Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preparing for an American Crisis

I have done some special things to my home lately, Solar energy for example.

I bought and installed 6) 15 watt solar panels giving me 90 watts of battery changing power.

I have a small battery bank of 12 volt automotive batteries, Hooked to a 1000 watt DC to AC Power Inverter.

This enables me to power lights , refrigerator, portable cooling unit, a television and the like, when the Power Grid is down. I have clear plastic 55 gallon barrels to be able to collect rain water that are hooked to a 12 volt DC pump, so it can be powered from a simple car battery set up.

Power and Water are going to be a "BIG DEAL" one of these days in the very near future.

Food storage is also a big deal, Please people when you do your shopping each time just purchase an extra can or two, and put it aside, it could just save your life someday.

If you are indeed thinking about some type of survival apparatus better start buying items now, Before there is a big rush on things and you simply wont be able to get it.

Sometimes you must think outside the box.

Please do not just sit there with your head in the sand thinking that it couldn’t ever happen in America.

Think about your family, your friends, your pets, People and animals will count on you in the near future.

How will you survive a disaster?

You can make a Solar over, Yes you can cook with Mirrors, it’s a fact.

Please do the research yourself, You would be amazed at the simple things that could possibly save your life. I am asking that people step forward and become leaders in their neighborhood, Please make sure that your family and friends understand the importance of being self reliant in their lives.

Tough times are on there way, are you ready?

Can you survive a disaster?

Can you assist others in their own survival?


Vance Keaton, Phoenix AZ

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