Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's Make America Better

I for one want a strong economy, I want "Fair Trade" policies and not just "Free Trade"

I believe in the Constitution of our Fore Fathers United States

I strongly believe in my First and Second Amendment Rights as an individual

Yes I am a Veteran and yes we can be more American.
Yes I fly “OLD GLORY” and yes I own an American Car

Yes I am a conservative Republican and not a tax and spend Democrat

NO I don’t Believe in “Traffic Camera’s” or “Big Brother” intervention
How many citizens of this country want a better life, less government, and stronger Liberty?
Speak up

Dear Mr. Huckabee
I am amazed by your common sense and integrity and class, and wished that there were a whole lot more people like yourself in our world. People of this country have became complacent and un caring to their surroundings. I am applaud by this lack of concern for their country and their own people.
Harry Reid is one of these type people, Hell between he and his partners and the liberal media they have already impeached the governor of Illinois. What ever happened to being shown or prove'n guilty buy a Jury of your peers? They have him already tried and guilty. The senate and congress surely aren't acting very constitutional in the case with these bailouts, and Obama's welfare plan for America's health care or stimulus package. How on earth will this deficient ever be paid?
In no one's life time could these sums of money ever be repaid, It's outrageous!
I have taken time to write you and Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Ted Nugent, John McCain and several more. And I never hear back from anyone or does it seem that anyone truly cares about our country or what our government is actually doing. They do not even work a five day work week anymore and they make not earn $170.000.00 a year or more Holly Crap!.I see all these un American liberal import cars on the road and see how the big three failed, There simply is no way that they would have ever been able to compete What is wrong with the American people? They seem to be socialistic and communistic to say the least. No wonder liberal democrats have taken over Washington.
The pledge of Alleigence has been removed from our schools and the school books are written by liberals whom hate this country,The word God has been removed from everything The ten commandments have been removed from peoples lives. No wonder our country is so messed up. And our children and grand children are the ones whom will suffer the worst.
When will the people of this country Start putting up flag poles and fly old glory at their home again, When I was a child my parents and us would take turns putting her up in the morning and taking her down in the evening. NO One does this anymore. WHY?!!
We would pray to God at night before going to bed, and say grace before we ate. Who does this anymore? Have we forgotten our past? And we loosing our future? I am indeed very worried about our future. We have ruined everything that our fore fathers left for us to watch and admire. Traffic Camera's and receiving a ticket in the mail? What kind of ultra liberal garbage is this? We as Americans have the right to face our accusers, and Police agencies are not even running these revenue generating unconstitutional activity's. Andrew Jackson would spin in his grave if he was aware of these injustices. But Americans have become so complacent these days that they will say, Oh there's nothing we can do about it and so they live with it. Give me a break. Is writing a letter too much to ask of US the Citizens of this wonderful and great country? Holly Cow are you kidding me. Well Sir I refuse to give up on my country, and God Bless You. I still pray to Jesus Christ and drive a Ford and fly old glory and believe in and are thankful for the 1 st and 2 nd Amendments, And I use them.
The Term don't Tread on Me actually means something in my household.
Sincerely Your Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ


  1. You are so right Vance, People have forgotten what an American should do. They have became so liberal and out of touch That they do nothing Thanks for sticking up for us all.

    Army Vet Keith..... MD

  2. God Help Us when the Liberals take over.
    Liberals are driving Toyota's and ruining our wonderfull free country. Wholly Crap 95% of all blacks voted Obama...Run people run!!!!

    Thanks Vance
    Lori Kiptler Santa Rosa NM

  3. Obama holding a 40 and dripping all over the WhiteHouse Lawn... "One for my Homies". They call it a WHITEhouse for a reason!

    New Orleans