Sunday, February 1, 2009

no-holds-barred reputation of knowing

“Problems with this country”

people do not take their job’s as being American seriously enough

people have forgotten about “ we the people “

people have forgotten that “ freedom isn’t free “

people have lost their Americanism

people listen to liberals for their news and information

people do not commit themselves to America

Too many people look for assistance “welfare” from government.

People do not take on the fight when something is wrong in their own country.

People lost their way when it comes to protection; they expect to just call the police for everything, making our country weak by nature.

Not enough people go to church or have the belief or trust in god.

people care too much about what the Jones ’s have

people do not care enough about how their children are being educated.
This is what liberals say "But is it time to get over September 11th, to move on—to, “forget” it?
I say a pledge to “buy American,” is needed more than any time in our history
a liberal will say why buy from a country can’t compete with the world anymore
and it's them that got us here in the first place.
a liberal will say "Let’s stop living in fear and start dreaming again."
I say wake up and smell the coffee and buy a gun and ammo while you still can
Soon the "Obama/Biden" Gun& Ammo Ban's will stop you from doing so, They like unarmed victims. Just as much as criminals do.
I say Never Forget Sept. 11th
I say always remember Sept 11th
Because "Now I understand what it is to pray with your heart."
The liberal argument against the war in Iraq is essentially, “It’s bad to start wars. We’ve never done this before and Bush is wrong to do so.” That makes plenty of sense as long as you forget what we learned on 9-11, namely, that there are terrorists out there who are well-organized and trying to get their hands on a nuke to nuke us. From listening to most of those who argue against the war, you’d never know 9-11 ever happened.
to those zealots on the left You all need to do less meth and sniff less glue, Wake up, America... especially those who still support the Nancy Pelosis, Joe Biden's and Oh Bama's of this world. You are being sold a bill of goods and you are losing your country.
Our Country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles AND the Bible.
the Founding Fathers said that all could enter, but live according to OUR law! That is being changed by multi-culturalists and socialists who have an agenda of their own.
Just don't come in to this country and tell us to change the foundations!
Liberals think that Government is better equipped to handle social ills than people are. Even with the billions of dollars thrown at social ills, things only get worse. I don't know when people are going to get it
"Americans have to pull together," we are told. "They ought to help each other. If they don't stop buying those foreign imports, they're going to kill the U.S. economy." In other words, "What's good for General Motors is good for America." Yes you need to support your country..THE USA
Hey Liberals who drive Honda's.... Look at your US economy if you think this isnt true!!!!!!!!
Please people wake up get a grip on your life and your country.
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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