Monday, December 28, 2009

the demise of this country

Liberals have been the demise of this country for many years now

Social- Security
Amnesty programs for illegal’s
Socializing America
Trying Terrorists in Criminal courts
They caused 911 by making this country weak
Liberal school teachers have ruined our children
NO or very little Border security
Trying to take WE the Peoples guns away.
Trying to take We the Peoples freedom of speech away
Forcing Liberal healthcare upon us
Forcing Amnesty for illegal’s upon us
Trying to force GAY marriage upon us
Taking in God we trust away.
Taking the Pledge of Allegiance away
Bad mouthing the New Tea Party movement
Tax and Spend, and over taxing and over spending
Not supporting our troops
Not building up our military
Giving huge handout to foreign countries
Forcing cap and tax upon us
Forcing American companies to leave our own country because they wouldn’t lower corporate taxes
They won’t lower estate taxes or capital gains taxes
Liberals are the feel sorry for everyone people.
They adore BIG Government entitlements
They won’t rest until America has been totally flushed down the toilet

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