Friday, March 26, 2010

Communistic Democrat plan to collapse our country

Listen people racism in this country is an absolute J O K E
As long as people are people there will be some sort of race issues period
Most Americans do not care if you are blk wht blu purple or pink as long as you work and do not suck off the tit of society.
As long as you work and take care of your families and aren’t robbing others to live, I could care less about color My neighbor is a blk man and he is a great man, Army Vet and still works hard. In 16 yrs we have had no problems what so ever, We neither have thought that one or the other where racist. But you see the actual LEFT of this country continually making it an issue. There are lazy whts and lazy blks, Get over it.
Not all blks voted for Ohbama and not all whts voted for McCain.
You leftists surely like to stir and stir the pot more everyday.
NO ONE was spat upon or called the “N” word its all make believe from the Far Left in this country.
Now who are the far left?
Woodstock goers, Children and Grand children of the 1930’s and 1940’s American Nazi party.
Rich Liberals, Anti American “Forefather” haters.
Socialistic piglets that need “Mother” Government.
It is their agenda to collapse this nation, with the assistance of democrats.
And as you can see it is indeed happening just that way.
They are using Health care, Immigration, Education, Taxes, and Cap and Trade, to do this. The Obama Bill will collapse many American businesses through “Universal Health Care”
Caterpillar will have to put out “1” Billion dollars the beginning of 2011.
How does the Messiah expect that American companies will stay in business?
See its all a Communistic Democrat plan to collapse our country.
They will put insurance companies out of business and then pass a single payer system. Look out people!!!

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