Sunday, April 5, 2009

So whats up with our America?

I grew up on a ranch in the Midwest as most of you know.
We put "OLD GLORY" up every morning and took her down every evening.
We said "Grace" at meal time, and blessed the lord every night at bed time.
It was a kinder gentler nation back then, People were polite and help one another out.
I certainly miss those days, No cell phones, No computers, No GPS, No I Pods.
You attended school and didn't get into trouble, after school you did your chores, ate dinner, did your home work and went to bed, You respected your parents and lived your life. Now things are all different, Children live by a different value system and parents get run over by their children. Young people no longer want to finish school or even get a GED, They no longer want to join the military, Because they have been raised by liberal parents. and it is indeed a real shame.
Barrack Obama got elected because of this, Un educated young people. That require a Nanny State to take care of them. When I was young if I wanted something I indeed had to work for it, My Parents told me nothing was free. If you wanted something you earned it, So you respected it. Now days these younger people have absolutely no respect for anything, Simply because it has been just handed to them.
Its a dammed shame and if you look at today's youths it shows.
Lazy baggy pants wearing thugs, These kids are mushrooms, They know nothing of our history and do not care to know. They will drive Hyundai's from Korea or Scions from Japan and not have a care in the world, About our economy or heritage.
I find this so very sad indeed.
Liberal Parents do more harm than good with their children.
These Kids will be still working at Jack in the Box when their thirty.
and This can and should be all blamed upon their parents. For simply just not raising a quality child, They where too busy for their children..Bottom Line.
There is today a very small number of "GOOD" Kids, If you really don't want to believe this to be true, Just look around the next time you go to a movie or a mall.
Trust me you will see it, You wont even have to look very hard.
If the people of this country actually want "Change" then start with your children.
The attendance of most Churches is down by 45% in this country.
People need to wake up and get their faith back.
Having supper with your children is very important, With the TV off during your meal!
When you go on an outing with your children collect the cell phones, I Pods and whatever. Spend time as a complete family. Get them involved in what your doing, Rather than just pushing them out of your hair.
Ask them common sense things about our country and our heritage.
Know what they are doing Do Not just take for granted that you do.
YOU do not truly Know your children! and never believe that YOU do.
I do not care if you are Republicans or Democrats or Independents, But do the right thing when it comes to your children's lives, Be involved.
Take this advise and work on your children slowly and be patient.
and with every ones help we can make for a better America.

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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  1. You know if you slimmed down on the Rush rhetoric, you might actually make a little bit of sense. I agree with you that our children come first. But your fears of an imaginary liberal conspiracy are going to stifle your plans every time you open your mouth to say something stupid, racist or overly rhetorical.

    It seems like you have a head on your shoulders, Vance. Start using it, bud.