Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bring it to the table America

Why Do Liberals Hate Guns? And Americans

1. Liberal Democrats Hate Gun Owners
Gun owners, as a general rule, are more conservative and are more likely to vote Republican. Gun owners are also more likely to join the Armed forces and to give unqualified support to our troops. Gun owners are also more likely to think it was a good idea for people like Richard Nixon to go after communists like Alger Hiss. Many gun owners supported the Vietnam War. Some of them allowed themselves to be drafted and others went so far as to enlist of their own accord. These, however, are all things that liberal Democrats despise. If gun owners are in favor of these hated things, guns must be very bad.
2. Gun Control as a Means to Attain Political Power
Many misguided people have an honest aversion to guns and would prefer the enactment of strict gun control regulations. In this great country they are entitled to their opinion and to vote their beliefs. The liberal Democrats know this and use these people as a means to win elections.
The liberal Democrats are actually an unholy alliance of single issue voting blocs. The liberal Democrats believe that they can win at the ballot box if they support the following issues and groups: abortion, homosexuality, affirmative action, opposition to school vouchers, anti-religious sentiment, radical feminists and big labor unions.
Gun control is just another special interest in their bag of tricks. The best example of this is the assault weapons ban. Every rational person knows that the ban eliminates certain guns based on cosmetic features. Bayonet lugs and flash suppressors do not make semi-automatic guns more deadly or more suitable for criminal use! However, the assault weapon ban is the ideal wedge to use in a heated political debate. ("My Republican and Libertarian friends are against the assault weapons ban!")

Liberal Democrats Hate the Constitution
The Constitution protects the individual rights of individuals and it protects individuals from the State. Liberal Democrats hate this. They believe that they know what's good for us, how to use our money better than we do, and they know whether I should be allowed to carry a gun on my person to protect myself, my family and my Synagogue. How else do you explain that liberal Democrats find a right to abortion emanating from the penumbra of the Constitution, but cannot seem to find any individual right at all in the Second Amendment?
Democrats know that when someone commits a crime, it is society that has failed and should have to pay -- in the form of higher taxes and reduced freedom.
Republicans believe that every person inherently knows right from wrong, whether they were raised by harlot on the mean streets of East St. Louis or by a wealthy Episcopal minister in the ritzy 'burbs of Germantown. They know that the solution to violent crime is to beat the hell out of the perpetrators.
Democrats consider any form of smoking of tobacco that is produced by the large corporations to be evil. The only material acceptable for smoking is marijuana or Native American ritual tobacco. If you are invited to the home of one of your cool friends and are handed a joint, do not think you have to eat it just because there is a sign on the wall that says, "Thank you for not Smoking".
Republicans think smoking is fine as long as it provides the opportunity to ship large quantities of money to the subsidized tobacco farmers and producers. Of course the smoking of any "controlled substance" is not permitted even if tobacco kills far more people. Because, it is the law, you idiot. Republicans are for law and order. Lots of both.
Democrats believe in the concept of "equal distribution of wealth" even if they happened to be hoarding quite a pile of it. They justify this by the fact that to do their job requires that they live in a certain high class style that allows them to associate with the influential.
Republicans believe that hard work and the economic "invisible hand" will make sure that anyone who deserves it gets it or the reverse as the case may be. By definition, if you are broke and living off the street, you deserve it.

The left wing of our country seems to believe that they can push anything that they want onto the American people.
Such as having illegals being able to vote and have free tax payer paid health care, they will soon find out that they will have less power after the 2010 and 2012 elections, we the people of America have simply had enough of these Keith Olbermann adoring idiots.
Obama will lose power in the senate, because the libtards will no longer have the majority, even people that do usually vote demotard will vote for a republican Just to be able to say goodbye libtards.
The great and true people of this country see the path of poison Embedded Socialism that they are trying to deal us.
They will learn quickly that we the people are against this.
We also see that these socialists are completely un constitutional.
Hence Nancy Pelosi replying to a reporter that asked her what part of the US Constitution she was going by to pass health care and she answered “Are you serious”
YES Nancy we are indeed serious!
And then you have all this Global Warming BS.
Has anyone noticed the stunningly Cold winter this country is having? Liberals will factually believe anything they are told by other liberals.
Like by having terrorists on trial in a criminal court will make us safer...This is indeed a huge load of liberal crap.
That like saying that electric vehicles are clean..YEA W R I G HT!!
Guess what, You are charging them with electricity from a coal fired power plant..Cleaner my A**.
These are the very same liberals who shipped jobs overseas and closed tobacco farmers down and put thousands out of work.
These are the same libtards that put Van Jones a communist in the Wright House, These are the same liberals that shut down hundreds of American farmers in California.
These are the same idiots that drive up the price of food in America all the while giving welfare recipients more.
You will see more Tea Parties in 2012 and thank God for that.
We the people need to push back the Far Left agenda.
Please note Glenn Becks “RED” phone hasn't rung as yet, This means only one thing America,“He Glenn Beck isn't wrong”

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