Monday, June 29, 2009

The End of American life as we used to know it

In today's world we just wait for the next Government Mandate.
The libtards do not want people of the USA driving what they like, They are trying to make us all drive oriental shit boxes.
Libtards have put the American Auto Makers out of business.
WHY? You ask because of Oriental Shit Boxes. These liberal rejects brought ASIAN Vehicles here in the 1970's because of the gas crunch.
and then American Libtards purchased them. and rather then just being a fad, Families adapted to just driving the shapeless shit boxes, and raised their liberal children to adore them also, Now we have millions of these ugly unattractive unsafe classless oriental shit boxes on the road today.
The Ford Mustang is a true classic with style power and great road economy, But will a libtard drive one? "No" because they hate the UAW and the American Big 3.
I was raised in a Big 3 family, Period!
Still to this day NO ONE in my Conservative American , Military Serving, Family will own an Asian Shit Box. The Japanese did a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor killing Americans, But all the libtards do not care of such matters, They have all forgave.
Just as they will for 911, Soon they will buy their cars from Iraq, and love them.
They do not care what a car looks like, They don't give a dam about its performance, They care nothing of style, To them a car is a vehicle to get from point A to point B
that's all, When they come out of the mall there may be 20 cars that are identical to theirs, They do not care, Simply put, They are people with out personality.
Period! I grew up around cars, My uncles were hot rod, muscle car men. They no way would have drove a Nissan, oh heck no. They drove Mercury Cougars and Ford Mustangs.
My one uncle had an Oldsmobile 442, I remember riding in their cars, The chrome the sound of the engine, Citizens on the street used to drool at these cars as we passed by. That's what I remember. That's why I still have and truly adore classic American muscle cars even today. People whom aren't car people will never understand what a part of history an older American vehicle pays. But I do and I will never forget what I felt like as a youngster cruising with my uncles, it was truly wonderful.
I just couldn't ever force myself to drive a life less car that had absolutely zero personality and looks, I am sure you real and true car people will agree.
You simply can not express your personality in a KIA or Toyota.
and as all of you know and realize, When you purchase a new Foreign shit box 63% of your monies go back to the home land of that foreign country, Indeed how does that support or help the USA that you live in? It doesn't .."PERIOD"!
If I had my way I would drive one of the prettiest vehicles ever built by an American auto maker "FORD" a 1957 Crown Victory as my everyday driver.
This vehicle has style class performance and best of all heart and personality.
Something that you will surely never find in a an oriental shit box.
Now I get put down all the time for what I think and believe, Personally I simply just don't give a good God dam. I choose to be a real and true American.
Yes I fly "OLD GLORY" everyday as does my Ford driving Mother and family.
Its how we grew up, I am a Patriotic Person, I eat live and breath America.
I don't want your Nissan shit box parked even close to my American Ford.
I surely do not want to see your Fake American flag sticker on your f'en Toyota.
I truly could give a shit about the "Global Economy"
No I didn't vote Obama, and nor would I ever.
Libtards ruined this country with their shit boxes and their rules.
American Auto Sales are up 43% and still rising, Its about time people to stake a claim in your country the "USA"
You are the same people who have left her down in the past, If you want your country to prosper then you all need to get a grip.
Buy American Drive American and write your Government.
Its time people take a stand, stop the ruination of your own dam country.
Millions of our Soldiers have given their lives so you could be and remain free.
If you want our country to be successful and alive, We all have to do our part and chip in.

Vance Keaton
Phoenix AZ



  2. Vance I completely agree with you, I grew up in the same kind of family. My dad had a 1971 Dodge Charger bright orange and very loud and cool.
    The modern day liberal pukes will drive anything
    They care nothing of how it looks.
    My car has got to have personality and looks.
    I want to know its my car,I refuse to drive a face less life less vehicle. NO Thanks
    I drive a 1986 Monte Carlo SS with dual exhausts.
    My dad would of loved it..God Bless You
    Mark in Kentucky

  3. Mr. Vance
    I too agree with you.
    I grew up in the 60's and 70's Back when Cars were cars, anymore they are just garbage.
    Slant eyed pieces of crap, Liberals adore supporting asia, rather than their own country.
    If they like them so well they should just pack up and move there, TO Japan.
    I drive a Ford F-150 and my wife drives a Ford Mustang. We have always had American cars and trucks. It too is how I and my wife grew up.
    We fly our countries flag every day, Unlike some who only fly it on the fourth of July.
    I am so glad to see people like you standing up for whats right and trying to take our country back from the Honda driving liberals.
    I also remember as a young man riding in my Uncles 1973 Plymouth Road Runner, Oh Lord what a great car. But like you stated Un Car people wouldnt understand. Because they are face less lifeless people and they do match their cars.
    Hang in there Vance

    Kyle.... Fort Worth Texas

  4. Oriental Buyers ,harm in honda's mother country (Japan) all but being a closed market for the Big-3. Japan does not allow Big-3 "transplants" onto it's soil, and has a very limited amount of foreign vehicles that it will import (less than 15,000 in 2008).

    Free markets only work when the markets in question are in fact free.

    Its a free market not a fair one...Period
    Japan has Protectionism...."WE DO NOT"

    Buy American

    Thanks Hank AK

  5. Mr. Keaton
    I will have to agree with all that you stated.
    My uncle was in Pearl Harbor when the fucking Japs attacked her, In my true American family no one would even consider owning a Japan made shit box, we all drive dodges fords and chevys.
    I consider people who buy jap crap cars traitors to this country for which they are, Now liberals will argue all about the global economy and free trade, But Japan has Protectionism, that they do not take any of our cars at all, That truly isnt fair trade now is it. I to like you like a vehicle that I am spending my US dollars on to have class style and personality.
    Jap garbage cars just havent got it.
    The only reason people say they last longer is because of the maintainace costs..Thats all.
    People have buyers remorse only after they figure out the cost of owning one. $1700.00 for service check ups, Wow and I pay nothing for check ups on my USA cars. Consumer Reports Magazine is Owned by Toyota, No wonder they get such rave reviews hey. All of the Prius fires are not even reported to the media, If it was a Ford it sure would be. I have a 1949 Oldsmobile that I still drive everywhere, Can you say class style and looks, I can...Thanks and do keep up the good work here in trying to wake up the stupid people of this country

    Clark Whatts.."Retired US Navy"
    Bowling Green Kentucky

  6. My Mother & Father raised me right, I an American family period.
    We still fly the red white and blue and go to church. My family will not own cars from oversea's at all, We believe in supporting the UAW, I father still has a 1969 Chevy Impala that he drive's It is still perfect and with over 200,000.00 miles it still doesn't use oil or smoke. When you see an import with that many miles on they make smoke like crazy.
    I drive a 2002 Dodge Ram, we tow a 22ft boat.
    with a Nissan or Honda or Toyota I would have to part with my boat, Because they won't pull things without breaking, That's a darn fact.
    No one here in the midwest will drive the darn things, You have to go 70 miles to a dealer for service. and Ford Dodge Chevy are right here.
    I have 95,000.00 miles on my ram and all it has had is oil changes and standard maintainace.
    You simply can't beat that.
    I support our country and believe in this country and wished more people did.
    Happy July 4th and thanks.
    Julie Harbor
    Liv'en the life In the great white North

  7. I just use WWII as the way I compare the USA and Japan. Every piece of equipment we used was better than what the Japs had. Even in the 50's American cars were driven on long road trips, and they even lasted longer than most of today's Japanese cars. Let's just say the Japanese did build better cars....well, I still would NOT buy one because I live in AMERICA.

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours truly,

    Frank in Warrenton, Missouri.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful American comments

    Have a great July Fouth... Vance

  9. Vance
    I couldn't agree with you more
    Asian cars are completely ugly and lifeless to say the least and the monies that you spend on them goes back to southeast Asia to support terrorism.
    These are the facts period. I refuse to drive one.
    I am an American for Christs sake, I am not an Asian...Period
    Old Glory fly's at my home Not the rising sun flag.
    Whats wrong with these American traitors?
    I was raised in an American household not an Asian one.
    Liberal Obama voters have completely ruined this country.
    They drive Nissan's and Honda's and complain about the US economy.
    Whine whine and whine, Because they are know nothing liberals.
    If you drive an Asian crap box You should be water boarded period.
    Because You and you yourselves have been the ruination of our USA
    I truly bothers me when I see an USA flag sticker on a Nissan...I hate these people.
    You know dam well they voted for liberal ol'e Obama
    They care nothing about the country for which they live, They do not watch the news or give a good god dam about current events.
    A vehicle to them is just that, nothing more.
    They could care less about style or performance
    No wonder they are so car stupid
    I wont even stop at help a distressed Asian vehicle owner on the side of the road because I do not want to have to hear their liberal mouths.
    They only care about ruining my America.

    Helen Paul
    St Helen Montana
    Retired US Air Force
    also a Conservative Gun Owner

  10. Mr. Obama wants the Big 3 to fail so he can mandate $6.00 a gallon fuel and mandate that you get rid of your American car and have to purchase a government mandated little 3 car.
    Honda Toyota and Nissan.
    He wants to mandate that No American be patriotic to their country. As liberals do now.
    They do not beleive in being patriotic as they already own traitor vehicles and do not fly our flag. The only way to fight this is to buy American. Bottom Line
    I surely will not make this ultra liberal happy.
    My wife just bought a new Ford f-150.
    Dammed these liberals that want to take down our country.

    Gary Heart
    Clare Michigan
    PS Thanks Vance for your service to our country and have a great July 4th

  11. America has worked with many other nations around the world to find solutions to problems.
    are we proud? YES! also we HAVE given the rest of the world MANY new technologies that the rest of you have benefited from, such as the Aerospace industry, American is the leader in Aerospace products.

    Also Medical advancements, computer advancements, and military advancements to name a few, as well as CARS!

    Also Cars and trucks included, Chrysler for one has given the world MORE technological advancements than ANY other car company in the WORLD INCLUDING Mercedes!

    Fact is America DOES DO a lot of things better simply put.

    Shame people just have to throw all of their money overseas...

    -Yours truly,

    Walt R.
    -Tallahassee, Florida.