Friday, March 27, 2009

2012 will be coming soon!!!!!! Is everyone ready for Real Change?

This is a letter I sent to republican senators

Dear Honorable Republican Senators

Do you still believe in our country and our constitution?

We the People certainly hope that you do.

No more gun bans of any kind, Just because Hillary Clinton says guns from the US are entering Mexico doesn't mean its true, lets get that straight.

These people of the left also want to mandate that there are no more black cars, what's next no more red cars?

These are the same ones that have plans to put the small American farmer out of business, and initiate a carbon cap program that will bankrupt our nation.

We the People are completely sick and tired of these absolutely insane Government Mandates. Our forefathers put a Government in place to assist and “HELP” the “We the People” not to intentionally hurt them. You all had better get out your conservative walking sticks and start walking the Constitutional walk, If you want to make hay in 2010 and 2012. Because us We the People want our country back.

We do not want and we are not asking for Smart Grids or more Big Brother anything.

We seek liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and thats all, You have got to allow capitalism to work, We do not want Socialized anything!

We actually want our country our USA back, Please tariff imported vehicles whether they are assembled here or not, We want OUR Own Big Three to raise from the ashes and run the imports out. We want a strong American Home of the brave land of the free. We do not want Bailouts and Bonuses, We do not want mandates and bans.

We want tough conservatives and smart Government.

Please people get your new improved sea legs and get to work against the left wing.

Do whats Right for Our Country, You simply cant just fall over for the Democrats.

The American People are here for you all, But you have to at least try to fight the good fight for us. We do not want to be owned by foreign countries.

We want our Constitutionally Correct Forefathers back.

Where are the Thomas Jefferson's of today? Where are the Andrew Jackson's of today?

The American people are looking for American hero's not the same old push over subjects. We have the right in this country to be as American as We choose, We do not want to be mandated to drive a Prius, We do not want liberal school teachers, We do not want advise on how to be American from Pelosi or Frank.

Sincerely Yours Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ


Are we already tired of "Spending" Obama?
Yes we are!!!!!!
We require some Conservative Muscle sooner than later in this case

Write your Government People, flood their desks with letters
Do your part as an American Citizen
We need to run the liberals out of town!
No More Nancy Pelosi No More Barney Frank......Come on people.

Thanks for your partisipation!!!!!!!!!!!

Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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