Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

Occupy Wall Street Protesters

What a bunch of indoctrinated liberals idiots, they drive their daddy's Hummer upstate to protest Capitalism, The same Capitalism that daddy used to make money to purchase his Hummer, Then when they are done dirtying up the city and urinating on the flowers, They will take their filthy bodies back to Daddy's home and use Daddy's soap and water and clean towels and then eat Daddy's food and sleep in daddy's supplied bed which to sleep, Then they will expect Mommy to clean their room and wash their filthy clothing, as they watch their parents big screen TV, and not look for a job. Wow what a generation of losers.

These children has been indoctrinated by liberals such as Rachel Maddow and their own school teachers.

These children haven't any self reliance or love of country.

All they care about is the I phone and the lap top computer that Mommy and Daddy purchased for them.

These parents are at a loss because they haven't encouraged their lost children to do something with their lives. Now they are just stuck raising and taking care of jello children, who are stuck in their own little Face Book world, These children know nothing of the real world, know nothing about how to survive in the world around them. Parents today have been afraid to punish their children, they have been afraid to teach their children, because they them selves have been indoctrinated by their unions and their bosses.

They are their children's worst enemy, and it all started in the 1980's because of child protective services.

CPS is a corrupted organization, Like most Government organizations.

These Occupy Wall Street Protesters are the worst scum in American these days, They have NO idea way they are even there, They are MSNBC misinformed liberal indoctrinated socialists, The weak and the lazy looking to just take from other people who work and earn what they have. They are pure scum that is the only way to explain it. We working folks are sick and tired of listening to these ultimate whiners.

No wonder the democratic party in in the virtual toilet.

I wished these weak and lazy socialists had to live in the 1940's, You would watch literally thousands of these lazy idiots die the first week.

These indoctrinated fools need to clean themselves up and go look for work... Period

Signed Vance Keaton

Phoenix AZ

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