Saturday, January 17, 2009

ADOT Emission Testing Requirement

Dear Arizona State Legislature
Concerning MVD, ADOT, Emissions Testing
Last week I had a vehicle to take to the emission testing station by my home, as I have done for the past twelve years, just to find out that it had been closed down. "Great" So then I went back to my home and went on line to find out where the closest one would be.
Since the State closed the one @ 40th st and Greenway.
I found out that I now had to take my vehicle now to 23rd ave and Peoria.
Now this vehicle that was due emissions at the cost of $19.00 for the test is a 1977 Ford. "A" 32 year old vehicle. And I couldn’t even buy the tag for 2 years, because the State of Arizona has to have that $19.00 and my hassle of getting it tested every year. "WOW" Now that is indeed incredible there isn’t even a great number of these cars on the road. BUT in this State every year I have to take my vehicle for this revenue making process. "Please"! This is simply an outrage. This state goes back to 1967? That’s 42 yrs? "Say What"? Cars did not even have Catalytic Converters until 1975. So the public is being latterly ripped off by the state. Here are the readings from my emission report "Passed"
Hydrocarbons standard idle .98 allowed 250
Carbon Monoxide 0.09 allowed 2.0
Can you please tell me why I couldn’t get a two year tab? "Please" this is utter craziness. I have a 1979 Mercury Cougar that runs just as clean.
Why do us people who choose to drive older cars have to suffer and be harassed in this State because of what we drive? I will bet you $$ that these older vehicles of mine are just as clean as a 06 Nissan or Toyota. The State of California only goes back 15 yrs on their testing. So why is our state so crooked? I feel as many other good upstanding people of this great state, that something needs to be done about this injustice. Since I am being forced by this state to drive farther and wait in line longer I should be getting a reimbursement from the state in which I pay taxes.
But we all know that you all will not do that. We Arizona tax payers are being taken for a rough ride by the Arizona State Legislature
Well I am part of "We the People of this Great State" and I and many others are sick of this unjustified Emission practice. It needs some "GREAT" adjustments if it is going to stay in place. I hope that since you are employees of this State that my tax dollars will do something and you can get the ball rolling here for the betterment of the People of Arizona.
I would hope that our people in the legislature could see past a revenue builder and lean more towards a fairness builder.
Sincerely Yours Vance Phoenix AZ


  1. Billy Bob here. I agree with Vance about this dang old emission crapola. How come I drive behind these big ol buses and see nuttin but clouds of smoke fillin the air? What does the State do about those issues? I guess it's okay for them governmental places to do whatever skins their cat but when it comes down to us rednecks, screw us like your mom at cousin Ray's weddin. I say YEAH HAW to Vance for standing his ground for us Americans!

  2. Yea we shouldnt have to have a car tested that is 25 years old
    AZ wake up!!!!!!!