Saturday, May 23, 2009

On this Memorial Day I am reminded of

Its time to remember our country , history, and all the great veterans that served our country in the name of freedom and liberty , God bless you all.
From George Washington to George Bush we have held American hero’s close in our hearts.
Many Presidents served our country as Veterans and as United States Commanders in Chief, George Bush was a flyer and Obama is an Apologizer. Big Difference there. George Bush was willing to serve our country militarily and Mr. Obama our current President didn’t have the courage to even sign up to serve, He was busy attending school to be a lawyer on the American Citizens dime, He had no interest in the protection of America. Our country doesn’t have the same need for Lawyers as it does American Hero’s, Our US military is the best of the best, and thank you Lord for that.
We have beat back dammed near every country in the world because of our Morals and our Constitution.
Something our new President knows little of.
But don’t worry he has apologized for us all, Yes all over the world, Now doesn’t that make you all feel allot better. Surely it has to “Wright” I mean he has stated that American doesn’t Torture, I’m certain that makes all the families of the American Airmen shot down over Japan that were be headed by the evil Japanese, Feel much better now, Just knowing that. I am sure they will run to a new car dealer and purchase Toyota’s Nissans and Honda’s like crazy now, Because I mean after all, All is forgiven “Wright”

Surely there isn’t a need to hold a grudge against the Jap’s any longer correct? I mean FDR approved billions to rebuild that forsaken country after we dropped the bombs, So Gosh Mr. Obama we are so fortunate to have a wonderful socialist such as you for our new President. Surely if you had served in our United States Military You would have a better feel of the real and true American peoples values and thinking. As George W Bush did, But remember He also consolidated “GOD” into his thinking and discussion making, Which indeed made him a better man. Mr. Obama doesn’t do this, The only kind of church or Lord that our new President knows of is Reverend “Wright” aka “A Racist” and Mr. O’s friends William Ayres, aka “Unrepentant Terrorist”
I am sure that Mr. Bush is actually ashamed of the man in the white house now. I know that I would be and surely millions of us real and true “We the People of this United States” are.

Personally I like literally millions of Americans are absolutely sick and tired of the liberal left wing morons of this country. They actually want to close “Git Mo” and bring these puke ass terroristic pigs into our great country. Personally my thought is they should have been left on the battlefield “DEAD” that would have saved allot of grief, time and money. The Tea Parties a crossed our wonderful and beautiful nation have been great, I believe it’s wonderful to begin seeing the “We the People” of this land start to take it back.
The Far Left Liberals would have you believe this is a bad thing. People listen up its not! It’s purely wonderful and Thomas Jefferson would be proud of you all.
Do not listen to the liberal cotton balled leftists.
They do not serve your country nor do they believe in your country or your “Bill of Rights” They actually hate your US Constitution, They would steal all of your rights away in the middle of the night if they could.
What America needs to do here is to have more and more Tea Parties.
Wake up all Patriots, Thanks to our US Military forces we will be safe from evil forces for now. But as the New Anti Protection Administration takes over be careful. We have to watch this Administration like a Hawk.
United States Veterans “Thank You All”
And please note *ALL* left wing dog dropping will be left out of commenting.
I am a hard working tax paying American Born Here Citizen, so there for I will not have time for your Keith Olbermann loving way of thinking

Sincerely Yours Vance
Phoenix Arizona

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