Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our New Life Under an Obama Nation

Life under a President Owned by General Electric and Acorn

This Guys Owns Car manufacturing and The Banks. This man is spending more money then has been spent from George Washington to George Bush.
This guy intends to mandate old cars off the road and make everyone own a Toyota Prius, This man has made ammunition so expensive and ex stint that you can not even find it in sporting good stores, People are afraid of this man. The Messiah from Chicago. Wasn't Blalago from Chicago? Isn't Bill Ayres from Chicago wasn't Reverend Wright from Chicago? wow that about says it all doesn't it. Yes Chicago politics;s This is what the Messiah is all about, "One Word" Acorn!
This Guy with his liberal economy ruining plans and liberal agenda will surely ruin this country much much worse than it is already. How did he get elected?
"Young know nothing kids, Blacks voting for the first time, Liberals hating Republicans, and much voter fraud, Thanks to the Messiah organisation Acorn.
Liberals will push Global Warming which is complete and utter bullshit, and the wicked ways of the black goaled ACLU.
These liberal pukes push Nancy Pelosi's agenda "Illegals get to vote"
"Gays can openly marry", Mandate the cost of gasoline to $4.00 a gallon to force Americans into small cars. Foreclose on homeowners so government can take the land.
Disarm the American people so there god given right to self protection is no longer.
The Pelosi OhBomba agenda is to grow an ultra large over bearing government. It is the largest "POWER GRAB" in the history of our United States.
It will take all the real and true Patriots of this country to stop this outrage.
Our President is literally taking CEO Bonuses and Regular American Jobs away.
This is all for a purpose, To grow Government and to open the path to socialism.
The Oh Bummma Pelosi Health care Plan what an American Obama nation.
Ask the good people of Canada how they like their health care system and you will soon find out why they come here if they can afford it.
Health care isn't a Right, If you work and can afford it , IT is a Privilege!
But the atheist demo thugs want to push this all onto us the American People.
Its time for a Major revolution in this country, We real and true None Toyota drivers are sick and tired of this DemoThugg Power Grab to destroy America.

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