Friday, February 13, 2009

People are taking their country back "Finally"

I want to take a moment to say "THANKS" to the legal citizens of this Country.

Thanks for Continuing to write your Government People.

87% of All Legal American Citizens are against this Democrat Obama stimulus plan.

The Democrats need to cut out the massive amounts of "PORK" and "EARMARKS"

also NO $$$ for Acorn

NO amnesty for "ILLEGALS"

We as "LEGAL" Citizens of the USA are sick and tired of this Democrat "BULLSHIT"

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid think they know whats best for us and what we want..WELL THEY DO NOT! all they want is for every state to be blue come election day.

That is all...and The Legal Citizens of This Country do not want this at all.

"WE THE PEOPLE" are speaking and have been speaking.. Hear our voices.

The Democrats want everyone to be dependant upon our Government

The adore BIG HUGE Government...Their goal is to make a dependant society.

Entitlement programs running rampart in our nation...The Agenda The Pelosi/Reid Agenda.

Send our Job's over sea's Take our Guns away, Make us weak and dependant on Government

They are hell bent on our dependants to the Police, IRS, and ATF Instead of ourselves

They want to mandate what we drive, where we are allowed to go, where we work, where we live, how we live, and how we vote, They what to literally strip our "BILL OF RIGHTS"

They indeed want us to be a dependant socialistic society. "The Liberal Agenda"

They the Democrats want "BIG BROTHER" involved in everything!

They appreciate the "Mark of the Beast"

We legal citizens have to fight this and fight it we will.

Write you Government people, Fight the good fight.

Do you want a Socialistic Society? If you do not... Do your part Speak up!

Do you want to be the minority or the majority?

We simply can not have "Illegals" voting and receiving entitlements in our country

Thanks Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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  1. Mr. Vance
    I completely agree with what you are trying to do here, You are a great American
    I wished that more people were like you and cared about their country as you do.
    You Sir are surely a Patriot! Thanks

    Robert Gullent Cedar Crest, NM