Sunday, January 10, 2010

This letter I sent to Jon Kyl


Dear Mr. Jon Kyl

I am a concerned American citizen
My wife and I are indeed very concerned about our country as a whole, its economy, jobs, immigration reform, home security, and much much more.
We feel as if President Obama and Janet Napolitano aren’t doing their jobs correctly in this liberal run Government. Something has to be done, and done soon.

We do not want illegal’s getting citizenship; it isn’t fair at all to those who do come here the legal way. It isn’t right for the liberals to just giveaway our countries citizenship.
We also want G I T M O kept open, For God’s sake. Do not bring these Islamic terrorists into our United States. Period

Also why is it that these Government Liberals such as Pelosi and Reid do not have to go by OUR US Constitution?
They took an oath to protect and serve.. End of story
Also what happened to the Tax payer’s stimulus monies?
Where are all the jobs Obama promised?
We also do not want a Cap and Tax program in our country.
For God sake why would Obama want our energy bills to go up? We can barely afford what we have right now.
We also want Tariffs on Imported vehicles weather they are assembled here or not.
We insist on Fair trade instead of FREE trade.
We insist that our Government lower the industry tax so American business can once again prosper in our country…Period!
We do not want terrorist tried in Public Courts, We insist on Military Courts!
Right now OUR country seems weak and lazy, I want our country to be a strong country, I am sick and tired of Apology tour 2009 all over again, We are sick and tired of Pelosi calling We the People of this United States the terrorists.
Please Mr. Kyl rally you’re troops in Washington

Sincerely Yours Vance Phoenix AZ

I make a suggestion to all to do the same
it is the only way for Americans to take their country back


  1. A majority of these laws that we disagree with so much are passed because we as a society would rather complain about them to each other (or just accept them) than take the time to vote and/or express our dissatisfaction to government officials.

    If we continue to roll over, things are only going to get worse.

    Vance, I commend you for using your voice to speak up. I hope more follow your example.

    Thank you,

  2. Thank You
    Its wonderful to hear from real and true Americans like yourself
    Take Care and fight the Good fight for our Great and wonderful country