Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Liberal Imports Failing in North America"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Toyota talking on Japan government loan
Associated Press
TOKYO -- Toyota's financing unit is in talks with a Japanese government-backed bank on possible lending, the automaker said Tuesday, underlining the serious woes facing the car industry amid plunging global sales.

Toyota Motor Corp. said no details had been decided. Kyodo News and NHK TV reported earlier in the day, without identifying sources, that Toyota's auto loan unit, Toyota Financial Services, had asked for a $2 billion government loan.

The Japan Bank for International Cooperation declined comment on the reports, saying it does not comment on individual company matters.

The Finance Ministry said Tuesday it will provide an additional $5 billion from its foreign reserves this month to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, to make sure there is ample cash available for needy businesses. Tokyo has about $1 trillion in foreign reserves.

Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano also said the ministry stands ready to raise the money pool available for lending in yen from 800 billion yen now to 1.2 trillion yen to help companies ride out the deepening global slump.

Toyota, which makes the Camry sedan and the Prius hybrid, had been growing solidly before the U.S. financial crisis hit last year. But now it is expecting a 350 billion yen loss for the fiscal year through March, as plunging global demand and a strengthening yen batter earnings.

Toyota's projected red ink for the fiscal year through March would mark its first such annual net loss since 1950, and a sharp contrast from the record 1.72 trillion yen profit it racked up the previous year.

Toyota is still faring better than General Motors and Chrysler, which together have received $17.4 billion in emergency loans from the U.S. government, and asked for an additional $21.6 billion in aid last month.

Nissan Motor Co. has said that it is considering various types of government aid, but it declined to say Tuesday whether it was requesting for Japan Bank for International Cooperation loans. Nissan has forecast a 265 billion yen net loss for the fiscal year through March.

Toyota Recalls More Cars Than They Sold: Is There Fairness in the Media?
The fact is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Toyota recalled more vehicles in the US than they sold last year. They recalled 2.38 million vehicles but only sold 2.26 million. Did you hear about that? I doubt it. Did you hear that Toyota is making an major apology for their "worrisome series of recalls" that has tarnished their reputation for quality? Did you hear about the Toyota senior manager saying that, we used to do quit recalls called, service campaigns' to deal with defects.

Lawsuit Alleges Design of Toyota Corolla Makes it a Firetrap with Defective Seatbelts

And They Just Keep on Coming
Not only Toyota, The rest of them to Honda Nissan Kia BMW all of them
I as an American would like to see These Companies Go back from where they came.
They ruined the big three because stupid people in this country purchased them
brainwashed into thinking that they were getting a better car, For which they werent.

Live and learn friends live and learn, You ruined your own countries economy that is the only thing you did by purchasing these out of country vehicles.

A Sea of Unwanted Imports
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Gleaming new Mercedes cars roll one by one out of a huge container ship here and onto a pier. Ordinarily the cars would be loaded on trucks within hours, destined for dealerships around the country. But these are not ordinary times.And for the first time, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Nissan have each asked to lease space from the port for these orphan vehicles. They are turning dozens of acres of the nation’s second-largest container port into a parking lot, creating a vivid picture of a paralyzed auto business and an economy in peril.“This is one way to look at the economy,” Art Wong, a spokesman for the port, said of the cars. “And it scares you to death.”

The backlog at the port is just part of a broader rise in the nation’s inventories, which were up 5.5 percent in September from a year earlier, according to the Commerce Department. The car industry has been hurt particularly, with sales down nearly 15 percent this year. General Motors has said it would run out of operating cash by the end of the year if it does not receive a government bailout.

It is a proven fact that Asian Auto companys such as Kia ,Hyundai, Nissan
has been caught funneling their moneys to Islamic terrorist organizations .
Muslim terrorism is endangering American financial and political systems.
Islamic terrorist organizations are responsible for hundreds of Israeli and American civilians dead in Islamic terrorist acts.


Buy a Kia or other Korean car... I wont!

"How about the price to replace there sub quality parts? These cars were the most backward designed and hard to find parts for. P.O.S! I worked on them too! Hey Have you ever seen one in a head on colision with the detroit made cars? You drive these death traps not me, no thank you! Be an American, BUY AMERICAN!" quoted from one American to another

Look at this imported crap, Its absolutely no better than American
Put a $6500.00 tariff on these vehicles and the USA Car makers will make a huge come back

I am passing an email around to petition the government to tariff imports.
This has to be done to make our country strong and and to detour liberals from purchasing these vehicles and continuing to ruin our US economy.
Once I have reached 1000 names I will submit my petition to AZ Senator Jon Kyl
This should help running these liberal imports out of our country.
American Auto makers are the best in the world, and we need to keep them this way.
I will put a Ford F-150 up against the ultra liberal Toyota tundra anyday!!!!!!

So why are so many People just stupid, why in hell would I ever want our US dollars that are used for a vehicle purchase's to go into supporting terrorism Back in our own country? These people are completely ignorate!!!!!!! Its a know fact that some of these foriegn auto companies support terrorism, Giving $$$$ to Iran.

YES I want all and Yes I do mean all of the Liberal Import Auto Companies
to fail, and be forced to tuck in their tale and run as if scared back to their homelands

Thanks Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ


  1. Yes Vance You have ir right run these liberals outta here, and make them pay

    Tariff import cars wheather made here or not
    $6500.00 a year
    Tax school supplies 400%
    Tax cell phones 400%
    Tax coffe 400%
    Tax imported food and wine 400%
    Have a surcharge @ Asian cafes

    Thanks Bob Weaver Golden CO

  2. Thanks Vance
    You're the man, I hate liberals. They make me sick, Selling out our country the way they do.
    Banning smoking and guns making it hard to get ammo, all the while driving their lexus and helping to ruin our country and support japan who in turn supports terrorism.
    What a wicked circle they weave thoughout our country.
    Signed Nan Baker Fresno CA

  3. Vance I completely agree
    Here's what's funny. With people like them
    Tobacco Farmers in the South have made their living and fed their families
    By growing Tobacco. They have purchased billions of dollars in farm machinery
    This has all helped our American economy get going and growing.
    Now with people like them, "Liberals" want to put these Tobacco Farmers out of work.
    As they have the Big three, with they're Liberal Nissans and Toyota's.
    I simply do not get it, If they do not like smoke steer clear of it. Why ruin peoples lives
    And jobs over they're feelings?
    They are the same people making this country bad for everyone.
    Just keep your noses out of things and allow capitalism to work.
    The non smoking liberals are the same people making us loose other rights such as
    Guns, our right to protection, Freedom of speech, they took the pledge of allegiance out
    Of our schools, they are removing the word God from everything you can.
    they indeed are the same people, and they do not try and deny it. Because they are.
    If they are for people loosing their smoking rights, Then they also are for everyone loosing all other
    Rights and hurting yourself in the process.
    They simply just do not and never will understand the fact that one thing leads to another thing and then yet another thing. Grow up please and start acting like a true American.

    Tony Taylor Brand Falls Idaho

  4. I agree.

    People have come to believe that anything foreign is automatically better than what we build here. Really a shame. Japan was still punching out tin cans while we were building solid cars. Besides, even companies like Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc need our Domestic automakers to build a truck. Look at the Mitsubishi Raider-named after the Dodge Raider...hmmm.

    Vincent-Houston, Texas

  5. I honestly don't get where people get the idea that Domestic vehicles aren't reliable. I know plenty of people with Domestic vehicles and they say that they have been running solid for quite some time now. They also tell me that the number of problems that they have had are few and in some cases none whatsoever.

    My neighbor has a Nissan Maxima and he says he is fed up with it-whenever it has a problem he is practically spending his life savings to repair it.

    Some people just need to stop listening to the biased magizines Motor Trend.

    -Thanks for reading.
    -Nick in Wyncote, PA