Thursday, May 7, 2009

The smiling happy happy Government

Oh Gosh President Obama makes everything sound like such a utopia doesn't he.
Everyone gets along and the air and water are fresh and clean.
The Gays are frolicking in the Fields of green grass, the birds are singing, The fish in the sea are mating and all is well. The Coal plants have been closed and every one drives an "General Electric" built high efficient car of the future.
OH Gollie I cant wait for the new Utopia, Oh my it will be so Grand.
Of coarse its never going to happen, Because 1/2 of our country will be out of work and our social security system will be bankrupt, and there simply will not be any moneys for any thing, and people will be literally starving in the street.
But life will be Glorious for Barrack OHBoma and his GE Cronies, all rich and shit living the good life..all because of his spending policy es and bankrupting the average person, that same person that voted for Change and a Tax reduction.
I already see many Barrack voters suffering from buyers remorse.
Can you imagine if even 30% of Americans used electric cars in this country. and then Plugged them in when they arrived home at the same time everyday. Can you say major brown outs? Ex specially in a city like LA or Phoenix where their power grid is already so taxed. These people on the left simply do not care about the actual We the People of this country, all they see is dollars signs for them.
My Mother lives in Northern MI and she now gets here power from a new wind power generation station, Guess what? She lives on a fixed income and her power bill went up $58.00 a month, Wow isn't that great! Gotta give the GE company their monies "wright"? Oh Lord will the fish and the birds ever be happy.
But us humans...Not so much. As your self something, IF your Government truly wanted you to be using Solar and Wind Power, Then why does solar and wind cost so much to build and use? Why does your Government allow the Costs to stay so high?
Ask yourselves why does your Government allow power generation companies to Charge you a delivery fee, That's crazy! So you can see already that they truly couldn't give one good shit for the actual people. This Obama "Green Al I've made millions Gore" energy projects are an absolute joke, Ask Spain and they re 18% unemployment just how wonderful going green is, For every one Green Job we loose 3) Regular jobs and that is a FACT people. Research it for yourselves if you do not want to believe me.
Soon the democrats will create the Holocaust of the power industry.
Are you going to just sit on your butts and wait around for it?

Sincerely Yours
Vance Keaton Phoenix AZ

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