Saturday, July 27, 2013

Its 1984 Folks , Wake up please

How many of you have watched the George Orwell film 1984?  "Big Brother" is always watching you.
Back when this movie was in production it was a Sy Fi film...Now its reality.
Barack Hussein Obama and his radical admin and the NSA is Big Brother, and you all are nothing more than slaves to his large over bearing government.
This kind of a total police state in what the vote was about back in 2008, The liberal Toyota drivers and the welfare brats all voted in 2008 for an Obama police state.
Obama Care takes over our economy just like a soviet take over of a country. We are now all imprisoned by "Big Bother" Mr. Obama seeks to dis mantel the NRA and simply dis arm we the people.
The liberals continually support the complete and utter destruction of our Founding Documents.
You all know how well the North American Free Trade Agreement worked under Bill Clinton right.
This Obama care is absolutely more destructive than that, it completely alienates the economy away from the people.
How in the world do you insure 20 million folks and not have prices virtually skyrocket elsewhere.
Mr. Obama stated this "If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" People you do now realize that this was all a bunch of Lie's right?
Its called Smoke and Mirrors from "Big Brother"
Do you believe allowing Toyota and Nissan to sell vehicles in America without a tariff was a good idea? Isn't that what actually caused the crash of the American Auto Industry? Didn't that destroy Detroit?
So you people who voted for Obama want more of the same? Because that is whats coming with Obama Care.
"Bankrupt America" ?   Yes we can!!!   is what the should have shouted in 2008.
What is an Obama economy?  50 million folks on Food Stamps , still rising unemployment, Jobs shipped over sea's, Because citizens cant afford to purchase USA made good because of labor unions driving prices up.
This Obama fellow and his socialist minion followers seek to destroy the United States of America this is now so obvious to most folks, "Fundamental Change" it was called. Well folks what it is actually is "Big Brother" from the Movie 1984, always watching you. The NSA monitoring your private phone calls, watching you online, Monitoring your activities where ever you are.
I ask did all of this liberal intrusion help in figuring out the Boston bombers? Hell no!  They couldn't even find a teenage boy hiding in a boat could they?
BUT!   They are building a GIANT date gathering industrial complex in UTAH with the blessing of the Socialist Messiah "Barack H. Obama" He was against it before he was for it.
I ask people everyday when are they going to wake up and demand that "BIG BROTHER" steps out of your lives. Today 1 in 5 people are dependant on the Liberal Government.
Can you believe those stats?
People today make me sad, They are seeking something for nothing, Their American pride back bone is diminished into a flimsy mess. Where did the American can do spirit go , out the back window of their Honda pass port? How damn sad is this country today.
I am so glad I grew up in a better time, Kids haven't any future today, They all will be completely dependant upon "Big Brother" , They will not know freedom and Liberty as I knew it.
Please folks.... read and study your American history.

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ


  1. How many good men and true did we lose in the Vietnam War because L.Ron Hubbard gave the Soviet Union radar and heat seeking missile technology in the 1950s?
    (See Penthouse Magazine June 1983 interview with Ron DeWolf, L.R.H.s' eldest son. Ron DeWolf says his father LRH was:

    A traitor to the United States of America (Ron says LRH gave the Russians a radar unit and heat-seeking missile technology in the 1950s).

    A traitor to the United Kingdom

    A Soviet KGB collaborator

    An 'intelligence pimp' who, for $40,000 a pop, allowed the KGB to peruse 'confidential' auditing interviews bullied out of unsuspecting Scientologists

    L.R.H. allowed the KGB to read the transcripts of Scientologist 'audits' for a fee of $40,000 a time.
    This compromising information was used to blackmail Scientologists in government, business and academia for the benefit of the Soviet Union and to the detriment of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

    An avaricious seeker after money, fame, sex and power.

    A "sick, sadistic, vicious" individual

    A drug addict

    A drug smuggler

    A child molester

    A sex fiend

    A satanist

    A corruptor of youth

    A mind rapist

    A bigamist

    A homophobe

    A fraud

    A liar

    A bully

    A medical charlatan who falsely claimed he could cure cancer

    A con artist

    A character-assassin

    A 'control-freak'

    A sadist

    An individual corrupted by the absolute power he had over his disciples yet he denied all responsibility

    A deluded psychopath who thought he was 'god' and who believed he was the most powerful being in the universe (ie "The Beast").

    A tax-dodger

    A wife beater

    A violent misogynist who beat women other than his wives, women with whom he was cheating his wives

    A coward who would let his wife spend four years in jail for a crime Hubbard authourised

    A multiple 'do-it-yourself-with-a-coathanger' abortionist

    A drunk

    A criminal conspirator

    An anti-'faith' apostate who especially targeted the Christian faith

    A moral bankrupt

    A blackmailer

    L. Ron Hubbard betrayed Scientologists, Scientology, his family, friends and every other individual who believed in him.

    Yet, his 'skills' as a despotic tyrant far outweighed his complete lack of talent as a science fiction author.

    Ron DeWolf also said that:

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had exactly the same religion

    L.R.H. and Adolf Hitler had similar personalities and temprements

    The Hitler Youth and the "Sea Org" are virtually the same thing, and,

    Scientologists and Nazis were ideologically similar

    And then, they hooked up with the Nation of Islam and Gaddafis'
    socialist Libya and North Korea.

    What could be more threatening to liberty than an alliance between the Satanists / the Scientologists / Socialist Libya and Communist North Korea.

    Remember, Nexus had a conference in June 2013 at which a speaker named Dietrich claimed the US military was full of Satanists. Yes. Satanists from the same coven in southern California where LRH met Jack Parsons and his second wife.

    Scientology is a satanic fraud perpetrated against humanity by an evil, demonic false prophet

    Nexus magazine is a front for that satanic fraud

    Duncan Roads is a traitor to God, Planet Earth, Humanity and Liberty.

    Scientologists are satanists in "New Age" clothing. Their "Trojan Horse" is Nexus magazine.

    How does this NOT translate into "The NWO Protocols of the Elders of Scientology" for you?

  2. Dear Vance:
    love your blog! Sounds like we could be brain-mates. Iam 79 they call me "Patriot Pa" 78shoots straight.I am making final trip Tuesday to Washeduptown. The Superbrawl you know the American Patriots vs Washington Stealers! I am trying to find the keys to the "Memphis Belle" load her up and do a fly over. Than bye bye cruel world. Trying to hook up with my buddy Neil Cavuto. I was on his show after my first Tea Party in 2009. Thought I would update him. You'll probably see me on TV. Are you going up? . By the way I have reserved the domain That ought to rattle Sorass cage a little!
    Laus Deo
    Patriot Pa