Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Change of a Nation

The Change of a Nation

Well all Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians would and scratch our heads with this Obama reelection, We wonder what happened to our Center Right country.

Well its fairly easy to answer, There are many answers but no one is absolutely correct.

We now have had at least One Complete Generation of Liberal Indoctrination by Union teachers in our education system. Our children have been brainwashed into how well Socialism works in European Countries. Then you have the African-American communities ac crossed this country.

They haven’t been educated with American History, They haven’t a clue about their own history, of how the Union couldn’t have won the Civil War without them, The know nothing of the great Hero's of WWII and the Tuskegee Air Men, Because liberal democrats have held this history from them, They know absolutely nothing of our Black founding fathers. These things are a shame to our country.

What will it take to teach people the truth instead of the liberal lies that union teachers use to indoctrinate our own children with. Latino's voted for Mr. Obama for one reason and one reason only and its called “Amnesty” They seek into our country to get freedom from theirs. Once here they intend to make a difference in our politics’s, and that truly showed in November of 2012.

Mr. Obama on top of all those things has been the great divider instead of the great uniter that everyone had expected. Hardly anyone is now in the Center, They are either far right or indeed far left.

Its now going to be very hard to unite people, Because of this Major Liberal Obama the country is divided to the breaking point. We all pull together during a major disaster as Americans always do without asking what party you belong to. But now our entire country, Well its different now and we can all see it. You could see people pulling apart during this last campaign, With all the negative ads and the complete rudeness of the democrats. It went so far as to the democrats removing “GOD” from their own platform. What a shame to their own party and their country.

I myself couldn’t believe this when I watched it with my own eyes, Un Believable I said.

I reach out to Blacks and Latino's as much as possible to take them in and make them a friend, We have to try to help these people respect the country that they live in, They have been brainwashed and must be assisted to remember their heritage and to remember why they are here, “The American Dream”

The American Dream is all things to all people, Mostly. Except for those that will always take the easy road, and will push for a complete hand out society. But every since the Pilgrims arrived on our shores there has been folks like that. That side of people will never change, So just aren’t born with a strong will to succeed and or a firm backbone. Others thrive to be great and to help others.

This is what built America, But we need to stress the fact that if you intend to succeed America is the best place to do so.

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Vance Keaton

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  1. Secession is the answer. But, I had to do something.
    I took my kids out of the public school, I homeschool
    And teach them the truth.