Saturday, January 17, 2009

Respect your Country and Purchase American

I get so tired of these liberal POS's driving their slow and pukey Jap crap vehicles. Some have the American Flag stuck on or waving from them, It makes me sick.They all look like Japanese Zero's to me. I want to paint little rising sun flags on my fender for them to admire as I blow by them. I want to put bumper stickers on all of the rice cars that say "Traitor to the United States".I have had US Built Vehicles my entire life, I am 50 and never had problems.
I have a 30 yr old Mercury Cougar that I drive everyday, Looks new drives new and not one squeaks rattle or anything. Everything works as it should. 22mpg on the highway and I am a happy guy. Its comfortable and nice and will completely blow a rice car away from its rice easily. Plus it has style, It isn't an utter ugly curved box with a Toyota nameplate.
I support the big three and always have, But then again I am a true patriotic American. I have fought for my country and bought for my country nothing else matters. We need to end the importation of rice in this country and start the deportation.
Thanks and You good Americans have my full support

1 Jan 09
Subject: Whats wrong with this country
I hear all this crap about Honda's built in Ohio, and Fords built in Canada, what is "MORE" American? First off here I want these liberals to get something straight. "Honda's" aren't BUILT in the USA. They are assembled with Japanese Parts. That surely isn't Built. and for a matter of fact "HONDA" to me Just surely doesn't say "AMERICA". If it does then YOU are just outright "STUPID". "FORD" "DODGE" "CHEVY" SAY AMERICAN. "TOYOTA" "HONDA" "NISSAN" SAY "JAPAN"!!
Liberals adore free trade and never fair trade. They adore that if you live in ASIA and you want a Chevy Tahoe, you will pay $14,000.00 Just to bring it into the country. Its called Protectionism..Get it? and if you buy a Crappy Jappy Car it means that you support ASIA instead of America. They bring their vehicles here for free."GET IT"?!
Personally I wish the people that have USA Flag stickers on your "Protectionism Cars" would just get up pack your bags and move over sea's where I am certain you would fit in much better. Since you are against supporting your own country's economy and prefer to support the land of the rising sun instead of the red white and blue. "You all need a shot of Americanism,and Backbone" I was raised in an American family, I wasn't raised by liberal Asians. All the liberals on my street own imports and voted Obama, Not me! I drive a dodge and voted McCain. But then again I didn't vote for what the liberals wanted. Because I want a strong USA instead of a weak one. I don't want the US Troops trying to fight battles with Tanks made by Kia, or artillery made by Nissan. Like some of you un American morons want. I will put my Detroit BUILT Dodge up against your Tiny handed Jap built truck any day of the year. I would love to watch as you attempted to pull a 36' fifth wheel RV with your Tundra as I do with my dodge. You Un American A Holes are a joke and an embarrassment to our country.
If you had any respect for what the military personal went thru in WWII you would not buy that Garbage. "Liberals" always trying to ruin our country it makes me sick to my stomach. These Japanese suicide machines are complete disposable, and recyclable, That's why you never see a 10 yr old Toyota. I will never support this liberal garbage you call Honda and Toyota or any other that ruin my country. But then again I was raised an American and not a communist."American Cars Rule"
PS When you see an American Built Truck in the rear view mirror on your Kia Move over!!! and when you see my "OLD GLORY" it means something unlike yours! and to these Lib's "Please stop the ruination of our country" Sincerely Vance Phoenix AZ

This says American and Proud ... Ford F-150

This says Japan and Weak ..... Toyota Celica

You decide!!!!!!!!


  1. We the people drive american not imports like most of the cars and the have the nerve to display a american flag on a honda like that means its ok. Not by me i drive a american made ford and like the rest of the good people who also drive american made cars thay should by given a $500 a year credit while those who chose not to be american and drive inports thay should be tax $5oo a year. I would like to see them cry and say its not fair. I say to them when your in our country lets help to save jobs in the good USA not overseas.

  2. I completely agree with Vance here, Toyota truly does'nt say "America" to me.
    and I do not car what others think either.
    "Ford" Dodge GM speak measures for America.
    I would'nt ever BUY an Import.
    I grew up in the midwest and my value system just won't allow me to. Sorry Lib's
    But then to I am a conservative republican.
    Don't blame me I voted McCain.
    Thanks Vance keep the fight going
    Travis from the great state of GA