have a decent wage and health care benefits and have them be able to take care of their families.
Do you realize that before the last Iraq war, that the people of Iraq had free gasoline, free food, free clothing it’s no wonder that there are militants out after our soldiers there. We went in a put a stop to the common wealth. Why are we truly trying to make them more like us? Are we so wonderful? Why should we make them pay for what was theirs? And it has simply cost trillions of dollars and a huge cost of human lives and for what? Are they really better off now? It’s my feeling that their not. Are we better off? No we truly are not. Let lying dogs Lye that is what my grandfather always said.
For god sakes people we created Osama bin Latin “Our” good ol’e American tax dollars paid heavily for that one. But our government will deny, deny, deny. The many truths of this Middle Eastern conflict.
If the dollars spent on this irresponsible war had been put into oil research rather then searching for WMD’s we would be further ahead. If a percentage of that money had been used to further education maybe there would be so many high school children with no future to look forward to. Maybe if some of that money had been used for border patrols and border surveillance maybe there wouldn’t be so dammed many people in America illegally. Maybe if we hired more security and police there wouldn’t be so dammed much crime. Maybe if we had spent some of that money bailing out our own “American” car companies there would'nt be so dammed many Japanese cars on the road, and just maybe we wouldn’t have so dammed much un employment in our great country. There was a day here not too many years ago when you could actually make money in the stock market. Thousands of people made it rich working the stock market to their advantage. Well a very few people can do it now days because our economy is in such a terrible state. It is truly a shame that our country has fell to the Japanese, You see they have won the war in the USA anyway. And not with guns bombs or violence. But with taking away our American pride and our American dollar. We as citizens of “America” need to get our pride back and take back our country from all of the liberal bureaucrats that are running it. They have basically shop lifted our own country away from us. But it isn’t completely lost as yet, if the American people would just digest some calcium and grow back bones and start standing up more for themselves, Rather then allowing themselves to get mowed over by “The Machine” everyday. Things might now be so bad or have gotten so bad.
If we could just go two days without having a make a milk, bread, or gasoline purchase we could put them on their knee’s and take the time to vote and put a stop to all of the pork barrel lobbyists in Washington. Stop the liberal bureaucrats from ruining this great country with their complete nonsense. Apply for Government grants to start tree farms to slow global warming, do something that makes you stand out from the ordinary person. Take accountability for your citizenship own you’re American pride, show you’re American pride by proper display of our lovely red white and blue flag. When someone calls saying that he is Donald But he is in New Delhi India say “Yea Right” and just hang up the phone. We do not need to take this crap, we are indeed Americans. Say no to the complete and utter destruction of the rain forests, just because Mr. Joe Blow liberal down the street thinks he needs a Banana wood floor in his ultra yuppie home. Doesn’t mean that we have to strengthen the results of global warming. That is ridicules indeed. Sure it looks nice but do you really need it? It’s a fad and all fads pass. Sure south and central America are in an economic hardship, But help them out in other ways rather then stripping their land to just dirt.
Global Warming isn’t a joke its here and isn’t going anywhere soon. Postpone a space shuttle launch and build poor families a school. Our Government is so screwed up that the state of South Dakota is cut in half. One side of the state is killing prairie dogs and the other side is protecting them. Because the Ranchers and our intelligent government couldn’t come up with a good solution. Isn’t this absolutely insane? These sorts of things go on everyday here right under our own radar. Our legislature is in complete and utter chaos and we allow it and spend every day of our lives in an un caring manner because we think oh we simply can’t change any thing. This is how our great country became so messed up in the first place. Our brilliant forefathers would roll over in their graves if they could see how our high priced government works today. They would be so ashamed of what it has become.
By Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ


  1. Vance
    I completely agree with you all the way.
    Liberals run rampent thru out this country and they slowly remove our rights as an American.
    They wipe their ultra liberal ass'es with our Bill Of Rights and Constitution. They want to GUT our military and make us weak and easy for the Terrorist to enter and destroy us as human beings. Thanks for supporting the true and real people of this country we need more "WE THE PEOPLE" People like you that have our backs God bless you Sir

    Taylor Grand Blanc Michigan Retired Navy Man

  2. Right On Brother Right On

    We are now an "OBAMANATION"

    "Eric Holder" will be around to pick up your guns soon.. Be ready to fight my fellow Army Ranger..... Thanks Ken