Friday, August 21, 2009

People Please pay attention here

We have a right to Privacy in this Country...Period
The Obama administration is bound and deter mend to remove that from all Americans.
It will all begin with the digitalizing of your Medical Records.
Once that is done they will also have direct access to your Financial records.
Through the States DVM Records They already has access to your Motor Vehicle records.
They “Big Government will Know all there is to know about you.
How you vote what guns you own what cars you own what property you own How much savings you have, ' ALL' you get it?
The democrat liberals want to tear up your United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and make you have nothing. They R U N everything and you are a mere pawn in they're world.
This is American people, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave.
We spilled our Blood on Foreign lands in the Sake of our Freedom.
Is this what your Sons and Daughters , Uncles and Aunts, Mothers and Fathers died for?
Government is stealing whats rightly ours.
Freedoms and Liberties
Speak up and do it Loudly and do it now This is the time.
Make your Government people go by the Constitution.
If we do not remember history we are doomed to repeat it.......Period
We the people of the United States of America must stop big liberal government
and NOW!
Remember ' Don't tread on me'? Well folks now is the time.
Vote out the liberals and speak louder then your neighbor.
The American automotive companies are making a come back and you all need a come
back too. I am asking all real and true Americans to Fly 'Old Glory' We need to prove who actually runs our country again 'We the People'
If you believe this country is great and strong speak up and do it now.

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ
a First and Second Amendment Believer


  1. now is the time to cast out the liberals and be what we stand for. We will not go down without a fight, liberals bring it on. Don't tread on me. Dan

  2. You do realize Bush instated the wiretappings at AT&T and proceeded to give them immunity for spying on us. Ohhh and the department of homeland security was instated by him, too. Who do you think they're watching. I am a registered republican and you make us all look uneducated.

  3. Bush instated the wiretappings ?

    Why Yes Bozo I do
    and guess what "OhBummer" is keeping the Patriot act.....Ok go away now. Vance

  4. Hi Vance, I "bumped" onto you by accident! and just want to say thank you! I try to say these things to everone I know, and am doing what I can to do my part. I live in the midwest and alot of us here share your thoughts. Alot of us here fly Old Glory and Dont Tread on Me flag. Pray about this everyday! I come from a long line of people who believe in service to this country. There really are a ton of us out here! God Bless!