Monday, May 23, 2011

this travesty of justice

Listen its like this, We need someone in the White house that has good business sense, The economy is in the dumper, This fellow Obama is an utter joke, He hadn't any experience in anything before he was offered the White house.

If we want our children to have the same life we had or a better life than us, Then we must step up to the plate right now we cant wait.

Major cuts are needed now.

We do not have a taxing problem, What we have is a spending problem.

Government spends too much, We must some how Privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

These Government spending plans have to be cut period. Obama Care isn't helping this country one bit.

Look at all the liberals who this Obama has given waivers to. If it was so great then why don't even liberals like it.

More waivers were given out in Nancy Pelosi's district then anywhere in the entire country.

“You will find out whats in it after we pass it” Remember? Well looks like they found out.

Democrats don't understand that they just cant continue to force things upon we the people.

Democrats have involved Themselves with Radicals, Communists, Socialists, Gays, and Muslims.

The American people see this and aren't very happy about it, and many democrats will be voted out again next November, When you surround yourself with radical people, We see it and you will be gone. Thank God the American people have been awakened. This I thank Barrack Obama for, it is the only thing this far leftist administration has been able to get done.

2012 will bring about change, since The Obama we haven't trial ed Terrorists, we have watched The Obama install communists and socialists into government positions, We have witnessed The Obama not protecting Marriage or Israel, But protecting Terrorists and Radical Black Panther members, The Obama has had Communist George Soros visiting the White House.

The Obama had a well know radical Communist Van Jones on staff in his corrupted admin. He is the most corrupted President since Jimmy Carter. The Obama used information gathered threw the Bush policy's and sent a US Navy Seal Team to get OBL and doesn't even acknowledged or Thank George Bush, wow he is indeed a complete and utter self centered asshole. He is against drilling for oil in our own country, But yet he The Obama allows Brazil to drill in the gulf while its supported by George Soros.

Well my fellow Patriots 2012 is right around the corner, We must get behind Ron Paul or Herman Cain and give them major support.

Because the Liberal Leftist Mainstream Socialist Media is getting ramped up once again to re elect THE Socialist Muslim Liberal Messiah. Who's taxpayer paid stimulus hasn't worked, who's liberal policy;s have made America suitable to terrorist attacks, He won't secure the USA Borders, Hell he wouldn't even kick his aunt out that was here illegally. The stock market is in the toilet because of uncertainly that he has caused in this country with his Messiah Care and Cap and Tax policy's.

I indeed so hope that We the People “The Taxpayer” are awake for this next election.

We need a President that speaks of self reliance and not welfare.
Apparently Liberals feel threatened by Conservative people, Take the Ryan plan for instance, His plan doesn't effect anyone over the age of 55. The left try's to twist everything to suit their agenda.

This is what they do, Put grandma in a wheelchair and push her off a cliff, But the truth is that she will not be effected at all by Ryan's plan.

This is what they do, Paul Ryan's plan doesn't get them the Communism they seek, so the Bash republicans.

There is a Sheriff up in San Francisco Country that doesn't arrest illegals, Have you saw some of these San Francisco Freaks, Tatted from head to toe and then they wonder why no one will hire them, They believe in pot smoking and open borders, Please these people are just well indoctrinated morons.

People need to get away from these indoctrinated morons, Look at Mexifornia and use that state as you're example when it comes to whats wrong with this country.

Look at President Obama, He wants gas to be $8.00 a gallon and high speed rail, These two things are to limit the comings and goings of our country.

Look at MSNBC, Ed Shultz calling Conservative women sluts on his radio show.

He believes in killing the innocent But do not ever water board a terrorist.

School Children do not even know who our first President was, Because teachers no longer teach they just indoctrinate children into Communism is great and its ok to be gay, That is all they do and we the tax payers pay them our dollars to do this, who's fault is this? The democrats that are backing the teachers unions who are filled with communists.

Teachers unions have been dumbing down our children for years.

I will get behind what ever candidate that shows me that they are a Constitutional person who believes in self reliance, Did you here that Mexifornia is going to release 33,000.00 prisoners.

isn't that great!! I wished that Gov Perry would make a run for POTUS!!

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