Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why is it alright for the Far Left to be so hateful?

Keith Olberman and David Letterman are two of the most hateful people on national TV.
They are allowed to spread their hate around everyday, I mean these atheists actually "HATE" George Bush, It is unjust and embarrassing,I truly haven't ever witnessed such actual "HATE" The actually Hate anyone who is the least bit conservative , Take Sara Palin for example, She is a wonderful woman. If they adore to hate conservatives so much, I guess the also must have just as much hate for our founding fathers, They would have truly hated Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and others, Because they would have also been against universal health care , Simply because health care is a privilege and NOT a "RIGHT" The left of this country surely doesn't understand this, Our forefathers believe in the Right of self protection, as does Mrs. Palin being a lifelong member of the NRA. No abortion unless in the case of rape, No Gay Marriage "Ever" Its just not what the common folks want. This country is still Center Right, we haven't gotten Center left as yet for the majority of the folks, But the Liberals keep hoping, The Far left Atheists just want our country to be weak, They spend their entire life pick pick picking on the common folk. Its a true and real shame. Its a dis crase to our beloved country.
I am sick and tired of the Bush Bashers. 2012 will be a revival for America.
Real and True Americans are starting to speak their minds again, They are writing and calling their Government People once again making more out of We The People of the United States of America, They are starting to once again care about their country and participating in Their America, This is driving the left wing atheist idiots crazy. and I for one am very glad to start seeing it. As on the date of this post our President Obama has spent more money then from George Washington to George Bush all wrapped together. Only in 100 days simply amazing...."WOW"! Socialism.
and on top of that if this Go Green Mantra works accrossed American He will literally make Millions of dollars from GE "General Electric" They make 80% of all the components for Solar and Wind power generation. They supported Him during his campaign with millions in support, so as you see its payback time. He now owns car companies and will soon try and mandate that we all buy and drive the fuel efficient cars of the future, Brought to you by Mr. Obama. Well us legal citizens of this country can not pull our 24' fifth wheel RV's with a death trap Prius's can we.
With the socialistic mentallity from our new President, and cap and trade, He will close coal plants as liberals have closed USA Auto plants. and the economy will free fall into complete collasp as the housing market has. I am asking all Real and True American citizens to wake up.

Phoenix AZ


  1. Wow, what a load of over-the-top, self-delusional rubbish.

    It's amazing that you can talk about "hate," after all of the "hate" that spilled forth from this post. Worst yet is the "hate" that spews, on a daily basis, from the right-wing pundits, such as Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin, and many others.

    "Hate" is a key attitude of right-wingers, it would seem - yourself include.

    Your post is a perfect example of projection: You, yourself, feel hatred, so you project that onto others, accusing them of hate while talking in such emotional terms.

    We've heard the hatred towards Obama even before he was president - heard the hatred on the campaign trail at Sarah Palin rallies - and certainly heard hatred during tea parties.

    But you have the nerve to talk about the "hate" from the Left, and all because they criticize policies which have NOT benefit America?

    That's laughable.

    It appears that you have an underdeveloped sense of irony, which is typical for the Right.

    And Sarah Palin may be a wonderful person, according to you, but she isn't presidential material. Of course, to someone as fickle as you, that is probably a "hateful" remark, right?

    The rest of your assertions of "hating" Jefferson and Adams is just silly and nonsensical. If anything, many conservatives would probably accuse these men of being anarchists or socialists. After all, American conservatism has its roots in liberalism - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are classical liberal ideals - but too many of you right-leaning folks are uninformed of ideologies and their history.

    We really don't know if any of the Founding Fathers would have been against Universal Health care. You make no case at all to support your assertion that health is a not a "right," but a privilege, which is a slippery slope of a position, and you present no case which demonstrates an understand of the subject matter.

    That sounds like a VERY elitist attitude, talking about "privileges" and such. I am sure the European nobility also talk about "privileges" - that the "lower classes" don't have any "rights," but should feel "privileged" for their health.

    Are you an elitist, or do you support a privileged nobility? Are you SURE you really support American ideals? Because I certainly don't seem to hear it from you, IMO. You sound more like a monarchist then anything else.

    If it was up to people such as yourself, we'd have fellow Americans dying if they cannot afford health care. You'd let them die in the streets and in the hospital because, you know, that's their fault, right?

    That doesn't sound American, if you ask me.

    No, it seems that you don't understand health care issues. For example, a lot of people lacking health insurance go to hospital emergency rooms for minor ailments. Why? Because they cannot afford to visit the doctor's office, so the hospital ends up absorbing the cost of the emergency room visit for a preventable situation.

    The term we have to think about is called "preventive care," which is an important issue.

    If these same people were to have health insurance, it would actually SAVE the health industry money, especially private hospitals. And it could all be done without changing the current health care system. Everyone would still have their private health care programs, but those that cannot afford their own insurance will at least receive basic benefits.

    In the long term, this will provide for a healthier population and a more efficient health care system.

    Think about this: the US is the only first world nation that doesn't have a universal health care system. Even Iraq has a system that provides for its citizens which we helped to develop. But, by golly, what's good enough for Iraqis isn't apparently good enough for us.

    Worst yet, with our current system, we spend more money then other nations while lagging behind in our population's general health. We don't even rank in the top-ten when it comes to our health care rating, while spending twice as much compared to many nations.

    That's a terrible bang-for-the-buck; I really think that opposing universal health care, just because you perceive it as being leftist or socialistic, is a bad move, especially if you don't examine our current problems and any possible alternatives.

    Furthermore, you cannot talk about "rights" when you, yourself, want to impede on the rights of others. Obviously, if it was up to you, you'd make abortions illegal: You would be perfectly happy to tell someone else what to do with their bodies.

    That's very hypocritical.

    And many liberals support firearms rights. I used to be in the NRA and I own a half-dozen firearms. There's many a Blue-dog Democrat who also support the Second amendment, so you're mistaken to make a blanket statement. Especially since no new firearm legislation has appeared in Congress and the President has brought forth any new efforts in this direction.

    Guess what? Millions of common folks voted for Obama - what you want does NOT represent many average Americans. I don't think you really know what the "common folks want," if you ask me, because many "common folks" reject much of what you're saying.

    Also, sorry, but this nation is NOT center-right. The Republicans are a shrinking party, the Democrats are growing in size, and many left-leaning platforms are growing popular in many states. Take, for example, marijuana legislation, or gay civil union laws, or any host of liberalized state platforms.

    I am not sure if the nation is center-left, either, but the nation has simply passed you by, it would seem.

    It's also silly to claim that "far-left atheists" want a weak America - that is simply a strawman that you're throwing out there. I would venture to guess that 1) you really don't know what far-leftists, let alone atheists want, and 2) supporting certain positions does not guarantee to weaken this nation.

    Another irony is that you probably support the war in Iraq, a conflict which has cost this nation billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and tied the hands of our military to react in any emergency situations.

    If anything, THAT war has weakened our nation, but you're too oblivious to realize that. You're more content with being SUPER PATRIOT while being clueless to the holes in your own logic.

    That's typical for you right-wingers, it would seem. You are happy to spend billions in Iraq, building their bridges, schools, providing free health services, etc., but if we want to spend money HERE, in AMERICA, you suddenly freak out and call it SOCIALISM. How in the world is that PATRIOTIC? I have ZERO UNDERSTANDING why you support spending billions IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, and you oppose doing the same HERE, in our country.

    It's a totally backwards, strange, totally inane position. I don't know if right-wingers are actually trying to undermine this nation, or what. You Americans people that want to provide for their fellow citizens and our nation's infrastructure, then make the claims that you are "patriotic" and "real Americans."

    Sorry, but loudly supporting the billions spent in Iraq while denouncing the money being spent here in the US isn't patriotic AT ALL.

    And really, you need to quit with these appeals to emotion, with your claims of "Far left Atheists" "picking on the common folk." That's silly, especially since many "Far left Atheists" ARE common folks. It doesn't take a right-wing Christian to be "common" in this nation, after all.

    You just seem to have a narrow vision of America - it's really quite clear.

    Yeah, Real and True Americans are sleeping their minds? Please. You purvey your support of former President Bush, all the while ignoring the many foibles of his administration, including the billions spent in war, the Constitutionally questionable actions (including spying on Americans), and all of the issues that derived from Bush administration policies.

    People are still unhappy with Bush policies - after all, we had him for eight years. There are REAL substantial reasons for criticizing the former president, but, again, you're oblivious to this.

    More irony - you support Bush, ignore all of his mistakes, but then freak out about President Obama. It is really incredulous and incomprehensible.

    And, again, self-delusional. Especially since you want to come across as SUPER PATRIOT, all the while ignoring the complaints of fellow Americans, and all because you are stuck in your boxed-in ideology.

    I really think you need more self-awareness.

    True Americans have ALREADY been speaking their minds for years and years, and now, all of a sudden, you want to dissent? All the while, dismissing those critiques towards a fault-laden Bush as being "hate"?

    See, THAT is what drives "left wing atheist" crazy, is your totally self-delusional mind frame. For YEARS 'left wing atheists" have been encouraging their fellow Americans to become more active and involved with their Republic.

    Once again, you have no idea what "left wing atheists" really think, and you're totally content to bathe in your ignorance of others.

    ALSO, this claim that "President Obama has spent more money then from George Washington to George Bush all wrapped together" is a total lie and bunk. The Bush years, by itself, DOUBLED the national debt, to the tune of over $5 TRILLION DOLLARS, and the Obama administration, in no way, shape or form, has spent that much federal dollars.

    Not surprising, you mention Cap and Trade, which, along with basically ever subject you mentioned in your tirade, the Republican party is lying about. The numbers thrown around by the GOP, in regard to Cap and Trade, are not only inaccurate, but they keep increasing the figures in their lies. Not only are the GOP liars, but bad liars at that.

    But hey, a bad lie has never stopped a right-winger from repeating it, ad hominem!

    Of course, you don't seem to be worried about the truth of the matter, so, like many right=wingers, you simply repeat stuff without any regard for actual facts or reality. And all because it fits your little hate-fest towards the current PONTUS.

    And really, your claims that Obama "owns" auto companies is pure fantasy on your part. The President and the federal government do not own car companies. That is a completely false statement on your behalf, and it really displays your willingness to engage in complete conjecture without any basis in the truth.

    Really, your post is one long temper tantrum that your party lost. You have no positions with any logic or consistency, otherwise you ALREADY would have been unhappy with the last eight years of GOP rule. But no - you "hate" Obama and anyone whose perceived as being to the left of you, and hence, your long, meaningless rant.

  2. Meh. You can't even spell Palin's name right, so it's hard to believe you're really out to defend her nutjob politics from the evil left-wing media.
    I'm no fan of liberals, but I happen to despise Conservatives who talk patriotism this and American that without any fricking clue about the world beyond America and societies beyond white-anglo-saxon-protestant.
    Do you know anything about Iran other than it being a threat? Do you have any black/hispanic/Asian friends? Do you know any gay people or know about their suicide rate? Do you believe the US went into Iraq just to save a bunch of oppressed Iraqis? Did you support George W. Bush while he was in power? I don't know much about these things either but I do know enough to realize that so-called "patriots" have put their country in deep shit and that so long as they're not willing to learn, the larger public should stop listening to them.

  3. Sorry Guys
    I will not and do watch Keith Olberman on msnbc.
    If you so choose, Thats up to you

  4. We the People, also includes Gay, Lesbians, Bi-bisexuals, people born without sex organs, Transsexuals, and Intersexuals. We the people also includes atheists, agnostics, people who believe in the right to choose. We the People, also includes people who believe in effective controls on the right to bare arms. We the people, also includes people who believe that government issued marriage licenses, should be issued to Gay, Lesbian, Bi-bisexuals, Transsexuals, people born without any sex organs and Intersexuals.

    You should do some more research about our founding fathers. George Washington was a Deist. Today we would call Geroge Washingtion a agnostic. Thomas Jefferson was a Unitarian, a liberal Christian who believed that all religions have truths to teach us. Thomas Jefferson believed that all religions have falsehoods that each religion teach it's followers. Everyone who fought in the American Revolution were murderers. George Washington wanted to make money by selling lands west of Virgina. Lands that George Washington wanted to steal from the American Indians. When the British government order expansion Westward stopped to protect American Indians rights. When the British government started taxing Americans for funds to build forts and to pay British troups to stop westward expandsion, that is when land thieves, murderers of American Indians, racist slave owners and sexists like George Washington revolted against the legal authority of the British Government.